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Selena Gomez slays 😍💁
2016 or 2017?
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biggest americano crackhead meme sweetheart soft but not a cookie, happy birthday you truly are my habibi 😪✨ heavily ib: ultra.disney
dt: Emily and me because my birthday is next week can't believe me and my bbg are sharing a bday month wow our minds...

say my name ♡

↳ cc. voidgold / for noura, inés and gab!

» happy 24th birthday to the owner of my heart & the love of my life who deserves the world, mrs emily fields-dilaurentis! i miss you more and more everyday babygirl come back to me 🎈
» my audio and transition!
» song: say my name - destiny child [cyril hahn remix]

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p.s: If the quality is bad for you, your internet is slow at loading it. refresh it a couple times and it should be good! :)

“Which Liar?” With Shay & Ashley 😂😂 #PLL

Power couple 😍

[7x13] fc: 11, 418!✨
Tysm for 11.4k😱🤫
{SWIPE FOR CONFESSION} agree or disagree?💫🌸
I love Hanna, she’s my favourite Liar!
If you’re interested, my Stranger Things page is @finwolffhardd ;)

Q| Hanna or Caleb?

So as I told you guys I have been editing a lot recently but tbh I'm not quite happy with the results so I'm thinking about sticking to this theme for a while❤ (you can vote on my story about this)
People who wanna be tagged but can't @stvnninqliars @viviansdarkbloom @ariasdiarys @halebtimeline @pllsmydrg @hannarcvers @lucyhale.fans_ @lucyhalemygurl @mysticxxdelena @littlc.liars @smilingforezria @ashrianalove @13prettylittlereasons
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O M G THIS WOULD BE SOMETHING SPECIAL @ashleybenson @vanessahudgens @selenagomez @kyliejenner @kendalljenner


Posting in a few hours!

Emily Fields | Happy (a bit late) birthday to my incredible, loyal, kind, strong, badass gay mother who has taught me so much about myself and life. I don’t know where I’d be without her honestly. She has made me feel whole in every way possible. She deserves the world and more, and we must all protect her in the spin off. My gosh I love her more than words can describe. I love her more than I love myself. She is so important to me. I was crying while making this so many times. The LOML, Happy 24th birthday baby.
ac: me // song: Young & Beautiful (Orchestra) Lana Del Ray

dt: @shaymitchell @totallyemison @shayflix @sxperari @shaysluxury @shayxness @emilysficlds @alisndilaurentis @prettyslittleliars @shadesofpllx @aliveshay
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Hello monday!! 💛🦋 #shaymitchell

☾ [11x03]
⇢ Single fright female
" That's her galen! " - Alison
" You get down she doesn't even know me. " - Cece/Charlotte
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YouTube vid of this Shay Mitchell inspired look coming soon 😍📷

Sorry i don’t have time to edit so it’s not my edit but i will have time soon
Credit to creator •

#shaymitchell #sashapieterse #ashleybenson #lucyhale #troianbellisario #pll #prettylittleliars #tbt

I can relate lol (edit: @shane.bubbles ) ALSO THX SO MUCH ONLY 6 MORE TILL 300!!


pretty lucy @lucyhale 😍😍 -
dm me this pic if u wanna have the original and say which one u wanna have ❤️❤️

💜 ©️ mom

Nothing beats a crisp white shirt. Especially when it’s on @shaymitchell of @prettylittleliars and MAXIM cover girl. #maximmag #shaymitchell #pll #prettylittleliars #whiteshirt #monday #mondaynight #schoolnight #jamesmacari 📷 @jamesmacari

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