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2018 will be the best year ever! Say YES if you believe it!

Here I am pretending to have the day off. But honestly, I do love a bold bit of chinoiserie and you know pink and green is my jam. Anyone else totally in love with this space? 📸: unknown😔

Be extraordinary. 🌟
I got this tattoo as a personal reminder that every single moment of every single day we have the choice to be extraordinary or ordinary.
We have the choice to follow our passions or let fear stop us.
We have the choice to make Decisions or make excuses.
We have the choice to make more income and a bigger impact or just dream about it.
Your life is your for the choosing 💖
Tattoo by @cj_ink

EXCITED, NERVOUS, ENTHUSIASTIC, BRICKING IT.... just a few of the emotions I am currently feeling right now. These are my first designs for my startup business @mamabekind and I’ve just ordered the first batch!!!!! 🤗🤭😲😬 so should be launching them soon!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE... in the mean time I would love to know what you think? And check the business insta @mamabekind.

Officer Lita prepared for duty! 🐶👮🏻‍♀️ #puppy #servicedog #shemeansbusiness

I had such a good time at the #CannabisBusinessAwards this past week. There was so much love and inspiration. It was epic. Thank you for the amazing night @chloe_villano and @cannabisbusinessuniversity ! ✨❤️

Would you like to super size that? Not many people know that ALL our hardback notebooks, diaries and planners can be ordered in A4 as well as A5. Perfect if you have a lot to write... and also surprisingly useful for hiding a growing baby bump 👆😜 I have been using one of our A4 diaries this year on my desk for my ‘to do’ lists and plans every day and have loved it 👍 What do you reckon - would you go large?


E a r l y B i r d i e s 🌥
Early morning deliveries are fabulous - especially when the delivery rings you out of bed to bring you your super nice new couch before 7:30am 😅
Working on that superheroine empire on the side 🙋🏼‍♀️
Neue Couch 🛋- seit der Lieferung heute früh vor 7:30Uhr (!!) 😅 Fleißige Spediteure und ich als früher Vogel könnte also alle Würmer... und so weiter. Mit anderen Worten: ein starker Start in den Tag! 🙌🏻😄

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1) Share my page https://www.facebook.com/SandalsandSunsets/
2) Like my page 3)Tag a friend
Winner drawn tomorrow evening! 14 Dec!
**Pair Must be chosen from current stock and picked up from Carramar before Chrissy**

Loving my early Christmas gift😍Revving up my creative back bone engine💪🏽🙌🏽🤓Thank you @domini4jc for supporting and believing in my potential 🙏🏼💖#friends #friendship #grateful #bestfriend #love #bookstagram #wellness #healthylifestyle #yoga #healing #positivevibes #shemeansbusiness

Woohoo! I've proven this very simple system and got 10k FB fans today. 🎅🤶Achieved my goal before Christmas!!!🎅🤶 And I'll be teaching this soon in the new FB course I'm revealing on 15th Dec!

I only teach what I've proven to be useful.

Literally once it's set up, you just sleep and wake up with 10 k fans.

And it's all done legitimately within Facebook itself.

Yes it's great to have 10k but whats more important is the confidence you have as a business owner. 👋Say goodbye to Facebook Page Shame!!👋 www.facebook.com/TheElyseAnne

"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." -- Ray Goforth

I love this artwork and message so much, especially as 2017 wraps to a close. We will continue to break out of cocoons for the rest of our days as we grow and evolve -- sometimes the cocoon is the home that feels stale, the career path that is too small for you, the lover that you need to let go of, the friendships that you tried to save.
What once felt new and thrilling and everlasting starts to feel like constriction. Squeezing. Like shoving our feet into shoes that are way too small for us and pretending that we're totally fine, that it doesn't hurt, that we can keep on dancing. Trying to hide the blood on the floor.

Embrace it all, and let the shedding happen. Let your cocoons fall away -- not with drama and self-righteousness, not with blaming and gossiping, but with a genuine appreciation for all of the lessons embedded within them. The threads that forged you into who you are.

2017 was a hibernation year for me. A yin year. Rooting, turning inward, forgiving myself, imperfectly attempting to forgive others. I had my heart completely broken. I re-learned what it's like to piece yourself back together during grief. I put my writing and livestreaming and teaching on the back burner so I could fully face the lessons in front of me.

It is safe to emerge from that cocoon now. It is safe to fly. It is safe to feel your heart racing again. It is safe to feel alive. It is safe to be seen in an even bigger way.
I have big plans for 2018 and I hope you do too. Thank you for the image and reminder @cleowade 💞
Time to fly.

I seriously can't get enough of this gorgeous girl and her serious faces. #IslaHaven #shemeansbusiness #cheeksforweeks

Saw this quote on @carriegreen today and thought immediately of @owningthestory who is definitely ‘giving it all she’s got’ (and very appropriate @gsfoundation tee too)
#smartCRUTCH #inspire #fightlikeazebra #EDS #owningthestory #shemeansbusiness #adaptiveathlete #daringgreatly

⋯⇠ ✦✧✦ ⇢⋯ WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! ⋯⇠ ✦✧✦ ⇢⋯⠀
This is a time to be calling in more connection + support than ever. While navigating all the changes + growth that life is throwing at you, turn to the women around you, let them be there. ⠀
Because chances are they will be walking right beside you in their own spiritual/personal growth + could use a friend too.⠀
Call in the support you need whether that be a friend, coach, kinesiologist, doctor, counsellor or magic weaver. Ok, that last one I kind of made up but I believe all the people doing work to help others are weaving some magic in the world, including you + me sweets.⠀
My point is we are all in this together. The personal challenges + the collective ones too. Let’s raise the vibrations of the world by stepping closer to each other. ⠀
If there was ever a time to embrace being real + vulnerable, speaking your truth + standing for what you believe in, THAT TIME IS NOW!⠀
If I can support you in any way on your personal or purposeful journey, please shout out lovely one!⠀
Big Love⠀
Amy xoxo 📷 @sologirlsquad

Aspire to Inspire
Work before work!

We heard you, and we are working hard to have some Christmas cards, calendar photo magnets and Fine Art Prints of Canton Street snow photographs we captured. Our locals will have unique photo gifts at our space to cross out of the Christmas shopping list!

Tuesday stairway to heaven...or wherever your week is going to take you ☝🏻⠀

Take it one step at a time and keep going up, up, up, UP! 💡⠀

If you need a hand taking your business higher🎢, then reach out and book your FREE strategy session with you today 📩 I'll help you achieve that rock-solid mindset needed to generate more sales, and lead you to new heights in your monthly income 📊 Tap the link 🔗 in my bio for more information. ⠀

Hugs, The Master Fixer ❤️⠀
📸 @themirandamarie

Don’t let anyone stop you from sharing your story and healing. #ibelieve #metoo #starthealing

It's more productive, and fun, to co-work with friends. We're excited to have Chris, an #ASU #native student, helping us during his holiday break. Happy Tuesday! #nativebiz #cowork #shemeansbusiness #shareyourstory

Had a great evening #dancing with the staff and volunteers at Garden House Hospice in #Letchworth. We're ready for Sunday! Watch out #Stevenage here we come! Ps... Nigel enjoyed it too! #sculpture #Bassingbourn #Litlington #Cambridge #Royston #dance #dancerocks #dancingqueen #dancing #ballet #tap #tapdance #tapdancing #jazz #jazzdance #jazzdancing

EXCITED, NERVOUS, ENTHUSIASTIC, BRICKING IT.... just a few of the emotions I am currently feeling right now. These are my first designs for my startup business @mamabekind and I’ve just ordered the first batch!!!!! 🤗🤭😲😬 so should be launching them soon!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE... in the mean time I would love to know what you think? And check the business insta @mamabekind.

Is it time to shake up your plan so you can move fast toward your goal?

There is so much power in a logo. For me, it symbolizes inspiration. A fresh start. A new beginning. It symbolizes growth, and hard work.

Are you #rebranding in the new year? What led you to that decision? On the fence? What’s holding you back? Comment below!

PS: I promise this is the last sneak peek I’m sharing of ‘#Magnolia’. I just love the illustration so much, available for purchase as a complete brand set in The Premade Collection! Visit the link in bio for more. #naludesignstudio

I had a wonderful morning doing a Personal Branding Photoshoot for this talented woman today! 🌟 Danielle designs the most beautiful silk scarves inspired by her travels and the colours in nature, so we went to lots of fitting locations to capture her lifestyle portraits 🌿 Thank you @danielleneilldesigns for braving the freeeezing cold for me, I can't wait to show you more from our shoot! 🎨⠀

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These are my tips for success 🤩

Success can mean something different for everyone. What does success look like for you?

For me, success is: * having balance in my mind, body and spirit,
* mental clarity
* doing what I love in business and my spare time, * helping others in anyway that I can * and that makes me happy and successful 😎🤓
#success #happy #dowhatyoulove #balance #mentalclarity #mindbodyspirit #selffull #declutter #mindset #SheMeansBusiness #buildinganempire #imnotdoneyet #justgettimgstarted #hello #tuesday #comment #coach #businessminded #helpothers #peace #internalwellness

Beauty from last night. Texas is perfect and just where I need to be. For now. 🙏🏻“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” #rumi #texassunset

When visitors come to your site, do they know what you do, who you serve and where, and most importantly - WHY YOU ARE AWESOME?
If not, you are not only doing your business a huge disservice, but you are likely attracting the not-as-fabulous-as-they-could-be clients who will allow you to do your best work.
Each website in our Brand Collection will feature an area for your 4Ws, and heck, we might even help you write it. Inquire for more info!

Thinking of my forever home and the devastating fires that are ravaging it. Between that, the #metoo movement, the tax bill, never ending family sickness and all of that I've been more quiet than normal.
The upside is I'm booked into the Spring, @yourdigitalstylist is rocking, and Christmas is coming!
Gotta take the great with the not so, right?
@pantone Purple as seen by @mattcrump via @designsponge last dec!
#thomasfire #prayforcalifornia #foreverhome

So excited to share @denisetocara extraordinary success story with you today! Watch live at 3pm ET to learn how she started as a new consultant in 2014 & built a 7 million+ organization in 3 years! Link to the show is in my profile. Click now to get a reminder when I go live 😘 #milliondollarpartygirl #milliondollardownline #successstory #shemeansbusiness #believeyoucan

Need shopping help? Do you care about our planet? Do you recycle? Well, did you ever think recycled products could be so beautiful? Let me just say, noone has ever been disappointed when I have given them our jewelry. So make a purchase and dazzle your loved ones. Be the hero for doing good and gifting good. These eco resin True Color Bracelets are great stocking stuffers and get the December Do Good Box that will make your recipient so happy with the sparkly gorgeous gift. Then get the True Color Bracelet at 20% off. 👌
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Know your worth 👸🏽👸🏼 #weruntheworld

Beautiful winter warmer image from @jannelford that suits this cold day perfectly.

I do love new pens, and these are especially cool as they have an internal plunger that sucks in bottled ink so it just swirls around the barrel!

The two inks I ordered are quite close in colour so I think I will get some orange and purple ink for the two remaining pens in the set!

Are you a fountain pen user? What inks/cartridges do you use?

#newpenday #fountainpen via @RiplApp

I'm sick of hearing..."You must post 3-5x a day on IG and FB to be seen." Who has time for that?! ⠀

I don't! And I honestly just want to live my life and not feel the pressure to document it 24/7 online or on Insta-stories. ⠀

My life isn't that interesting...I promise!⠀

But what we can do it make our posts COUNT and our comments VALUABLE when we do go online. ⠀

Get in those Facebook groups you're a part of a comment your genuine thoughts on a question. Go Live in your group 1x a week and add a TON of value to it. Share that post once you're done and BOOM - you've just upped your visibility and can get back to your day to day.⠀

How do you stay visible to your audience and also set boundaries for yourself online? Let us know below!

Miami living at its finest...#miami 🏖

Breakfast = Happiness. ⠀

Peanut butter toast, my fav energizing Rev detox tea* and my little boo 👧🏼. ⠀

What’s the perfect start to your day? ⠀

*Link In Bio 👉🏻 My Fav Health Products ☕️ Trust me this tea will change. yo. life. 🙌🏻✨

Stunning outdoor living space 🤭☺️

Joining @femaleentrepreneurassociation was one of best decisions I’ve made for my business. For me it was actually about surrounding myself with likeminded women who are have huge passion, drive and positive mindset. Over last three years I’ve made some incredible connections, collaborations and gain friendships for life. Fb group is like 24/7/365 biz coffee where you can solve your problems and get answers to your questions. It’s the best group I’ve ever belong to. Come and join us, we have lots of fun as well! 😃🙌🏼💕 #feamc #femaleentrepreneur #shemeansbusiness #shedidit #bizbuddies #businesswoman #thebusinessdoula #annawilk #femaleentrepreneurassociation

Fear not. #fearless

Here I am pretending to have the day off. But honestly, I do love a bold bit of chinoiserie and you know pink and green is my jam. Anyone else totally in love with this space? 📸: unknown😔

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Scattered to Sacred 🙏🏻💜💫⠀

🎧✨ NEW Episode with Emily Leahy, certified healer, teacher, initiated guide and Celtic shaman in an authentic mystery school. ⠀

Subscribe and Tune In as Emily guides us through the power of emotional healing and how setting and keeping boundaries can help us not only heal, but also thrive.👏🏻👏🏻⠀ .
Link In Bio 💎💜🎧 http://bit.ly/LusciousLivingPodcast. .

✨ Emily shares how her own journey, from school teacher to holistic energy healer, unfolded. ⠀

✨ How setting energetic boundaries can help us to heal and grow.⠀

✨  The importance of leaning into your emotions when they arise in order to find your self.⠀

✨  Why lessons repeat in our lives and how to break the cycle. ⠀

✨  Insights into the work she does and how you can benefit from working with an energy healer.⠀


Emily Leahy is a certified healer, teacher, initiated guide and Celtic shaman in an authentic mystery school. She is passionate about individual empowerment for collective impact. Emily supports leaders who want to create change in the world by navigating their own healing journey.

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