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they really are THAT duo 💦😫💘🍆
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malia’s first and last love.
[only a pt if u want it to be]
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my favorite girls
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I said I’d post this next week but since I was inactive alllll day yesterday I’ll just post this for all of y’all malia stans
Also this is so basic I’m sorry but I can barely do better💀
Ac: twenty one pilots(from ruthlessaudio :) plus a failed attempted loop rip
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A trio🤧(sorry if you’re getting tagged a 5th time I’m-)
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A baddie👅
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My audio


First collab Skdynrveoei I fcking love this 🤪.Thanks @xvoidhastings for making this such an fun experience 💙 #omgpage #lydiamartin #maliahale #shellyhennig #hollandroden #collab #badass #TeenWolf

Black out days

Malia 😍❤ #shellyhennig

So, Teen Wolf is an MTV series inspired by the Michael J. Fox film of the same name. It stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, Shelley Hennig, Arden Cho, and Dylan Sprayberry, with Jeff Davis running the show as it's developer.
Telling the story of high school student turned werewolf, Scott McCall (Posey). Adjusting to life, McCall must rely on his friends aka his Pack to be the heroes that defend their hometown, Beacon Hills from the supernatural.
First off, the characters and storylines are genius. At first everything was pretty standard. And most of the actors hadn't done many gigs before, but once the show picked up and the actors and writers really settled in we started to get a good show. I love the way the writers incorporate different myths and urban legends that involve shapeshifters and that added for some very entertaining material. The characters themselves are relatable and fun. I was expecting a teen drama where all the characters just wanted to fall in love, but there were elements of adult life all the characters struggled with that were just wonderful to experience. Although I loved the characters there were a few supporting characters that took a while for me personally to enjoy. Characters like Liam (Sprayberry) and Kira (Cho). Obviously on a TV budget, the visual and computer effects weren't too great, but the show makes up for it with it's make-up. At first I thought the werewolf make-up wasn't the best, but it did add to the reality aspect of the show which is great.
In the end, this show was fantastic. It had great characters and creative writing that was always invigorating to watch. And the fact that seasons with a 20+ episode runtime were split in half to create two storylines was very cool, but I would've rathered a shorter runtime. I'll give MTV's Teen Wolf an A #teenwolf #mtv #werewolf #teendrama #tylerposey #dylanobrien #crystalreed #tylerhoechlin #hollandroden #shellyhennig #ardencho #dylanspraysberry #cinema #movie #movies #moviereview #film #films #filmreview #tv #tvreview #review #reviews

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