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After a LONG day yesterday I needed this mask, plus the name cracks me up! From #leadersinsolution. Also forgive the lighting, my bathroom has electrical issues AGAIN 😦 #sheetfaced #kbeauty #sheetmasksaturday

Get you a bae that could do both 👯🇳🇴. #beforeandafter #sheetmasksaturday

#SheetmaskSaturday is brought to you by #Sasa Color Combos Animal.Farm Owl Moisturizing Mask

Packaging: Adorable

Mask : Owl design, non stretchy

Essence: Lite, moisturizing, very lite floral scent.

Effects: plumpimg and moisturizing.

In general this is a good every day sheetmask

Tonight on Things #Beautybloggers Do To Amuse Themselves: I have started putting my full facial #skincareroutine on my left foot as well. I'm curious to see the difference between the left and right foot after about a month or so. Also, I have a lot of these mini #sheetmasks and what better use could I make of them?
If I have any clout whatsoever as some kind of ~~influencer~~, hopefully I can influence some of you guys to join me in this madness. We can call it #fiddysfootchallenge. Please? I don't want to be patting essence and serum onto my foot all by myself. PLEASE.
Or you can just watch. I'll update on my foot's skin condition periodically.
Oh and this is my submission for Sheet Mask Saturday! For more normal #sheetmask posts from saner people than I, check out @kimmie_sings5, @nourishtheskin, @gdansk19, @whatstephyloves, @modgeek, @lotusandthesnail, @the.brown.eyed.fox, @woodnote_song, and @naturalbeautyactives101!
#fiftyshadesofsnail #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #ab #skincare #footcare #experiments #sheetmaskaddict #sheetmasking #tinycosmetics #tinythings #samples #sheetmasksaturday #saturdayvibes

Is there any better way to prep your skin for the weekend ? 📷 : Maisie Williams #SheetMaskSaturday

Weekend feels. 💕#sheetmasksaturday

Its sheet mask Saturday! With great skin comes great responsibility! Mask worn by: @moyendevivre ✨✨
#sheetmask #sheetmasksaturday #koreanskincare #comment

Sheet mask saturday. Charcoal. #sheetmasksaturday #sheetmask #charcoalmask


Day 23 of #maskmadness hosted by @maskaddict @mapletreeblog and @miirushop.

Theme : 🌲 From the Forest.
I'm not sure if I have something to fit the bill, hence I'll post about mask that's related to plant 😅.
Review : Beauty Buffet Squalane Repairing Mask.
🌲Description at the back said that this mask is enriched with high performace essence to intensively nourish chapped skin, bringing you an energised and refreshed skin after use.
🌲 Essence : Clear, watery, has a clean scent and dries off matte.
🌲 Notable ingredients : Glycerin, Cucimis Sativus Fruit Extract, Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cellulose.
🌲 Material : This sheet mask is made in Taiwan y'alls! Hence the sheet is papery, thin, tears easily with great adherence and nice fit.
🌲 Usage : After toner, serum and essence. I wore it for about 40 mins and still damp. To enhance the "squalane" effect, I seal the hydration in with The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane.
🌲 After use effect : My face is nicely hydrated, plump and refreshed.
🌲 Final verdict : This is a good mask, suitable for your quick 'pick me up' if your skin is feeling parched and dry.

Gonna repurchase when Watsons is having sale for it 😂.
#sheetmasksaturday #sheetmaskreview #smotd #sheetmaskoftheday #watsonsmy #skincarereview #taiwanesemask #tbeauty #abcommunity #abskincare #skincareaddict #abmerryreview #squalane #nontoxicbeauty #beautybloggers

After a LONG day yesterday I needed this mask, plus the name cracks me up! From #leadersinsolution. Also forgive the lighting, my bathroom has electrical issues AGAIN 😦 #sheetfaced #kbeauty #sheetmasksaturday

I made a mistake yesterday. Yeah I am human. I did the @deciem #TheOrdinary AHA 30 %BHA 2% Peeling Solution the night before. But yesterday I did not listen to my own advice and wear sunblock after a peel. I spent the whole day galavanting about with my fellow AB blogger friends and did not realize it until my face was feeling hot and itchy and was red.
When I got home last night I had to do something. Found a sample of @aveneusa #TrixeraEmolientCleaningGel to gently cleanse with.Toned with @Whamisaskincare #OrganicFlowerDeepRichToner. Lucky earlier while shopping at @aritaum_official @unaccountabletalk gifted me the @mamondekorea #DualGelCentauryFlowerMask. Applied the @elensilia_official #CPPPropolisAmpoule and moisturized with the @Innisfree #BijanCicaBalm sample gifted to me by @Besfrenbeauty.

Afterwards my skin felt soothed and moisturized and much calmer than earlier. .

I know I will do my best to always apply sunblock no matter what. I was lucky I did not cause severe damage. .

#asianbeauty #instareview #skin #sheetmask #instaskincare #productreview #피부관리 #한국제품 #beauty #skincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #avene #whamisa #elensilia #propolis #mamonde #innisfree #mua #lifestyle #cleanser #moisturizing #weekend #SheetmaskSaturday

Sheet Mask Saturday 💉

✨DAY 19 of the #fallintosheetmasking hosted by @siriuslyimkitten and #maskmadnesschallenge hosted by #thethreemasketeers #maskmadness #sheetmaskreview #multimasking ✨THEMES: ⭐️BLACK + ⭐️SOOTHING
✨MASK CHOICE: ⭐️#chocchocpropolisblackmask
Bamboo Charcoal #sheetmask with Green Propolis Extract by @eightwonders ✨DESCRIPTION:
This Korean Bamboo #blacksheetmask contains 20,000 ppm of premium green propolis extract, which is twice the amount of propolis in the typical #propolismask This unique, premium #greenpropolis is collected and produced by the Africanized bees of Brazil. What makes this propolis special is its active ingredient, Artepillin-C, which is a very potent antioxidant with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal #naturaltreatment for #problemskin such as acne. This mask also contains charcoal, which helps to clarify skin and improve hydration and firmness, as well as Royal Jelly which along with Propolis, helps skin become smoother, softer, better hydrated and more supple.
✨CLAIMS: This mask claims to clarify skin by deeply cleansing pores while clearing blackheads and combatting breakouts. It's also supposed to hydrate, firm and plump skin leaving it cleaner, clearer, softer, smoother and more radiant. ✨RESULTS: #chocchoc or #chokchok basically translates to "Plump and Moist" which is how my skin felt after using this fab mask which I'm adding to my #favebudgetsheetmasks Series. It is currently being sold on Amazon for only $10.99 for a box of 10! This mask was a pleasant surprise-- I ordered it because I liked the Ingredients and price. The texture and feel as well as results (not Ingredients) reminds me of one of my fave hydrating, soothing and clarifying masks-- the Soo Ae Purifying Black Charcoal Mask by @sooae.official I found this mask to be very comfortable to wear and soothing. It was still moist when removed at the 30 min mark. The Essence absorbed well and there was plenty left in the package for several more layers. My skin felt more hydrated and supple and looked more radiant with each layer⬇️

Happy Saturday! Hope your week went well! Mine was okay. Starting off this early morning Saturday with my favorite sheetmask from @whamisaskincare sheethydrogel. Maybe this evening I will do a second sheetmask from @innisfreeusa, a gift from my gf from her recent korea trip. Have a pleasant weekend everyone! .
#sheetmask #sheetmaskselfie #sheetmaskaddict #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #sheetmaskkorea #sheetmaskselfie #sheetmasksaturday #sheetmasklover #sheetmasklife #mawskincarereview #mawskincareritual #skincareritual #mawsheetmask

The #Weekend is meant for #selfcare . Tonight for #SheetMaskSaturday I chose the @medius_official Double Effects Mask with Moisture Focus. .

Swipe 👈👈👈 To see the fit.
This 2 part mask is a well fitting micro fiber mask soaked a clear lightly fragranced serum infused with Grapefruit extract, Quinoa seed extracts and Hyaluronic acid. The second part of this mask is micro fiber covered Hydrogel Jaw Lifting mask designed for lifting and firming the jaw line.

I liked how the mask contoured my fave and how well the jaw lifting mask held without tearing or moving. It stayed in place until I removed the masks. Upon removal of the masks my face was soothed, plump, moisturized and brighter, with my double chin seeming less visible even appearing more firm. It also left no stickiness, meaning the serum fully absorbed into my skin. .

This mask can be purchased for about $5 at www.medi-us.co.kr . . .

I want to thank @medius_official for sending me this mask and an array of masks complimentary for my honest opinion.
#medius #mediusofficial #sheetmask
#moisturizing #doubleeffectsmask #skin #glowingskin #kbeauty #피부관리 #abcommunity #Koreansheetmask #아름다움 #시트마스크 #skincarereview #instabeauty #beautygram #skincareluxury #instareview #instaskincare #makeup #sheetmaskselfie #nyfw2017 #mua
#우리피부 #beautyblogger #antiaging

#sheetmasksaturday: Unitouch Miss O Good Night Facial Mask, courtesy of @beautibi 🌜
Thanks to this tester program, I get to learn about the Taiwanese brand Unitouch. Their masks use fully natural plant essential oils instead of chemically synthesized oils. My sensitive skin is rejoicing. This particular variant claims to hydrate and brighten with ingredients like sunflower seed oil, oat kernal extract, hyaluronic acid, and white willow extract. CosDNA analysis looks good in general except for 'triethanol amine', a pH adjuster and emollient, scoring a 5 on the safety scale and 2 on the acne scale. However, its approved concentration is 5% or less so I wouldn't worry about it. 🌜

Out of the packet, this gave off a faint scent that smelled like rose + hyaluronic acid. Essence was milky. The black sheet felt very soft and had a medium thinness, which made it very pliable. Fit was good, I think the eye and mouth holes could be bigger. Adherence was great! I had this on for 30 mins. 🌜

Essence absorbed pretty well, leaving a silky but tacky finish. Perfect for night use. My skin felt very soft and hydrated. My skin also looked moderately brighter with absolutely zero redness. Overall, my skin had a healthy, radiant glow! This is a top-notch sheet mask in my book! Highly recommended! 🌜
$7 @beautibi 🌜
Disclaimer: I was sent this for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
#unitouch #unitouchmask #rasianbeauty #sheetmasks #sheetmaskselfie #sheetmasking #sheetmaskaddict #sheetfaced #abcommunity #instabeauty #instaskincare #skincareblogger #skincare #asianbeauty #asianskincare #sheetmaskreview #selfie #tbeauty #taiwanesebeauty

*pr sample* Saturday night with a Moscow Mule and the 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut After Sun Mask from @leaderseurope . Fall has arrived to Sweden so I haven't been exposed to much sunshine, but my skin feels a little dry so I'm thinking this will be beneficial anyway.
Ingredients include Chamomilla recutita flower extract (antioxidant, soothing), glycerine, coconut fruit extract, coconut oil and more.
A very comfortable coconut bio cellulose sheet. Excellent fit and great adherence! Instructions says to leave it on for 20-25 minutes, I removed it after 25.
No tacky feeling. Skin feels calmed and hydrated.
(Re)purchase? Yes! You can find this and other Leaders masks at Åhléns.
#leaders #sheetmask #sheetmaskaddict #sheetmaskaddiction #sheetmasksaturday #kbeauty #kbeautyproduct #kbeautyaddict #abcommunity #skincare #facemask #hudvård #arkmask #ansiktsmask #koreanskhudvård #koreanbeauty #kbeautyskincare

✨I've fallen in love with #sheetmasking over the past year (with #facialmasks in general actually) and try to mask daily-- it's my favorite part of my #skincareroutine A relaxing ritual and just about my only "me time." These 3 photos are from #sheetmasksaturday with the #sheetmasksquad (sorry squad for taking so long to post these, story of my life lately)! The theme for this Saturday was RELAXING! *And here's where this post gets even more ambitious-- For this week's Sheet Mask Saturday, I took into consideration the themes for another #sheetmaskchallenge (well two actually, I couldn't decide on one so I'm doing both 😂 I'm trying to get creative by combining themes whenever possible! Considering how large my #sheetmaskstash has grown, I figure it shouldn't be too hard to do-- we'll see 😉
✨This Saturday was DAY 2 of the #maskmadness challenge hosted by #thethreemasketeers @maskaddict @miirushop and @mapletreeblog as well DAY 2 of the #fallintosheetmasking challenge hosted by @siriuslyimkitten ✨DAY 2 THEMES: ~MASKMADNESS = 🐳SEA LIFE *I chose the powerhouse marine ingredient ALGAE ~FALLINTOSHEETMASKING =
💰EXPENSIVE *I chose the most expensive mask I've ever tried and loved! AND it contains ALGAE!
✨MASK CHOICE: #advancednightrepairconcentratedrecoverypowerfoilmask by @esteelauder It's definitely expensive, generally retailing for $22 per mask or $96 for a package of 5. The only reason I purchased it the first time was because it was on sale and I love the ANR Serum and Microessence so really wanted to try it!
✨I've used this #luxurysheetmask only once before and loved it so I was excited to find it on sale again! If I could afford to, I'd use this mask once a week as recommended by #esteauder *HINT: Check out Marshalls or TJMaxx because every now and then you can find a single mask for $9.99 (Marshalls) and just this past Saturday, I found a whole 4 pack for $24.99!! I can't remember if it was Marshalls or TJMaxx. Yay for #marshallsfinds and #tjmaxxfinds 🙌
✨This comfortable and highly effective 2 piece gel-like mask contains a bunch of amazing ingredients but for the sake of this post, I'm going to focus on the powerhouse skincare ingredient ALGAE to start⬇️

So I missed posting my #sheetmasksaturday review--apparently the app ate it instead of posting it. But the theme is a relaxing long weekend, and we're still in it. I'm calling it close enough.

When I've got time to relax, that means I have time for a two-stage mask. I had never tried a Meg brand mask before this one, but it seemed interesting. Rather than a liquid serum that goes on before the sheet mask, this one has an AHA solution on a swab, which is an interesting variation. When they call it a jelly mask, they aren't kidding--this is the thickest goop I have ever seen in a sheet mask, and enough of it to do my neck, chest, shoulders, and some left over. It absorbed well with zero sticky residue. I thought it was perfect until I woke up the next day with two big, painful pimples.

Check out the rest of the #sheetmasksquad for more Sheet Mask Saturday: @fiddysnails @naturalbeautyactives101 @modgeek @woodnote_song @kimmie_sings5 @nourishtheskin @the.brown.eyed.fox @gdansk19
#beauty #skincare #skincareroutine #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #instabeauty #instaskincare #beautyblogger #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #sheetmask

I am so happy to go back into #sheetmasksaturday just a day late 😣 This weekend is all about relaxing.... something I have been needing for a while. My summer was short but a very exhausting one!
Last night decided to relax with Nature Republic's Greek Yogurt Blueberry Anti-Wrinkle Pack. Lately here in Cali its been so hot 🌡☉ like a million degrees and its hard to do anything period. And unfortunately we don't have an AC in our apartment 😥😢😣 so its been pretty hot. So I decided to cool down next to the fan a nice cold drink and place my pack in the fridge! °
Nature Republic Greek Yogurt Blueberry Anti-Wrinkle Pack contains probiotics extracted from Greek yogurt, shea butter, blueberry extract, mulberry root extract, and delivers the deep nutrition. It claims to nourish, anti-aging effects,  whitening, increase skin elasticity, maintain balanced skin, and moisturize your skin. First all, the packaging is super cute looking just like a real little yogurt container. The consistency of the product is like a cream rich velocity and texture. It has tiny little blue beads that dissolve when you apply it onto your skin. It could definitely be used as last step in your morning routine and as a sleeping mask for the evening. Although I sought out several sites as to how to use this pack I found that many say different things. I used it as the girl at Nature Republic described as a wash off mask and to place in the fridge for 10 minutes. Well since it was 85 degrees at about 8 p.m. I thought it was a great idea! It felt amazing applying the mask nice and cold and fresh on my skin. The scent of the mask is just like  if you eating a blueberry yogurt and it sort of has a texture of it too. I left it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinsed it off. My skin felt super plump, soft, smooth, and moisturized. I really liked how my skin looked the next morning. Perhaps I would have seen a more results such as brightening which I didn't see. Overall, I rrally liked it and I will continue to use this mask more as a sleeping pack. It is too much for my skin as a last step morning routine since it is a very rich cream and I have Combo skin.

🎼"Under the sea..." Day 2 #maskmadness challenge hosted by @maskaddict @mapletreeblog & @miirushop was sea life 🐠🐚
I chose to use @goodalbeauty waterfull mask from a previous @mybomibox which has ocean water extracts. The sheet was thin and fit nicely on my face. The essence scent was almost non existent. Every once in a while I'd get a strange whiff of a scent, but nothing terrible or overpowering. I left it on for about 30 mins and while drying, it wasn't sticky. I finished off my evening routing with a light emulsion and cream.
This morning my face feels soft and well hydrated. No irritation either! I'm a big fan of hydration and "marine" type masks, and this will be one I'll recommend in the future 👍
#facemask #sheetmask #sheetfaced #sheetmasksaturday #goodal #hydrationmask #hydration

Sheetmask Saturday! 💆💋
This is a mask that I received in @myfacetory #7Lux #subscriptionbox 🤗 This is a 2 step mask ~ you get 4 small pads to put under your eyes and around your mouth ~ then you place the sheetmask over them and let it work it's magic! This was my first mask that strapped on to my ears! Lol! In the picture I hadn't put it on my ears yet. Plenty of sudsy essence. I let in on for about 30 minutes then patted in the remaining #essence and my skin felt plumped and refreshed for the remainder of the day! I love trying these fancy luxury #sheetmasks from #MyFacetory 💜💚💙💝✌ #sheetfaced #selfie #sheetmaskselfie #sheetmasksaturday #igotthis #kbeauty #madeinkorea #skincare #skincareroutine #lovetheskinyourein #amyoklahoma #ilovemeeeeee 🦄🌈🎊🎉 #blueeyes #facial #SNP

Is it normal to pick up items solely because the packaging is adorable? Asking for a friend. 🙃Anyone use this mask before?

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