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We had a blast celebrating Ruthie's FIRST birthday on Friday night. 🎂1️⃣🎉The only thing missing was her big brother! 👦🏼💙😔Ruthie's mama and daddy celebrated surviving year ONE! 😜Thanks @kacy_dilla for joining in the celebration! #babyruthie #birthdaygirl #celebrate #sheisloved #happybaby

Happiest baby on earth and husband & I are BLESSED to be her God parents✨She got a kick out of being in the laundry basket lol Thank you Mommy @t2dawy She said my name😍😍😍 Aunty Kee Kee is thrilled❤️ #SheIsLOVED

All the love here! This girl is getting too big! I love her so! Thank goodness for life!❤️ #breslynrain #sheisloved #cantbelieveshes7

💕Y.Ê.U không phải bắt đầu từ bất cứ ai. Y.Ê.U là khi bạn biết trân quý bản thân mình trước tiên, để sau đó có thể sẵn sàng đón nhận tình yêu từ người khác…
🍁🍂Hãy học cách yêu cùng những bộ cánh mới nhất của BST 💕“She is loved”🍁 từ #PeonyStudio nhé! <3

#PeonyStudio #SheisLoved #HelloAutumn🍂🍁

She has my heart 💛 give your loved ones an extra hug today. #inmemoryofbaileebarnard #sheisloved #lifeisprecious #familyisforever

Of course we had to get uncle Emmy in the pic too! 😄❤️👶 #auntanduncle #weloveourniece #spoiledbabygirl #sheisloved @tattedkingx562x


A few weeks ago I posted a status on my Facebook about a little girl who didn't see herself "super model" ready... Since then I could not shake it off... Finally I surrender and being obedient to what God is calling me to do... I am not a fan of social media.. lately I've been seeing so many negative post, bullying, and such darkness... I was going to fast social media but God said no... And this page came into light... @she_is_movement A place where women sends encouraging post to each other. Letting her know who she is... it's a powerful thing when women lift each other up. Please help me get this running by following @she_is_movement on instagram and Facebook. But also let's get this movement running by messaging me or email me at sheislovedmovement@gmail.com with a picture of someone who you want to uplift by starting "she is..." and also included yours and the woman instagram name.. Men you can let a special lady know who she is too.. The power of the tongue produces life or death. Let's choose life... #sheisloved #sheismovement #psalm13914 #pssheisloved

UNSHAKABLE YOU // DAY 9 // One of the most powerful affirmations we can make over our life, identity and FUTURE is "I AM".....How do you complete yours?
I AM loved.
I AM enough
I AM destined
I AM called
I AM purposed
I AM strong
I AM brave
I AM entrusted
I AM positioned
Would love to here what YOU are claiming IN FAITH over your identity and life today? All the love xx
Hey girl, want to dive deeper into your worth and purpose to start living intentionally in fullness of who you were made to be? Download our self coaching program and devotional here: Bit.ly/SheSeeksDevo

🍒Khi nàng đã học được cách yêu bản thân, tin #PeonyStudio đi, bạn sẽ mặc đẹp mà chẳng cần phải cố gắng một chút nào đâu! 💕Cecelia Dress - 840.000

#PeonyStudio #SheisLoved #HelloAutumn

UNSHAKABLE YOU // DAY 9 // What mirror are you looking in to find yourself today precious lady?
This one's personal and still raw for me, as I am on the journey just as much as you. (#realtalk) Choosing where we stake our identity, is just that, a choice, and my journey is that I believe that there is something within us that comes alive in connection with a creator God, and we truly find ourselves in His greatest #lovestory of all time. As @lisabevere so beautifully captures, as we take a long, hard look into the mirror of His word we find out who we are truly created to be. .
Precious lady, I hope you have the courage to take more than a passing glance, and discover your personal revelation and unshakable #truth. The paradox is to BE FOUND means to BE FULLY SEEN. It is the ULTIMATE COURAGE to take this journey, and put down perhaps some of the baggage you've been carrying for a while. If that's YOU cheering you on beautiful lady, because I know you are worth it and YOUR FUTURE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL than you can EVER IMAGINE xx

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