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Look what I found whilst cruising #winners 💞 I bought the witch hazel masks. 🔮 Can't wait to try them!!
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Haven't used any sheetmasks post microblading, trying to be careful not to get anything on those brows. Here are ones I finished a couple weeks ago with a few new ones I noted #Sheetmaskempties 💦💦
#Paparecipe rose gold, pretty mask, fits well & clingy, lasted less than 50 min before feeling drying. Not sticky, good day time mask, hydrating but not much other effects, think I like their originals more
#OkaRecipe mild scent, narrow eye holes, moisturizing, wore for ~50 min, skin looked slightly healthier/brightening but not much else, lots extra dripping essence, not into the sheet itself, not very soft or seemed absorbent ✨#Myscheming pore-minimizing black mask, easy to absorb, good fit, not too sticky, great day time mask, there is a tightening feel, but not huge effect on pores, texture looked good, but really love the brightening effect, skin looked healthy, will RP 👍
#Banobagi Bano water glow injection mask, does anyone not like this mask?! Haven't tried any of their masks that I don't like yet. This one is very hydrating as well, wore close to an hour, black sheet mask, fresh scent, extra essence leftover, absorbs well, not sticky, love the brightening effect, great day time mask, looking forward to using it again for sure!
#Goodal black charcoal mask oxygen radiance, Jeju oxygen water brightens & moisturizes. Love this mask, wore about 45 min & still moist. Super hydrating, no brightening effect immediately upon removal, but as you massage/patted in remaining essence, and there is so much left over, you will see obvious brightening results, not too sticky either, plump & dewy, will RP ✨👍

#smotd: Crecell 6-in-1 Honey Cat Mask. This mask contains 15,000 ppm of honey and 15,000 ppm of hyaluronic acid, is 7-free and made of 100% eco-friendly cellulose cupra fabric The 6-in-1 claim, peeling, toner, emulsion, essence, cream, mask makes it a super convenient and great for travelling. Love the super cute packaging! Also love the fact that the print is made from safe ink. Unlike other character masks I've tried, this did not smell like ink at all, instead it smells like sweet honey 🍯 Essence was viscous. Material was thin and soft, very easy to unfold and apply. Fit and adherence were 💯 Most importantly, the print was super adorable and very insta-worthy! I couldn't help taking a few selfies for fun 😹 There was Korean text on one side of my face, I have no idea what it says, do you? This mask lasted close to an hour for me. After patting the essence in, my skin felt very hydrated and looked very bright and glowy! It dried down to a slightly tacky finish which went away after an hour. My skin felt so smooth I couldn't stop touching it! My skin continued to feel hydrated till the next morning 🙌 Highly recommended and would repurchase! $40/10 pcs @lovezoetik Disclaimer: I was sent this in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Being in the AB community has been so bad for my wallet but soooo good for my skin 😭😭😭 Nevertheless, here's my recent haul from my local The Face Shop and Nature Republic store.
.🌱Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (very excited to use this over summer!)
.🌱Nature Republic Real Nature Green Tea Cleansing Cream
.🌱The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream (this was a repurchase--I love how it smells and how it makes my skin feel so baby smooth 😍)
.🌱Nature Republic Given by Nature Rice sheet mask (this was a buy 5 get 5 promo so they were about a dollar each!)
.🌱Nature Republic Given by Nature Tea Tree sheet mask
.🌱Nature Republic Real Nature sheet mask in Orange
.🌱Nature Republic Snail Solution sheet mask (this was a free gift 🎁)
.🌱Nature Republic Argan Oil Mist (my hair has been needing a bit of love lately)
.🌱Nature Republic Bee Venom Emulsion (very excited to use this since its anti-acne properties!)
.🌱Nature Republic Jasmine hand lotion (also a free gift; this retails for $8.50!)

Well I've shown you how I organise my #sheetmask collection. Time to reveal the extent of it 🙈. These are all my #sheetmasks currently. Certainly enough for at least the rest of the year! Saying that I know I won't be able to resist temptation and will be adding to this... May need to destash to make room for the new ones.

You can NOW get ALL 6 of the a2o lab💊 Facial Masks + 1 Charcoal Nose Strip for $10 bucks! ($13 Value) 😱 #regram @shopa2o

Gives new meaning to Sunday Scaries, no?

Double mask by @makeprem for the weekend cause heaven knows my skin needs it like crazy right now.
🌱I was eyeing this mask since the day I attended @glowrecipe's Pop Up and I finally got it in my hands.
🌱This double layer mask soothes, calms and reduces inflammation (first layer) and hydrates (second layer). In my experience the first layer worked better than the second one. The redness on my cheeks and chin decreased a whole lot and remained like that all day.
Mascarilla doble de @makeprem para el fin de semana porque los cielos saben que mi piel lo necesita con locura y pasión.
☘️Estaba tentada de probar esta mascarilla desde el primer día que fui al Pop-Up de @glowrecipe y al fin lo logré.
☘️Esta mascarilla doble ayuda a calmar la piel y desinflamar (la primera capa) y rehidratar (la segunda capa). En mi caso la primera capa parece haber tenido más efecto que la segunda. El rojo de mi piel disminuyó mucho mucho y se mantuvo así el día entero.

Eeny meeny miny moe, which of these sheet masks will make you glow? All of them! 🤗Travel w them, slumber party w them, recover w them, bubble bath w them. The result will always be the same -- happy, radiant skin ✨✨✨#cheerstoradiance #dreamsheetmask


Tonight's masks:
.🌷Welcos Jeju Natural Volcanic Mask
.🌷innisfree Real Rose mask
I often used two masks every night. One is to wear before acids, serums, moisturizer, and more. I often use wash-off masks first so that I don't have to worry about it falling off like a sheet mask while I'm doing homework or doing stuff. Later on, I use a sheet mask when I can finally relax and watch Netflix.
I'm also very excited to see how the innisfree mask compares to fresh's rose mask. fresh's rose mask usually retails for $25-$62 depending on the size of the tub. In comparison, innisfree's masks usually retails for $14 but I was able to get it for $9.80 during their Spring sale.

They help my face.
💊MEDIENTAL healing mask | really soft mask with a good fit. Sheet had absorbed most of the essence in the packet which I love. Mask left my face looking revitalised and plump. Super moisturising. Would reuse.
🌱NO;HJ green tea mud mask | mask claims to clean out pores but I didn't really see those results. Don't really know where the mud aspect comes in either... still face looked refreshed afterwards. Would reuse.
🌞BANOBAGI vita genic whitening jelly mask | I had high expectations for this mask but while the fit was great and the essence was fun and like jello, the results were okay but not as good as the Innisfree vitamin c mask. Would reuse.
☕️L'HERBOFLORE sweety cocoa moisturising mask | it had the faint smell of a chocolate cocktail, don't know if this is a good thing or not.. the results were surprisingly good. My skin looked bright and even. Would reuse.
🚰DR. JART soothing hydra solution | had a medicinal smell, someone said camphor.. don't know what that is but I'll take their word on it. My skin felt plump, moisturised and evened out. Would repurchase.
🌺ILLI real cotton magnolia mask [calming] | really soft comfortable mask with little magnolia extracts. Skin looked even and smooth out. Would reuse.
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#myseoulsisterreview L'Herboflore Deep Sea Balancing Mask
Random book review: Just finished "Unaccustomed Earth" by Jhumpa Lahiri; it is a series of short stories exploring the secrets of family life. It started off a bit slow for me to the point I was struggling to finish it, until the middle part & the story of Hema and Kaushik gave me such feels! 😭😭😭😭😭 Recommended book 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5 stars!
Anyway, this mask was given to me courtesy of @lovefaceco for my honest review ; thank you very much! 😘😘😘😘😘 This mask is part of the L'Herboflore Aegean Sea Series. It contains Red Algae Repairing Essence to effectively balance skin condition & regulates the skin to enhance moisture and smoothness. Also contains white willow extract to help soften skin cells & refine pores, as well as balance the oil & water levels of skin, together with deep ocean water that is rich in minerals that activates & soothes.
Upon opening, I could smell a mineral water-like scent that was not overpowering. Mask is thin & soaked well with clear, watery essence. Fit is AMAZING; covered all areas nicely & adhered very well to my face shape without any air bubbles. The eye slits were slightly larger, mouth slit just nice & nose flap covered well. Note: L'Herboflore masks have parts you can tear (for chin & outer cheeks area) to overlap the mask so that it properly covers your skin. Kept on for about 30 minutes.
Results when waking up: most noticeable & my ultimate favourite effect: BARELY VISIBLE PORES 😻😻😻 Such firmness, I wish they could stay that way forever! Skin also felt very moisturized & T-zone was non-greasy, which I like because it means my skin is well-hydrated. No breakouts or skin irritations. I love the scent; reminded me of the sea (can you tell that I'm having island withdrawals??). I've tried this mask several times before so I would definitely repurchase again!

🌟COMPETITION TIME🌟Fancy a #travelmate #whenmask for you and a friend? Just like this post👍🏼tag a mate 👭and we'll announce the winners this Friday🙌🏼#minispamoments #hyaluronicacid #ginsengextracts #sheetmasks #eastdayspagram #eastdayspaauckland #tagtowin

Using up one half of a mask set I got from Ipsy.

@thebodyshop Tea Tree facial wash. Still have 2/3rds of a small travel size bottle. This stuff lasts forever. I've been having a couple deep zits lately, so I wantes to make sure I used a cleanser with some ance fighting ingredients.

Secret Garden 2-Step Olive Oil Ampoule Mask - I got this mask and the pink Camellia Oil mask as a set from Ipsy a while ago. Step 1 was a small pouch of creamy conditioner-like ampoule serum. It feels like a thicker lotion. Step 2 is put on while you still have the serum on, but it hasn't absorbed yet. The material is pretty heavy, so it wrinkled a bit near my brows. Directions say to leave it on for 10-20 mins. I left it on for 30 mins and it was not totally dried up. There was only a little bit of essence leftover, but it absorbed easily with no tacky feeling. Skin is moisturized, no bad tingling or redness, and the only faint scent there was I guess smelled "natural" - not really sure hoe else to describe it, but it was not unpleasant.

Overall, I liked it. I'm not sure how much these are. I'd probably put it in thw $5-7 range.

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⭐️ #maskempties from last week ⭐️
I didn't #mask as much as I would have liked, but I did find a gem! 💎 The #dermal Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask left my skin very bright and well moisturized without any stickiness. The best part is the price for what it can do...I believe under a buck a piece. Definitely gonna purchase! .

The #leadersinsolution Illuminating Treatment Mask did a okay job in brightening and moisturized well, but I prefer one of my Leaders staples, Amino Clearing Mask. 💋🐾
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I 💗dirt-cheap sheet masks. This one smelled like grape candy which smelled delicious until I remembered it was a skincare item on my face. No worries though, it actually worked really well. I woke up with extra soft skin this morning. If you see it at the Asian market or where you buy masks, it's worth a try. 🍇

When you impulse buy while waiting for your friend 😒💸 Will do a first impressions post and a follow up review!!
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#Repost @koskinbox with @repostapp
Is it bedtime yet? 😴 This mask is packed with a creamy essence containing lavender oil to relax your senses and jojoba oil and shea butter to nourish the skin. The perfect mask to use after a long day! 👌🏻💆🏻💕 @koskinbox #lovekoskin #sheetmask #sheetsquad #sheetmasks #sheetmasking #kbeauty #koreanskincare #relaxingtime #skinfirst #goodnight #la

Wine therapy on a Tuesday 🍷🍷🍷@tonymoly.us_official tonymoly.us_official I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care #koreanskincare #tonymoly #sheetmasks #pore #redwine

Blog post is up and I'm thrilled to see Charlotte Tilbury makeup, the best, on our sidebar. Oh happy day! www.madeleinelamour.blogspot.com #illume #coconutmilk #mango #luxury #soycandles #charlottetilbury #nordstrom #makeup #sheetmasks #favorites #blogger

My friend, Jo, always brings me gifts when I come visit Korea. The first time was a pack of sheet masks and a lip tint from Skinfood and the second time was a Tom Ford lipstick. She's currently working at Tom Ford in Korea💕 .
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