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#flashbackfriday to the cutest puppy ever. 💁🏻 Miss carrying this sassy pup in my arms.

Looking for an experienced, working dog handler or trainer who would be willing to take this male Caucasian Shepherd as an owner surrender. He is neutered and a year old. His current owners will be euthanizing him if he cannot find a home with an experienced handler. The dog is located in the Long Island, New York area. If you think you can help, and want more information please CLICK THE EMAIL BUTTON IN MY BIO. No pet homes, only experienced handlers or trainers of working breeds.

Little man is 7 months old today, time flies when you’re trying not to kill your dog every day and he’s trying to kill you every day 👯‍♂️💀 • Thanks to everyone who has been with us since 8 weeks and all our new followers as well. Almost at 9k, you guys are fucking crazy 🖤

Mommy and her babies

#flashbackfriday to Lil Doofers working on his Recall. #fbf

I'm teaming up with @normthegsd and @b.b_mcd for another #cmondog challenge: RECALL! 👊
Beginning, middle, end or brushing up, post wherever you are at in the process. Use whatever tools you use, long line, ecollar, treats, Frisbee, show us what works for you and how you're working on it. I love c'mo dog challenges, it's a great reminder of how fantastic the online dog community can be. So many people sharing their training ideas and encouraging others. 👍👍
Rules:3-5 entries, video only
Be safe not stupid, do not push your dog before he is ready, show where you're at currently and how you are increasing the distraction.
Use hashtag #cmondogdoyouevenrecall
Follow all vendors.
US/ Canada
Ends Oct 9th
Tag a friend to join the challenge and Have FUN!

Prize pack 1:
@poofpets bean
@harborhoundco jib tab
@chewlumabone bone
@treatshappen $25 gift certificate

Prize pack 2:
@metalhounds tag
@treatshappen $25 gift certificate
@leatherpaws tab lead
@petqwerks toys

Friday vibes ✨🙌🏻✨


Those sweet soulful eyes that have looked up at me for almost 17 years...I will do right by you buddy.. i wont let you suffer...Now if you could just find a way to tell me when its time...
#unconditionallove #seniordog #16yearstogether #imnotreadyforthis #pleasedontleaveme #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercolliemix #shepherdmix #shepherd #shepherdsofinstagram

This is my new shepherd friend named Ellie!! She's crazy like me!!!

Jo, not slow. #speedymusclebutt

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