I'm absolutely not hating or anything at all, I love him and I know it's not my body but I think he needs to slow down a bit on getting tattoos, but I absolutely love ALL his tattoos!! And he looks so cute, but again when doesn't he!!!😩❤️😘😐@shawnmendes

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Para que mueran lentamente 😍 #shawnmendessexy ~Lucy 🍃

He needs to stop #shawnmendes #shawnmendessexy

Shawn nodded. "Great. Listen, I'll be about an hour. You can come out and watch or wait in here, it's up to you." "I'll come out and watch." I said, as I followed Shawn down to the m&g area. There was a seat behind the camera and I quietly walked in and sat down. Shawn gave me a glance and smiled excitedly, I held up my thumb and smiled back.
The meet and greet came to an end, and the first thing Shawn did after saying goodbye to the final fan was walk over to me and help me out of the chair with his hand. "Let's just pop back to the dressing room and then go do something." He said, before letting out a yawn. I furrowed my eyebrows. "You're tired." I said, and without thinking, put my hand on his back. He didn't even flinch, and looked up at me. "I know, I am, but I want to spend some time with you before I leave." I nodded. "I want to spend more time with you, Shawn, but not if you're this tired, you should sleep." Shawn shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "I'll be okay. Where shall we go?" I shook my head. "No Shawn." I said sarcastically. "You need to sleep, you've just done a whole show and meet and greet. You must be exhausted." We got back to the dressing room and he sat down on the sofa. "Would you come back to my hotel?" My eyes widened. "Shawn, I'm not..." he cut me off. "No, no that's not what I mean! I just thought we could watch a film or something. Just chill out. You know?" I agreed, and as soon left the venue in a black car and made our way to his hotel. We took the stairs up to the hotel room, as I'm scared of elevators, and he was staying on the top floor. He walked in front of me as we climbed the stairs. "What's so scary about elevators?" Shawn asked, turning his head back to me as he spoke. "I'm just scared I'll get stuck in one." He laughed. "I'm tired enough as it is, these stairs are going to be the death of me!" I tutted sarcastically. "I'll carry you if I have to." Shawn turned around and smirked, I looked away and smiled sheepishly.

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