Shmmooooood! 😁🔥 #ShereenJenkins #ReppinSJTilDeath

Sending random love and positivity your way..just in case you needed it today! ❤️🦋#ShereenJenkins #ReppinSjTilDeath

Focus, put in work & have patience to be the best version of yourself daily & the rest will gravitate your way because you’ll be vibrating on the same frequency of what you put out! Everything in your life RIGHT NOW is a reflection of YOUR mindset. For some that’s a hard pill to swallow so they put blame on everything outside of themselves but you’re in the drivers seat of your life. Partners, friendships, lifestyle, goals.. all start with YOU! Take control of your life and ask yourself what you can do today to work towards the best life possible. Nothing is impossible but your limited beliefs make that so 👀🧠✨🌿💕 #ShereenJenkins #Love #Growth #Healing #Life #Empowerment #Motivation

Challenge accepted 😂🕺🏽🔥 Follow me on @musical.ly & like this video for @theellenshow to see! Tag @theellenshow ! CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR THE FULL VIDEO! #ShereenJenkins #EllensDanceDare #EllenDegeneres #Dance

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Have a great day 😎🤗

@shereenjenkins is it a crime to be obsessed★☆☆if it is then I'm spending my whole life in prison#lookslive #shereenjenkins#positivity $ oofnoticeme

Why wait for tomorrow when it’s not promised? - Time is the most valuable thing we have. Let’s not waste the opportunities we’re being given today to be our most authentic selves. Step out of your comfort zone and start that one thing you’ve been putting off. Smile a little more & share with others who you truly are + what you have to offer. You won’t regret it when you look back! You have nothing to lose & everything to GAIN! Much love to you all, & GOODMORNING! 🌿🌞 #ShereenJenkins #Happy #Life #GoForIt #Empowerment #Positivity #TrySomethingNew ❤️

I will learn all that I can, be happy, and share with others as I experience the physical, that is all! ❤️🌿🌊 Making the most out of each day because tomorrow isn’t promised. Don’t take anything for granted. Today could be your last, what would you do or share with someone if it was? Keep that mentality ✨❤️ 📸 @travistheprofessional #ShereenJenkins #Happy #Positivity #Wavy

Enjoy this 396 Hz as you take a portion of your day to be fully aware & present of all that flows within you. Embrace right now for every second you breathe is simultaneously the future. Know that our lowest points in life serve some of the greatest lessons and how we choose to react to any situation ultimately creates our future. I hope you all feel like you’re right by my side looking out at this water. With nature I feel the most peace. ✨🌿🌊❤️ #ShereenJenkins #Awareness #Awaken #GoodAfternoon #Peace #Love

I don’t think I can stress enough to others and even myself, every single day, to just DO THE DAMN THING! So many people are worried about what others are going to think/say and act out of a state of fear rather than allowing for themselves to simply BE. We’re all DIVINE & have unique gifts to be shared ✨. If everyone came from a place of willingness to learn/understand we’d realize we’re more alike than different even with our individual differences. Share your gifts, allow for your voice to be heard, & let your natural energy flow. Don’t resist and create energy blocks within yourself because of what someone else may say or think. Be the voice & inspiration! You’re alive & living a physical experience for a reason. Let’s motivate and celebrate one another rather than drag each other. STEP OUT OF YOR COMFORT ZONE TODAY AND INTO YOUR POWER!! I’M HERE FOR YOU! ENJOY YOUR SATURDAY 🌿💫🌹 #ShereenJenkins #GOODMORNING #SpreadLove #SpreadPeace #Positivity #Radiate #Celebrate

My mood as soon as I stepped outside and felt how warm it was today because IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather and soaked up some Vitamin D. Seriously 👀☀️ It’s time to let that melanin POP! 💆🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️ #ShereenJenkins #Spring #GoodVibes #Sun

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