dōTERRA® SPA Replenishing Body Butter -- Replenishing Body Butter.
Combining the soft, moisturizing powers of essential oils and shea and cocoa seed butters, the doTERRA SPA Replenishing Body Butter provides soothing and deep moisturization for the skin. Using essential oils known for their purifying and rejuvenating properties, the Replenishing Body Butter is designed to leave skin feeling soft, supple, and clean. With some of the best natural ingredients in the world, the Replenishing Body Butter creates a luxurious, spa-like experience that is easy to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

#washday waves 🌊
This is what’s fun about this account, I can keep a detailed journal of what does and doesn’t work for my hair. .
Today I deep conditioned for about an hour with Garnier macadamia hair food.
And styled with #sheamoisture curl smoothie, organic care gel and Denman brush. .
I scrunched and then diffused to about 85% dry, clipped up the roots and left it to fully dry. .
My hair feels really soft and touchable but it’s not as curly as my last wash day. I think the decision not to use leave in was the right one as my hair feels full of moisture. It doesn’t feel producty like when I last used the curl smoothie which is great but I do prefer more curl. Maybe I should have dried to 💯 % dry and I could have applied the #smasterstechnique to enhance more curls. .
I’ve got a haircut and colour tomorrow so wanted to prep my hair with the DC and will be restyling a fair bit this week so not too worried about the lack of definition. It could also be that I haven’t done a protein treatment since the end of August. .
Looking forward to but also a little nervous about tomorrow appointment, my hairdresser is keen to learn about #cgmethod which is great!
Let’s see what tomorrow brings! .
Ps I did video a short demo on using the #denmanbrush but for some reason it didn’t save so will re record it next washday!!!

When everything turns to 💩 at least my hair can behave !🤷‍♀️happy that I think the dewpoint approach is working and am sticking with using a lot more shea butter and emollients in the winter as well as using more leave in but less and lighter styling product( I doubted the results but it definately seems to be working at the moment! ) if you want to know more about product/ conditioner recommendations depending on the seasons check out the quick guide in my highlight on dewpoints👍🏻last wash day I used mousse as my styling product as I also wanted to use a glycerin free styling product which gave a great result but wanted to see if I would still get good results with @asiamuk curl jelly which does contain glycerin
So I deep treated with @sheamoistureuk jbco strengthen and restore masque, cowashed with @garnieruk Ultimate Blends oats and conditioned with @asiamuk leave in conditioner , I then squished out excess water with a tee shirt and added more of the leave in followed by just two small blobs( grapesize) of @asiamuk curl jelly using 🙏praying hands and then scrunched , diffused for 10 mins then airdried before bed then slept in my buff without sotc til this morning ( although there was no scrunch by this morning 😱👌it fills me with doubt when I don’t get a rock solid cast but I seem to get a much better result that actually lasts through the day since the change of season! I’d definitely recommend looking into dewpoints if you’re struggling with flopping , frizzy hair since summers gone!👌🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀I’m sticking with these products for the time being that’s for sure 👍🏻🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀#curlygirlmethod #lowporosityhair #curlyjourney #asiamuk #sheamoisture #naturalcurls #naturalcurlspoppin #lotsofcomments #happyhairday #botticellicurls

Y’all! When I tell you it’s possible it is so possible 😂...
As most of you know my natural hair journey started back in #2012 when I wanted to start embracing my identity, whole heartedly and I felt like the first step to this was to start with my hair. Something so rich in culture, that I was neglecting. My journey took 2.5 years in total. I started with little knowledge that I gained through a quick google search. I started with @herbalessences / @tresemmeau conditioners, olive oil and a wide tooth comb which eventually eased things up for me. I don’t know why, but I decided to jump on YouTube and entered something like “half curly half straight hair help” and WTF! There was an entire POPULATION OF BLACK WOMEN on the internet with the same problem?!?? I was so confused and shook and emotional. @naptural85 and @foreverflawlyss & @noshamemaya were my right hand women through my journey. I learnt all basics + more through them. Eventually I trusted myself and became more experimental and suddenly ‼️‼️ a baby was born, that being @embraceyourfrizzique - my intention from the beginning was to sort my shiz out and it led me to this! And it’s been life changing ever since. .
The hardest thing for me was finding little to no products for my hair type on Australian beauty shelves, hence why I sourced my ingredients and started doing DIY products which got people asking questions! Things like hair masks, oils, shampoos and gels 🌿
Do you guys want more details on my hair journey? I feel like I need to unpack this further 🤣
#embraceyourfrizzique #naturalhairaustralia #GlowUpFR

My natural hair makes me look so childish sometimes 😂💯🤷🏾‍♀️ #beautiful #melanin #blackgirlmagic #curls #kinks #naps #slay #fleek #bronnerbrothers #sheamoisture #motions #pinklotion #bluemagic #coconut #ismellgood

Back to school means back to school shopping. #socalstylings
Just moved in today and I can’t wait to make this new place my home. 💖
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Unless God sent you, I’m unavailable #godisdope #happysunday

🍃💫Reposting @melaaabee:⠀
"Can we talk about what my combination of products done for me on this day ? @sheamoisture curling soufflé and @designessentials curl forming honey custard is so bomb - has anyone tried this? 🍯🌀🌞 #curls #curlyhair #londoncurlygirl #designessentials #sheamoisture #curlambassador #hairspecialist #hairsalon #hairblogger"

💗Shea Jamaican black castor oil masque 💗 .
. ✅restores strength and resilience to damaged, brittle or chemically processed hair . . ✅Formulated with nutrient-rich Jamaican Black Castor Oil and certified organic Shea Butter .
. ✅replenish moisture and soften while strengthening hair
. ✅Helps promote natural growth . . ✅reducing the appearance of breakage and shedding .
. ✅Leaves hair soft, manageable and shiny .
. 🚨sale price : N4,500 .

To order
WhatsApp: +234 807 863 0305
BBM: D607988B

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New baby? The baby and mommy range is perfect for you and your new addition. Skin firming for mom and calm and comfort for baby.
Available at N12,500.
. kindly send a DM.
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Hand made Body cream to help calm the symptoms of Psoarisis. Avocado oil, Vitamin E, with added essential oils Ylang Ylang, frankincense and myrrh . Do you suffer from a skin condition? Please PM me for more information. 🧚 #naturalremedies #essentialoils #healingoils #sheabutter #sheamoisture #skincondition #skincare #psoriasis #soothingcream #avocadooil #frankincense #frankincenseoil @thefragrantfaeries

I always thought that you could either have volume OR definition... not both. Well this clearly is a lie😍 I refreshed this morning by wetting my hands and scrunch my curls to make them a little bit damp and to reactivate the @elfynaturals products of yesterday’s wash. Then I squirted some @righteousrootsoils in my hands, warmed the product up by rubbing my hands together and then scrunched this in my hair as well. So water + righteous roots oil only and I am in love with the results. It’s like I’m reinventing oil for my hair all over again!

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I was always confused about when to use protein in my hair but decided to use after this wedding weekend. I blow dried my hair after using @nymbrands Passion fruit kombucha leave in tonic. But my hair was curled and styled for the wedding aka HEAT DAMAGE!! 🙈🙈 This mask revived my curls and defined them! Plus it smells delicious! @sheamoisture Manuka Honey and Yogurt protein treatment with my @thermalhaircare heat cap #sheamoisture #hotheadz #thermalhaircare #curlyhaircare #curlygirl #naturalhair #definedcurls #curlygirlmethod

Beards are full of adventure’s so grow it with care and wear it with pride.
We care about your facial hair and so does @sheamoisture with their Complete Beard Kit with all natural ingredients.
#SkinImIn #OneDiaspora

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