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Trucks are packed we're ready to go 🎶! Will be great to get back to the city tomorrow from 9-1 #dc at 36th&Alton Pl NW!

Kale! Salad? Soup? Massaged? Braised? Chips? So many #recipe options, so many nutrients. We'll be bringing tons of greens and other goodies to the #farmersmarket tomorrow at 36th & Alton NW starting at 9!!! #dc #kaleyeah #eatgreen

Summer's dying breath is fiery! Hot peppers 🌶 are one of the last hold overs from summer so make sure you come out this weekend to spice up your winter!! 🔥 > ❄️ Here at 36th & Alton until 1 and Sunday at @freshfarmmarkets #dupontcircle 8:30-1:30 ☀️ today, and true foodie and favorite customer weather tomorrow! #neithersnownorrain keeps us inside! #spiceupyourlife #putemup

Roasted garlic. Too deeply complex and delicious to be so easy

Celebrating here in Fulton County at the Fulton Fall Folk Festival. It’s the Forty Fourth! Great buckwheat pancake breakfast at a local Grist Mill now off to scour the flea markets for new farm goodies! Thanks everyone who came out to #sheridanschoolmarket today see you tomorrow #dc from 8:30-1:30 at @freshfarmmarkets #dupontcircle ! #farmershop #farmlife #bigweekendout

As the weather gets cooler and heavier rich winter classics make their way to your table, don't forget about tasty, nutritious, light greens! So many salads and sides heavy with greens and a little acidity really balance out a meal. These cuties are growing in the high tunnel for the winter, but their friends out in the field are coming your way tomorrow from 8-1 at 36th & Alton NW #sheridanschoolmarket and 8:30-1:30 Sunday at @freshfarmmarkets #dupontcircle See you there!!

Everything's better with garlic! Great for you, incorporates seamlessly into every cuisine, bold pungent flavor raw, sweet deep flavor roasted, and always smells divine- what more could you ask of this humble allium?! Growers don't fear we still have seed garlic left. #ivegot99problemsandblandfoodaintone

NO TUESDAY MARKET TODAY! Thanks for a great summer season, see you at Saturday's for the rest of the year, and Tuesday's next June!! #sheridanschoolmarket open 8-1 this weekend!

Final Tuesday Market of 2017!! Get to 36th & Alton NW by 7 to stock up and say THANK YOU JEN! And all the amazing market workers! 👏👏 #thankafarmer #endofsummer

Salsa 💃 yourself down to 36th & Alton NW before 1 to get your summer goodies on this fine ☀️ day! Remember- bulk discounts available for you canners out there! Pictured is the beginnings of some 🤤 spicy salsa with our delicious banana, cayenne, carmen, and jalapeño peppers!! #eatlocal #dc

If you get to 36th & Alton NW by 1 you could see these beautiful people and eat this beautiful corn!! 🌽 👨‍🌾 👩‍🌾 ❤️

Lettuce invite you out this weekend to market to stock up on amazing food AND #shoplocal #eatlocal and support your farmer! See you at #sheridanschoolmarket from 8-1 and @freshfarmmarkets #dupontcircle from 8:30-1:30! See you there #dc !

Hey #dc come down to 36th & Alton Pl and get some beautiful sunshine for your table! Drizzles can't keep our delightful flowers, peaches, tomatoes, corn, raspberries, and more down!! Here til 1! #shopsmall #eatlocal #raincantkeepusaway #imakemyownsunshine

The air is crisp, the heat is less brutal, peach seasons almost over, and brassicas are here! Lovely kale and collards this weekend #dc and MAYBE maybe some broccoli!! #goodbyesummer #collardgreens #brassicababies

Tomorrow we're bringing the sunshine to #dc in edible forms!! 😊☀️🌽4-7 Did you know we do bulk discounts!? Freeze like a farmer and your freezer could look as stuffed as ours if you order ahead for large quantities! #farmlife #preserved #freezing #corn #sweetcorn

Beautiful few days in our #dc neighborhoods ☀️😊 Thanks for coming out! Remember, plan your Labor Day parties knowing ALL MKTS OPEN so you can have the freshest tastiest end of summer BBQ!

Roasted corn, sungolds, pepper, sweet onion, garlic, egg flatbread with basil! #brunch at its best is a happy partnership of breakfast and lunch, savory and not too heavy. All these veggies and more at 36th & Alton NW until 1 this Saturday! As you plan for Labor Day remember ALL MARKETS WILL BE OPEN LABOR DAY! See you at #sheridanschoolmarket before 1 #dc !

Can't wait to use our amazing sweet #corn to make this amazing Corn Chowder from @smittenkitchen ! Deb has set my weekend #foodgoals HIGH! Come out Saturday 8-1 at #sheridanschoolmarket and Sunday 8:30-1:30 at @freshfarmmarkets #dupontcircle to get some corn and get cookin!
#repost @smittenkitchen New recipe, Corn Chowder with Chile, Lime and Cotija: Classic corn chowder meets Mexican-style street corn in a hearty soup with beans instead of the traditional potatoes, a rich and salty lime and cheese finish, plus baked tortilla chips on the side...

All you need is love.. and some great fruit and veggies! These delicious, deeply flavored, fantastic, and sometimes ❤️shaped raspberries and tons more goodies will be at 36th & Alton Pl NW from 8-1 #sheridanschoolmarket and at @freshfarmmarkets #dupontcircle 8:30-1:30 Sunday! #allyouneedislove #raspberries @uglyfruitandveg #welovetheweirdones

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