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My #wcw goes out to @brendatracy24 who is the definition of BADASS. Just dropped this powerhouse off at the airport and what an honor to host her in my hometown! The world may never be the the same again after this divinely orchestrated hang out session. It's a privilege to support a fellow sister, game changing advocate and fellow front line warrior. Watch and see what happens when badass women team up!!! We can do exponentially more together than we ever could do alone! #powerofsisterhood #sheisTHATGIRL #unstoppabletogether #collaboration>;competition @protecther @iamthatgirl

So grateful for the love from our @iamthatgirl's Ambassador @ciara in @harpersbazaarus;) As a musical mogul, mom and wife... she still made time to attend an @iamthatgirl USC chapter meeting!! The place where it all started!! Stoked to see she married a @ProtectHer in @dangerusswilson!! They are the definition of a #powercouple #sheisTHATGIRL @uscedu #myalmamater #IATGbirthplace

Screw fitting in. Have the audacity to be different. Happy Halloween. #myfuturedaughter #sheisTHATGIRL @iamthatgirl #ProtectHer ❤️️ "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." - e. e. cummings

Welcome to SHE REPUBLIC @LadyLyrical1 ❤️#SheIsThatGirl

SHE IS NOT SCARED OF HER BODY! @theashleygraham #SheIsThatGirl

SHE HAS HER SKITZ ON 100% @nyanelebajoa #SheIsThatGirl 💕💕

@sugaroc Next Project!!! Let's Talk! I Look Vex 😂 @sherepublic with @repostapp.
#SheSoldier @vanisha2108 #SheIsThatGirl ❤️

#Repost @sherepublic ・・・
SHE is happy being on her 1s! #SheIsThatGirl #SheSoldier

We loved this so much we had to shout her out with SHE @tessholliday LOVING THE SKIN SHE IS IN #SheIsThatGirl ❤️ @tessholliday we hope you like this edit ☺️😘😘😘


She is intimidating, but beautiful inside and out; she never takes no for an answer. Anything she is passionate about, she executes and conqueres. She didn't sit around and waste time, she made every moment magical. Her undevided attention is on self growth and she doesn't care if people believe in her or what they think. She isn't much on small talk. All she is aware of is that she has plenty to offer and she is cut from a cloth that is permanently sold out. She may seem timid but she is as Alfa as they come and we all know alfa females don't run in packs. She has her strength, love, compassion, courage, wisdom, and self worth #SheIsThatGirl #MorningReflections #DontJudgeMe #strength #Faith #Love #Selfie #GoodMorning

💐💕Today is WEDNESDAY , we celebrate our #WCW, Veronica; she's a super badass and why not recognize someone so great! "I love my chapter because they are the most down to earth women I have ever met. They are not afraid to display their flaws, they aren't afraid to share their insecurities.

I am that girl because I am true to who I am. I do what makes me happy and allow myself to make mistakes. I know that my opinion of me is the only one that matters." #SheIsTHATGirl #BSU #BowieStateUniversity #BSU20 #BSU19 #BSU18 #BSU21 ✨✨

No Hater Type Shit 💪🏾💕🎯🤙🏾.
#SheIsThatGirl #Boss #QueenStatus 🗣💅🏾😘❤️.

#Repost @sherepublic with @repostapp
Check out the amazing work by @erikalust who is a erotica film maker. She makes porn that is based on mutual respect and takes into account what women really want while positively educating the masses on what sex should be like in porn. I want to salute this woman for making a positive change in this warped industry and bringing a voice to many women in porn. I wish her all the best and success in making this positive change. SHE IS what we are about. A woman who takes matters into her own hands and makes a change instead of complaining about it. Erika we would love to have you as one of our #SheSoldiers and make you a bespoke SHE top if you're willing 😍❤❤ #SheIsThatGirl

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