Are we anything else but love?
sharing our molecules
in whole and part like the ocean
before crashing against the shore
and receding into ourselves
with what ever is left

Are we not anything but love?
when our clouds converge
in the sky of our values
trying to piece ourselves together
hoping we'll fit into each others' gaps
even though we've always been whole

Are we not anything but love?
when looking in the horizon alone
knowing its never a complete picture without fingers fitting tightly into ours
cos even if we get here alone n leave alone
the journey is better enjoyed in the communion of others.

Have a lovely weekend

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This post somehow goes out to me.The ones who know me well can totally relate to it.I have been through many ups and downs in life and yet I feel overwhelmed by the kindness of my ALLAH who has made my every step towards success and pride .I have learnt alot from my past and still learning from my present experience.I believe to search the best in every human being out there .I am much overwhelmed by this super insta family for all those birthday wishes .You people are truly amazing and I adore you for being kind enough.Never let that smile on your face vanish away .Be strong .Have faith .Good times are on their way

You wouldn't hurt her if you only knew how much you love her and the amount of pain she will give you...#sheislove#sheishate#sheispain#sheisgold#sheisoneofakind#shehurts#sheheals#sheislife#sheisdead🖤⏳💋👑🖤

She’s so funny! She said “mommy can you record me singing?” I said ok and she says “hey Siri, play “God’s plan by Drake” 😂😂❤️ my little girl knows what she likes! #godsplan #thatdabtho #sheislife

Taken by The Best 💋💕 #hospitallife #scrublife #PuffLife #sheislife



A patient came in yesterday, and upon mentioning my only daughter she said " you guys are really close huh, I am the only girl and my moms been my bestfriend even into adulthood, we talk everyday". My daughter is everything and I know age won't separate our bond either 💛 #sheislife

Brings a whole new meaning to giving brain. This post is not intended to come from a sexual place. When I say read my mind I'm not saying I'm picturing you naked licking me in strange places lol. I'm saying my thoughts are so cosmically mind blowing that it would send your body in shock waves and leave u twitching on the floor. The intensity of a deep mind will give you more pleasure than anything between heaven and hell. You might slip and say you love me and wanna keep me forever.
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She Is A Life Time,
With Beautiful Seasons;
Warmth of Summer,
Purification of Autumn,
Chilled Winter Dance,
Serene Tender Spring
Rain Drop's Rhythmic Hymn
She Is A Lifetime

For The Day She Is The Ray
Sparkling Stars & Moon For The Night
Yet, Can't Be Compared
To Any Heavenly Or Earthly Moves
Or Definition Of Wrong & Right
Gloomy Or She Grooves
Imperfections Turn Into Perfect Rhyme
She Is A Lifetime

#LettersByVJ || © vijay_verma
3rd April 2018 || 1400 Hours .
@vijay_verma .
❤A Love Song Dedicated To Love From Love...❤ She Is Amazing...
She is The One, Every Woman, Who Knows What Love Means...
And This Is Love Song
From The One, Every Man, Who Knows What Love Means...
She Is The One, Who Makes Life Beautiful
She Is Not A Phase But A Lifetime... © vijay_verma

From Sarah Lowe:

Essential oils and Trauma

Remember that emotional memories are stored in our bodies at the cellular level, and that is why the tiny molecules of our pure essential oils work so well. When things happen to us, good or bad, our body stores it. And sometimes those things need to be released for us to walk in the full freedom of who we were created to be.
Trauma is different for everyone. Depending on what the traumatic event or situation was/is, we “use” our traumas differently. Some use it to fuel their pursuit of freedom, and some can get so lost under the weight of what happened that it steals from their life.
Traumatic things in life...abuse, a hard situation, death of a loved one, loss of a baby, embarrassment, seeing something terrible happen, harsh words, neglect...are so real and can feel so raw. They can become part of our daily life that we just live with, or they can become debilitating.
Our bodies holding on to it so deeply can truly effect how we live, and usually manifests in the form of fear, anger, sadness, hiding, or feeling stuck...which in turn can lead to sickness and brokenness in our bodies.
But guess what...trauma doesnt have to define you or guide your story. As you work through it (or even if you aren’t at that place yet to seek healing), you will see freedom start to come. Believing that for whoever needs to hear this today!

Essential oils can help us so much. They truly can. Here are a few suggestions for using oils for trauma:
Trauma Life.
Inner Child.
Sacred Frank.
Sacred Mountain.
Look into each of these oils, especially if something is pulling at your heartstrings today, whispering to you that you could be more whole if you took steps to deal with your trauma.

The black woman endures, and yet she keeps forward. Raising a village, loving herself, and still she’s inspiring. #blackgirlyes #blackwomenarebeautiful #sheisstrong #sheislife

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