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😭❤👏 his voice is so... (I CAN'T EVEN FIND A WORD)
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Chapter 50:*Shawn's POV*
Next thing i knew, Lar had a gun loaded and pointed at Y/N's head.
Now the color in my face disapeared. Y/N didnt bother to move. She didnt look scared or anything. A tear slipped out of my eye and i quickly whipped it away.
Lar:"Do you care now?"
Y/N:"No, actually i dont care what you do now. You will forever be known as 'Shawn's crazy ex-girlfriend."
Lar's eyes got even darker if thats possible. She pulled the triger but y/n dropped to her feet and dodged the bullet. The shooting began. Bullets flying everywhere, people running and screaming. I tried to get y/n but a bullet hit my left arm. I saw Iris and Cooper rush inside with Ethan and Tessa not to far behind. Brian was trying to get to y/n and Ashley was trying to get to Lar. Y/N pulled out the gun i had given her and loaded it. Ethan handed me a gun and i tried to get to y/n. She already had Lar pinned to the wall and the gun on Lar's throat. *Your POV*
I have this bitched under my control. Something to know about that i have terrible anger issues and once i had enough i go real crazy. She turned pale and i smirked.
Lar:"Y--You're not capable of hurting someone. So stop act--"
I cut her off buy pulling the triger next to her head. She flinched.
Lar:"Okay maybe you are...?"
I tensed up and tried so hard not to kill her. I felt someone grab my waist and took the gun away. I turn my body to see Cooper. I lifted my shoe up and scraped Lar's leg with the tiny blade Shawn placed there causing her to fall to the floor. Cooper made his way outside where everyone is. I didnt see Ashley. Ethan had Shawn sitting and wrapping his arm with a piece if cloth.
Coop:"Where's Ashley?"
Shawn:"Dont know. Last time i saw her she ran to the other side of the room." Brian:"Shit... Ill be back."
He ran back inside with a gun in each of his hands.
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"Fyr fra" hahaha so sweet😭😭❤ förlåt för dålig uppdatering jag har inte kommit in på mitt konto på en vecka ska börja uppdatera mycket nu❤ @shawnmendes #shawnnendes #shawnmendessweden

you don’t understand how fast I clicked the record button #shawnnendes @shawnmendes

SO THIS IS LIGHTS ON ooooo I'm a fan I am definitely a fan and it makes SO MUCH SENSE NOW HAHA

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Ini Bang ye dam???????? What, what, whatttttt Bang ye dam
Si runner up kpop star bareng AKMU, trinee YG? heol..... 4 thn lalu masih piyek, sekarang udah besar gini udah jadi "degem", makan apa dek??????? Trus...trus...kok mirip appanya lee haru colek @blobyblo @tabloisdad 😅 saudara jauh kah??? 😝
Dan kenapa lebih suka versi BYD drpd penyanyi aslinya @shawnmendes hahahahha

PS: Untuk knetz, ketawain aja lah yg nyinyir soal visual BYD yg kurang handsome katanya😤, eh dngr dia nyanyi langsung muji2 labil ah... Dan juga kalau boleh flashback ya, knetz kemana aja baru menyadari kalau ajang survival kaya WIN sama MIX&MATCH, adalah ajang paling keren dan kejam dr YG ENT? heoll
Jujur aja ajang2 survival sekarang jauh lebih muda dibandingkan jaman WINNER dan IKON, ga percaya lihat aja, ya g eon @arvhianyvie @maassita @anie_joenk @fie_filiani
ahhhh jd pgn rerun kan, g nyangka udah lewat 5thn sejak WIN. .
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"She would not show that she was afraid, but being and feeling alone was too much to face.
Though everyone said that she was so strong, what they didn't know is that she could barely carry on. But she knew that she would be okay, so she didn't let it get in her way.Sometimes it all gets a little too much,but you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up." #ootd #mootd #ultabeauty #torridinsder #jaclynhillpallet #morphe #toofacedcosmetics #shawnnendes #littletoomuch


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