Farhad Wajdi is the EDD Young Leader who will be speaking on Leading the Change at #EDD18. He is a 24 year old from Afghanistan.

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Monday Blues 🔵⚪️🔴
(wish they made Sheed samples in my size 😕)

23 Year old Esther Nakajjigo from Uganda is the #EDD18 Young Leader who will be speaking on Women/girls in Migration.

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Meet Ernesto Hernández Otero, 26 year old #EDD18 Young Leader from El Salvador. He will be representing the voice of youth on the topic of Gender Equality in Education.

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Dorcas Asige Apoore is a 23 year old Ghanaian working to empower women in her community and she will be representing EDD Young Leaders speaking on the topic of Women/girls in the Economy at #EDD18 #shEEDs



Today we introduce a young leader speaking on Women/girls in decision making, Diwa Samad. Diwa is a 23 year old Afghani working towards women empowerment across all sectors.
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As part of our daily introduction to the 2018 Young Leaders, we would like to introduce 26 year old Syrian, Boushra Dabbagh, who will be speaking on Women/girls in Emergencies.

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Each day leading up to #EDD18 we will be introducing you to one of the 16 EDD Young Leaders for Development 2018 by sharing with you a piece that they have written for the youngleadersfordev.org blog.

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Reggeli rutin 🍌🍏🍓🥝🍋 - - Mindenféle gyümölcs, amit otthon találok (esetenként zöldség is, például spenót)
- 1 citrom leve
- 1 narancs leve
- víz
- gyömbér
- maca gyökér por
- spirulina alga por (ettől lesz szép zöld színe)
- búzafű italpor
- chiamag - lenmag
- szezàmmag
Az összes hozzávaló mehet a turmixba és kész is a #zöldsmoothie 🙌🏼

Fill er up mate?
Balmey, Sheeds & Mal Brown on the pumps at Carson’s Garage. Not quite.
The Swan Street petrol stop served a far finer drop than Mobil Super and those boys, as well as the rest of the Tiger players, knew they could drop in most times and top up with a glass or two of the foaming beverage.
Carson’s garage had a deserved reputation as a hideaway for Richmond players to do some bonding over a glass of liquid amber. The photograph by the pump put a smile on big Mal’s face this week. “Everyone at the club knew what the players did in the back room at Carson’s,” laughed Mal. “Tommy (coach Tom Hafey) knew and turned a blind eye. So did Schwabby (CEO Alan Schwab) and even our supremo Graeme Richmond.”
Ron Carson was treasurer of the Tigers at the time but fulfilled a second role pumping out beers inside for the boys while motorists waited outside for their Mobil at the pumps. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
From the writing of Scot - Punchlines - Palmer ...Keep on Punching

When bae know you a #tomboy at heart- tryna be a #girlygirl #mothersday

Today swaaaggg #2004champions #sheeds

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