Transformations and motivation is daily requirement because nothing in life is perfect. See, Rome was not built in a day, nor did they have the support of everyone. From the floating comments such as- you’ll reflect a man if you lift to much to no man wants a woman that lifts more than him. To the inner motivation when I wanted to just take a day off, constant cravings for meals that were not on my plan. It’s not just a mental toughness that applies in fitness but in life, period. Because the fact is a woman can not reflect a man due to high levels of estrogen, no woman that lifts wants a man that she out works in the gym or life, period. Last but least, they judge your dreams then applaud your dedication. I like the way I look now and I like the way I looked before. I have self love and a deaf ear to nay-sayers. Be fierce, Be Female. Always choose your self and know that it’s not selfish to set goals and stick to them. Let’s get fit together, build the body you want, live the positive life that you want. At the end of it all, you are the only one that will answer to God about serving His purpose for you on Earth. Tiff, became more than a coach during this process, to me she is like a sister, a motivator, she leads by example. Thank you again. #shelifts #legs #back #grind #hustle #myjourney #glutes #boss #queen #fiercewomen #fitchick #fitness #bodybuilder #wcw #houston #letsgo #bemotivated #trusttheprocess #grow #hair #authentic #veteran #ripmama #loveyourself #iloveme

Reverse hack squat
@cara_fitch - Tryin to get back on my own level 🙌🏼🔥 👀 the abs at the end 😍

A while ago in decided not to participate in DRC cup next month. Honestly I am still very happy with that decision. I see fellow lifters starting to peak again, and I like competing, but I really need some rest and time to work on the details. My new program is challenging and fun, today was deadlift and bench day.
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Happy Hump Day! I'm getting ready to get primal tomorrow at @glitterbombdenton - grrrr baby!
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iRate her Physique from 1-10!🔥
@fitness.college For more content!!! .
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I know people get annoyed with fitness post and it’s ok. I don’t blame you bc I use to be one of you. Just like everyone else I have cellulite and imperfections that annoy the crap out of me but it is what it is and this is who I am. I’ve been working extremely hard to lift heavier and tone more the part of the body most of us girls have a hard time with and I’m extremely proud of my progress and how far I’ve come. I wanted to take a photo not flexing or doing any tricks to make it look bigger or better and I’m so happy with my results so far 💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️ @toneitup #progress #humpday #shelifts #fitnessmotivation #fitchick #tiuteam #tiucheckin #fitness #legday

Set goal🤔. Crush goal💪🏾. Repeat 🔁. 🔥Centurion Day🔥 Guess who shaved 5 minutes off her time. Finished in 29 minutes today ⏱💪🏾😌💁🏽‍♀️! 🔥100 Shoulder Presses🔥100 Weighted Squats🔥100 Bicep Curls🔥100 Tricep Presses🔥100 Rows🔥100 Push-ups🔥100 Sit-ups🔥1.3 Miles #jcrowbootcamp #fitnessassessment #centurion #yourenottired #workoutwednesday #tricitieswa #pnwfit #pushyourself #timedtraining (I do not own the rights to this music)

Flip any feelings of selfishness into the ways you do you best being the vehicle to help everyone else around you.
Go lift the world 🌎 today. It needs you.
Find out how to do it in minutes during this busy joyful season tonight (Link in bio)!
For all party goers, shoppers, and fit 365 #youstillgotitgirls .

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Lucky to work with a team that inspires, motivates and makes waking up at 4am (32 times but who's counting) the last 10 weeks pretty damn easy.
One more day of post testing & that's a wrap for our female hypertrophy study. Close to 40 females worked there asses off (on?) in the name of science. If that doesn't light you up idk what will. 🤷

Dear Diary,

Women are B🤭TCHES.
K, bye for now!
But seriously. Yeah, I called us out. Men? From my own experience, are not. They are much more friendly and carefree. But us ladies...Gosh darn...we belt out ‘LIFT A QUEEN UP!’ Smile and smack each others asses to ‘spread’ that ‘motivation’ but then we head home to poke needles into our secret stash of voo doo dolls to weaken our fellow queens we just ass slapped. We feel sad and sorry for ourselves as we eat 17 big Macs complaining how we can’t reach a certain number on that weight scale. We see that girl at the gym whenever we decide show up and she looks incredible. She walks around with a plan and motion in mind and she plays it out routinely day after day. We see her smiling and laughing with others but then she is focussed, moving and working sweating and extremely uncomfortable. And she keeps doing it over and over and over again. And in our mind we call her lucky.. that she is lucky to look the way she does. Us women think that that girl was born with some special privilege, The kind that we will never have and we hate her for it. We do not know the battle she went and still goes through to do the things she can do. We forget that she was once in the same shoes we are. She trained and still is actively training her self, MIND first, to stay on this lifestyle path. She noticed a while back that she must create a routine and stick to it, day in and day out for it to stick. She noticed that completing for JUST HERSELF actually makes her stronger and more beautiful then secretly completing with the other women around her. She enjoys complementing that woman that she knows dislikes her, because she know that lifting her up feeds positive vibes to both of you. Then she moves on to the next who needs an encouraging smile. She sometime wonders to herself why some are that way to her when she tries even harder to be kind. She’s trying to hard. For once it’s time for her not to try so hard.
Women are wonderful.

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