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Baby girl

@pandit_nidhi You Are The Women With The Highest Wall With Deepest Love 🖤 I Love You(And I Meant It).......

A little sneak peek from today.
Also, my daughter saw this image and then proceeded to ask why I can't do this and I'm NOT pregnant.
#saygoodbyetoyourchristmaspresentschild #beginneryogioverhere #sheisamazing #pregnantyogawarrior

Last weekend I was so lucky to sit in on this woman's talk. Her name is Mary Bauer and she is a Holocaust survivor... She was taken to Auschwitz in 1944 and was forced on a death march to Ravensbrück until finally freed in 1945. There were so many hardships she faced in those times between, and it is almost entirely unbelievable for someone like myself to understand what people like her went through. And soon it will be impossible to hear in person a story from someone who suffered and witnessed these cruelties first hand (she's 90!). I encourage anyone to visit this museum and try to hear one of the talks from the Holocaust survivors that they give every Sunday ❣️#sheisamazing

Love this little beauty💖I can not wait to watch her grow🙏🏼Such an amazing Lil one already 😍 #cheer sis #loveher#sheisamazing #wylieelite

For those of you that have been asking, Millicent is doing well. She got spayed yesterday so today she is slept and recovering. #sheisamazing


I have no idea what I would do without this incredible woman. She is everything to me! #appreciateMyWife #sheIsAmazing #loverHerToBits

I had such an amazing day at Green Island just off the coast of Cairns along the Great Barrier Reef. I did some snorkelling for the first time and I am certain it won't be my last. Amazing memories created with my wife by my side. Wouldn't have it any other way. #greenIsland #sheIsAmazing #holidays #relaxing #snorkelling #greatBarrierReef #loveHer

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! MY SISTER WON @IDRS2017 FOR @bellevuecollection IM SO FREAKING PROUD!!! #SHEISAMAZING #LOVEHER @poppyseed_co YOU ARE AMAZING AND DOING AMAZING THINGS WITH EMPOWERING AND DRESSING KICKASS WOMEN!!! #mysisterisamazing #bellevuecollection #idrswinner #happylife #soproud

I love @azealiabanks so much. I also wish we just simply didn't have the term trans or gay and could just be respected as people. It's simple. A woman is a woman and a man is a man. And if you feel that way than that is your truth. And if you feel like both that's your truth. Hell, if you don't feel like you are anything that is your truth. Black People don't understand LGBTQ like the mainstream white community does. It doesn't make sense in our community. If we found a way to just create a narrative where all Black people felt included, there would be so much more love. On all fronts. This example of sisterhood really gives me hope and it's nice to know that another Black Woman feels our collective pain and can see through the bullshit and cares. This is refreshing. #AzealiaBanks #SheIsAmazing #LoveHer

264 of 365 of wedding year. Today is our 13th anniversary. I can't believe I have had this beautiful, brave, loving and inspiring person in my life for 13 years! @tre_top52 I am beyond grateful that you chose me! I love you and I can't wait to be your wife! I choose you everyday! ❤️❤️#iloveher #loveislove #happy13thanniversary #wedding #icantwait #fiance #futurewifey #usagainsttheworld #mybestestfriend #mymostfavoritehuman #foreverlove #heartsoul2017 #sheisamazing

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