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Throwback to the Unilever cartel #HejoDePuta #shehata

BREAKING NEWS: A #SHEHATA has just graduated yesterday. #Takbir. Lemme get an Allahu Akbar from my Muslim friends. Nonetheless I am disappointed, extremely disappointed as matter of fact.
I, Omar Shehata aka Daddy O personally texted you and requested a mini gym at your graduation so I can get a quick workout while I'm at it... To show up to find out there's no weights. I figured if I put my glasses on I'd find what I'm looking for, but unfortunately not. I strongly recommend that you pray for my forgiveness.
Now that I covered my disappointment, I shall jump into a positive vibe. Congrats to you Aya, better know as Awa on graduating high school as well as your acceptance to University of Pittsburg. As it was brought to my attention about you living on campus, I can assure you that I will speak with your parents and elaborate on the negative aspects (coughing). This is a promise. And if you do end up living on campus, don't be surprised as to why they call you every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
With that being said, I shall end this by saying it was great to see the rest of the fam.

#Helmy #3ba2e #Shehata 😍😍😍
مبسوووط جدا اننا اتقابلنا 😘 بعدين ابقو اسمعوا كلامي 👍👌

احلىً عيد ميلاد لاخويا و حبيبىً 😍😍
كل سنه و انت طيب يا ابو الصحاب ❤❤ #shehata 💜💜

My birthday gift 🎁
From my #bro #shehata
#Zara #shose 👟


" ومــمـگـن بــالـصــدفــہ يـحـصـل الـلـي گــان ف يــوم #مـســتــحــيـل...💔✋ "


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