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This message tho! 🔥 *Sigh* Coach Livi @aqueensworth ...you done it with this one!
@Regrann from @aqueensworth
No more excuses.
No more complaining.
No more pain.
No more tears.
It's time snatch back the years
that caused you to spin your wheels.
Planting. Giving. Loving but never living in the goodness you gave
Over and over again.
On a journey that had no end.
Stuck surviving but never thriving.
Dealing with the lies - From yourself. From the outside.
Forever learning but never coming to the truth.
Hungry for Boaz without the seeds of Ruth.
No more excuses. It's time to move.
NO more claiming "It's my time" if you don't have the boldness to walk the hard lines.
Stop talking & Start walking. Build a bridge over the rivers you got lost in.
It's your time to get in the flow and GROW! - Coach Livi #AQueensWorth - #regrann

Sunshine💫... You make it feel like summer, even when it's raining. #ThankYouLord
(Some time last month)

How beautiful is this sound of worship tho 😭❤😍👑
Thank you... "Make" by @whatisjoedoing

God already loves us with that Agape Unconditional Love. But when you learn to love yourself... that's when you're truly winning!
📷 Just because it's Wednesday and I haven't posted in a while. It's an oldie though.

#TBT Leaving some things behind in 2017 like... 🌊🌊🌊

Look for the sunny skies, blue waters and cool winds in every situation. Then count it all joy. 🎀

This song means so much to me 💕 Even more that it’s from a #TransArtist #GirlsLikeUs #SheaDiamond #SupportTransArtists #TransIsBeautiful #iAmHER

Daaaayyyyuuummm!!!! 37 has never been done better #she #a #diamond 💎 #sheastar #sheadiamond 😍💘

These are my favorite songs of 2017. Or, perhaps a more apt description is, these are the 2017 songs that I could listen to repeatedly without getting annoyed.

I have three rules when it comes to contemporary music I’ll listen to: 1. Must have little to no electric guitar. 2. Must be danceable while simultaneously 3. inciting full-throated sing-along.

2017 was not the year. R&B and Hip/hop (especially the latter) reached new heights of emotional intimacy, eloquence, and righteous anger. Pop music embraced subdued beats and medium-range vocals that expressed societal malaise and listlessness. And brassy Latin music made a comeback as the sole source of positive dance-vibes.
2017 was a year of many voices--a lot of them unreasonable and cruel; a lot of them heard at work, on the bus, on Twitter and in the news. Music became an outlet for the other side, and consequently became another arena for a whole other set of voices. Music in 2017 was an impossible place to turn to. To shut off and recharge after the daily barrage of headline and push-notified ignorance. In short, I had little to no music as a source of pure joy, the sole reason I listen to, dance to, and sing with it.

Regardless, I did enjoy some songs. I’m not callous nor completely ignorant. But 2017 was not a year of dancing. It was not a year of feeling that uncontrollable urge to sing along. It was sad, and so was much of its art. In lieu, I turned to the only constants: classical and jazz of yore.
#bestof2017 #musicof2017 #mnek #demilovato #kellyclarkson #ledisi #sheadiamond


I am so grateful to have LIFE right now and be a living testimony of God's amazing grace and mercy.

No matter what the enemy has planned against me...MY Father... THE KING...JESUS, cancels it out and replaces it with HIS plan for my life.

Now, that doesn't mean that I won't ever go through trials, BUT...I hang on to the PROMISE that He made me on my best days and KNOW that they will be fulfilled even on my worst days!

His loving-kindness towards me is great and I am eternally grateful to be covered by His Love. 📷 #TBT

Where I would rather be...

Good Morning!! #sheadiamond make friends who force you to level up. Surround yourself with positive, supportive , trustworthy people and you will always come out on top.

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