living my best life w my best franz🍉🕴🏻🧠🏦 what does day 2 have in store eekkkk #zacky #kkkkkkrrrristi #okur #shendit

Had a blast working for my guy Cesar here. He was referred to me by @21lex83 and came to me because he knew his situation wasnt an easy one. Toyota was giving him issues trying to get him financed but after so many visits and poor treatment he fell into my hands. Not only did we get him approved but we got him approved for a Brand New 2018 Sentra SV despite the negative accounts Toyota was throwing in his face. I’m very grateful he was so appreciative of my service and as you can see by my dudes dab and our prison pose, he was more than ecstatic to get this all done!!! Riiiiiing daaaaa bell bro!!!! #nissanofvannuys #eltequilita #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #makeithappen #dabbinfordays #ringdabell #newaddition #progressive #shendit

Big congratulations to my man Big Dean from our parts department on his purchase of this fly looking thang over here!!!! 2018 Infiniti Q50 AWD EQUIPPED WITH 300 Horseys to make sure it bring a little EXTRA TORQUEY!!!! ☺️🙌🏻 This is his second car sold to him by your boy in my short 3 year sales career. He has been employed by our giant Nissan dealership the entire time and I’m happy to call him my good friend!!! Had to take care of him and make sure he knew I had his back.... We drove it, he loved it, he said lets do it, I said “Cooooool shhhhh.. its yours” (see what I did there). 😂😛🤫 Congratulations Dean King!!! Happy to make your deal for you once again... Damn sheeeeee shmeeeeexy! Lol #nissanofvannuys #infinitiofvannuys #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #eltequilita #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #infinitilovesme #sorrynissanfam #imgonnasellanissantomorrahhh #mydudedean #deanking #thisdealisoutrageous #makeithappen #namastei #ringthebell #shendit

I done it again!!! Congratulations to Stuart and Roy on the purchase of their brand spankin’ new 2018 Nissan Rogue SL equipped with an all around monitor, pro pilot assist, apple car play and a bunch of things I dont even know how to use yet 😂😉 jk He inquired thru our dealer website, found the car he wanted for his business... told me he was a serious buyer and didn’t want the run around... I gave it to him straight, got all the information I could get handled and squared away before his visit and as busy as the Saturday was got him in and out of our dealer in about two hours... if you’ve ever been to a dealer you know thats record time... at least at a good one 😉 Enough bragging though... this man is all smiles and can now deliver and utilize this vehicle for everything his business can imagine... Thanks for your business Stuart. Chuuuu da maaaaaan! Shhhhhhhendit! #nissanofvannuys #eltequilita #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #recordtime #shendit #ringdabell #makeithappen #keeponkeepingon

Huge congratulations to Mark and his son Isaac for coming to see us today. He came in told me his intention of spending about 15k... knew what he wanted, made my job easy as can be and they were very thankful that I was their salesperson. Very humbling to know my customers enjoy my service. Got them in and out of here in less than 2 hours... You know how we do... jk Be humble Chris... Be humble fooooooo... lol 😉🙏🏻😂 #nissanofvannuys #eltequilita #ringdabell #anotherone #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #makeithappen #certifiedpreowned #inandout #shendit

Aside from my chain attempting to murder me, it was a good day #ShendIt #MiniMoto #StreetBike #Wanabee #ToppedHerOut

Happy 21st birthday my dude! We’ve had some crazy good times!! Glad I got to celebrate it with you! #shendit

Guys lately I’ve been doing my best to post all my deals but for some reason not every Infiniti customer likes to be blasted on my Facebook and Instagram. Lol Welllll... privacy policy, shmivacy policy... lol luckily my boy Art is more than just a customer. He and his father Shawn have been there for me every time I had an accident, unfortunately it happened more than I’d like it to. 😂🤣😉They always took it upon themselves to take great care of my baby, and make sure I was treated with the best service. Today I was able to return the favor to Arthur’s dad who happens to be the president of A&E Auto Body Repair off Sherman Way in North Hollywood. He told me how much he loved the Q70 and was serious about giving me an opportunity to hook him up. My beautiful friend Cara @caaaara_ made their day as well just by standing beside us as we posed in front of their also beautiful 2017 Majestic White Infiniti Q70 Premium Select Edition. Honored to have the opportunity Art, and Shawn. Thanks for your loyalty and allowing me to show you my appreciation for all your constant efforts. Congratulations!!! #infinitiofvannuys #eltequilita #a&;eautobodyrepair #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #madeithappen #infinitifamily #a&;efamily #keeponpushin #takingcareofbusiness #shendit

Very happy to be handing keys over to my man Mikey for the second time in my car sales career. I go all the way back to sixth grade at Hollencrest Middle School with this dude and when he told me he needed my help again I was honored to be his car guy!!! Told me he had been sitting it out on his bucket because it hadn't done him any wrong until recently and was causing him a headache at work. He told me I don't need nothing crazy. He said "If you can get me something nice and not too pricy I'll be grateful..." So I got him this swagged out lil 2013 Civic equipped with back up camera and Bluetooth for his tunes! He called it his little spaceship 😂He also said in a year or two he's coming back for one of my Infinitis!!!! Say no màs brutha, holla at YAH BOIII! Oh and my boy came all the way from San Bernardino to see me so you know I had to make him feel XTRA SPECIAL with frosty lil vanilla ice cream cone 😂😂😂 him and his girl had my finance manager all jelly! Shout out to @erikalopez3472 who didn't wanna be pictured with that ice cream but was dope enough to show support for her man all the way from SB. Congratulations my boy! Happy and honored to be your car guy!!!! #infinitiofvannuys #eltequilita #ringdabell #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #keeponpushin #hollencrestdays #15yearslater #igotyoubro #shendit #ringdabell #spaceshippimpin #vanillaicecream #hegotsomeinhisbeard #youeatthaticecreamboiiii #enjoythemoment #enjoytheride

Fly into Monday! #Repost @kookslams (@get_repost)
"Did an air today." #sponsorreel #shendit #itsupitsgood via @mannonhaynes

Onda su onda, si muore. #Repost @kookslams (@get_repost)
"Did an air today." #sponsorreel #shendit #itsupitsgood via @mannonhaynes

it's my best friends bday!!! Go best friend!! I love you so much and am so blessed to have you in my life. You are going so many places in life and I cannot wait to see how you succeed💗 #shendit #hullo #gnar #coconutoil #yonder #bestpartyoftheyear #yourewelcome

Huge congratulations to Mr. Gary Smith on his purchase of a brand new 2017 Nissan Frontier! Gary came in to our dealer knowing exactly what he wanted. Reason being this gentleman had been driving his 2008 Nissan Frontier for awhile now and decided after 175,000 miles it was time for something new. He told me one of the main reasons he wanted a new one was for the Bluetooth because he uses this vehicle for work and receives a lot of calls throughout the day. Not only did we get him Bluetooth but I brought him this beautiful brilliant silver SV equipped with back up camera, parking sensors, heated seats, auto dimming rear view mirror and even an improved bed liner for all his tools in construction. Love when a customer appreciates the little things we do to make them happy and Gary was no different 😊👌🏼 See you for the next Frontier Gary.. Wish you the best! #puentehillsnissan #eltequilita #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #capturethemoment #shendit #patience #makenissangreatagain #madeithappen

Man did I finish my month on the right note! Julie was referred to me by my cousin @xcjoser with the intention of leaving in a... Versa Note! As much as she loved her car and as bad as she wanted a Versa Note again, we were able to make her an even better offer on our 2017 Nissan Rogue! Not a dime out of pocket and she got the same great gas mileage, more space for her Mary Kay products, and was able to drive away with this huge smile on her face! She was patient, so patient I bought her some Subway for being a great sport about every aspect of her visit! Can't thank her enough, and she thanked me just the same for doing my best to make this moment possible. Her one request was that I hook her up with one of my famous Micheladas after explaining how I gets down on them... lol Felicidades! #puentehillsnissan #eltequilita #loyaltyrewardshandsomely #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #keeponpushin #closethemonthstrong #micheladatime #capturethemoment #puropinchenissan #shendit #duallynoted

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