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Eight million stories, out there in it naked
City is a pity, half of y'all won't make it
#newyork #pepsi #newyorkgiants #sheepinthebigcity

A quick reminisce to Scruffy's day out at Last Exit - sheep in the big city.

It did not take long for this attention seeker to get almost everyone drawn towards him for pats and snuggles.

Unfortunately, this caught the attention of the authorities: animals not allowed.

Enraged ! No one calls me an animal in public and gets away with it till @brunell92 tells me they meant scruffy... So the 3 of us spent the evening in the back of a car devouring some juicy burgers with some chill tracks for ambiance.

All we did was chat, yet time flew. I've grown to love a good conversation ...
it's fun - it's simple - it's inexpensive


Just delegates being delegates 🤓 #dubai #sheepinthebigcity #advertising #CDOCONCLAVE

I’ve been rewatching a lot of sheep in the big city, time squad and whatever happened to robot jones and I appreciate them all alot more now that I’m older and understand the jokes and references that I didn’t understand as a kid #cartooncartoons #cartoons #cartooncartoon #cartoonnetwork #sheepinthebigcity #dexterslaboratory #ededdneddy #johnnybravo #codenamekidsnextdoor

Sheep in the Big City 🐑🏙
By July
#Ink #Tattoos #sheepinthebigcity #AmericanTattoo

• the perks of being a #morningperson • ⏰ Добре, само аз ли си нагласям алармите на некръгли часове и нечетвъртинки? Искам си Моторолата с капаче, колко прекрасен и болезнен може да бъде светът с една-единствена аларма за деня. Ами ако забравиш да я нагласиш? Мечтая за деня, в който ще усъвършенствам чудото, наречено биологичен часовник! // Понеделникът идва с #йога и медитация, планиране, сутрешното #смути и подготовка за изпити, а и #новблогпост ☕ link in bio ⤴

Start of something new🤟🏼
#deloitte #1st2days #sheepinthebigcity
Photo Creds: @benjaminventer

Не е Коледа, просто е понеделник, и има #newblogpost 🐑 София е пълна с малки #секъндхенд съкровищници и след успеха на поредния пост, продължавам с още три кют местенца 👀 линк има в биото ⤴

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