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I just got back from school & omg today was a stressful day😩 and my stomach hurts idk why..
{2:28 pm}.
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annie and caleb || losing soulmates

lmao ignore the masking when annie and caleb are holding hands i couldn't tell whose hand was whose so i made up most of calebs fingers oooooops -
ac + cc; me

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— you're my getaway :))
hope you guys enjoy !!
cc: celestial again 😂
ac: me

The fact that most of the #shaytards fandom doesn't even know yet because Shay made the statement on twitter. There's always a darkness behind a perfect family and feel so sorry for this the rest of this family and their fandom a lot of them are so young and it's hard to understand :(

The texts were very messed up just go on the #shaytards and you'll find them 🙄
#bratayleyfacts The texts are on @acro.hannie

avia was so cute in this vlog!! 💕
Q: have you been watching all the shaytards vlogs recently? or do you skip past them 🤔

Last fact for today! See y'all tomorrow 🙏🏼 #shaytards

This honestly doesn't surprise me... I just hope Colette will be smart enough to leave him but I highly doubt she will #bratayley #acroanna #shaytards

{Shay Butler}
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We are all a little mad at Shay right now. Some of us are mad at what he did. Others are mad that he left without saying goodbye. A few of us are mad because of both reasons. There is a million reasons to love Shay and one reason to hate him. I'm choosing to love him because he gave me so much. Whenever I was sad I could count on Shay. He made me happy again (even though I don't believe that happiness is choice). I have been loving him and I have been hating him. No one is perfect. Shay is an amazing man. Yes he did something wrong. But everyone does. Honestly the people who hate on him that's even worse than what he did. Shay is an wonderful man. He loves his kids and wife. I support him no matter what happens. (Unless he kills someone I love. Doesn't matter if I don't like the person though. Jk). Life is hard people has problems. Everyone does. Even if you deny it. So everyone please love Shay and his wonderful family. And lover each other.
Life is not forever. Spend your time on earth wisely. Don't hate people for doing some stupid things. -
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That moment when you write a long paragraph about Shay.
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✰ Hayley boo💘

✰ Song: Habits

✰ Fc:1836

✰ I use Video star to edit

✰let's forget the fact that I forgot to changed my watermark to clear on my recent post😂

Lol 😂😂 #babytard #shaytards

When people talk smack behind your back. #babytard #shaytards

Cupcake face! #babytard #shaytards

Time for apples! #shaycarl #shaytards

When the cupcake turns out good! #princesstard #shaytards

When the cupcake turns out bad #babytard #shaytards

Favorite pet// flash the kitty!
I'm a cat person so😂
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avia+party in the USA
okay. this is an 'favorite moments' edit for avia. oh my. the shaytards? it's safe to say they were the first EVER channel I watched on YouTube. I even used to call myself 'minitard'. I've watched shaytards since they was at like maybe 10,000 subs?? they've all inspired me so much, especially avia. i just can't believe it has come to an end so early. I hope Colette and the kids run away and never turn back to shay, I wish them all the best in life. Shay, not so much. You cheated on your wife AND kids?? How messed up.
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"oh Shay Carl and the SHAYTARDS!!" #shaytards #shaycarl

Chewbaccatard! #shaycarl #shaytards

Despite the hate and drama. I'm staying in the fandom. Cause I love the Shaytards. #shaycarl #shaytards

When you realize that your addicted to the internet #princesstard #shaytards

Idk If y'all knew this💕
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Pic credits @lucas_g_photos 💕
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would anybody watch if i went live? also follow @loving.jacobbb bc i actually really like her account 😂 #bratayley #westonkoury #wes10 #babyariel #markthomas #jacobsartorius #ripcaleb #caleblogan #presshandstands #shaytards

اهلا وسهلا 💖
اليوم انا مسكت السناب (رزان) وتكلمت لكم عن بعض من مفضلاتي في المكياج ان شاء الله تعجبكم 😍✨