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Starfire cosplay by @shazuhime | Dress by @spoelstrasusan | Based on @hannah_alexander_artwork's design.

Some more #Katsucon selfies! Waking up and getting ready to depart the Gaylord. #Katsucon2018 was fun, albeit different. Got to see plenty of faces, old and new, but also missed many people as it's becoming more and more crowded. Hope everyone had fun though!

Happy Hell'ween! | Kotobukiya Jason Voorhees cosplay by @shazuhime

"Catch!" | Kotobukiya Jason Voorhees cosplay by @shazuhime

*Chi chi chi ha ha ha* | Kotobukiya Jason Voorhees cosplay by @shazuhime

I heard a noise as I was packing up after today's shoot with @shazuhime

Happy 30th Anniversary to "Street Fighter!" Congrats @officialcapcom! | Cammy White cosplay by @ch3xy | Laura Matsuda cosplay by @ss.xero | Chun Li cosplay by @shazuhime | Poison cosplay by @negativestacey | Ryu cosplay by @cap_santiago

"We walk different paths, but we'll meet again." | Elektra cosplay by @shazuhime

"Open, the gate of the water bearer, Aquarius!" | Aquarius cosplay by @pixiepaffgen & Lucy Heartfilia cosplay by @shazuhime

Selfies in the blinding Sun! Shoot's over now with @shazuhime & @pixiepaffgen, time to head home, quickly shower, and get ready to hit the Depeche Mode NY Fan Club's annual boat party tonight! The weather was not behaving today with the heavy winds making the sand like tiny bullets/razors!

So a few friends have been burned from 2017 cons these past few months from paid photo shoots. I'm currently working on a video, so hopefully I should have it up by next week, but have you ever been burned from a paid photo shoot? Have you ever had any questions about your rights? If so, let me know and I'll try to include it in, as I hammer out the script! Just no names of who the photographer was... it's not a name and shame post/request. | Kim Possible cosplay by @shazuhime

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