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Okay y'all better get this one I swear #mendesarmy #shawnmendesedit #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagine

9] {Emilia} oh my goodness gracious, did I just kiss Shawn Mendes? A boy who I have only known for two days now? A boy I never even knew existed until yesterday? And who was that Lauren girl? My mind is so confused and happy all at the same time. As I'm heading to my class, the girl walks up to me in the hallway. "Who are you?" She said in a nasty way. "I'm Emilia!" I said greeting her "and who might you be?" I said wanting to know more about this girl.
"I'm Shawn's girlfriend so you can stay away from him!" She said with a bit of anger. "Oh really? That's not what he said" I said raising one eyebrow. All she did was make her face look disgusted, flipped her hair and walked away. Wow, my first conversation with someone other than Shawn at this new school ended up by someone hating me. The rest of the day was mostly boring, no one talked to me. Some girls stared and whispered. When lunch arrived I saw Shawn in the lunch line and immediately smiled. When he looked up and saw me he smiled too, the brightest smile I've ever seen. He gets out of line and walks up to me.
"Hey Emilia!" He said as we sat down at an empty table. "Hi Shawn, do you remember that Lauren girl, the one over there staring at us?" I said kind of chuckling to see her whole table glaring at us. He turned around to see and then sighed.
"That's Lauren, I used to be dating her until I found out she was cheating on me. And those people watching us are her minions." He said sounding serious. "Minions?" I said letting out a laugh. "Those girls will do anything for her" he said shaking his head. "Why?" I said curiously while looking over his shoulder to find the table still staring. "Beats me." He said hold up his hands. I let out a laugh and my cheeks turned a light pink color. "Well do you like muffins?" I said holding out my two muffins I had packed for lunch, I was happy to share. Once he saw the muffin his face lit up like a Christmas tree.
"Do I!" He almost screamed and scarfed down the muffin. "Woah!" I said stunned by how fast he ate the muffin. {more in the commentsπŸ‘‡πŸΌ}

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I hate it when Shawn says "soon". BISH WTF IS SOON
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Part 114
Melody POV
After taking a shower together I put on a pair of leggings and one of Shawn's sweaters which I found in my closet. He's already in my room but I'm still in the bathroom, drying my hair. After I'm done I walk over into my room and see him sitting on the edge of my bed. He's just wearing his briefs and a clean shirt I laid out for him. Seeing him only in his underwear and a shirt reminds me of what we just did in the shower. I can immediately feel how my cheeks are getting hot just by thinking of it. Shawn notices it and gives me a devilish grin.
Me: "Okay what do you wanna watch babe?" I ask, trying to think of something else.
Shawn: "Mmh maybe we can just watch a bit Vampire Diaries? I know you love it and I love it too" He smiles and wraps his hands around my tights to pull me onto his lap.
Me: "A bit Damon sounds good" I grin and crawl under his arms through and over the bed to cuddle myself under my blanket. Then I grab the remote and turn on the tv which is standing on the opposite of my bed. Shawn lays down next to me under the blanket and pulls me against his chest.
Shawn: "But don't fall too much in love with Damon hun" He whispers into my ear.
Me: "Aw is someone jealous here?" I laugh and turn around to face him.
Shawn: "Me? Jealous? I'm not jealous, I'm hotter than him anyway" He answers hastily.
Me: "Yeah sure Mendes" I laugh and turn around to the screen again.
The next hours we just spend with watching TVD, eating the muffins I made, cuddling and talking. Shawn asks me about my day and how my studying is going, no matter how busy or exhausted he is, he never forgets to ask after my day as well. He also thanks me for what feels like a million times, for cooking and baking for him even though I tell him that it wasn't that much work. He's just so cute and caring, I love that.
It's getting late and sometime we just lay there and watch tv, too tired to talk. Shawn's head is resting on my chest, I'm stroking through and playing with his curls and his thumb is lightly brushing over my stomach. It's almost midnight now and I'm really tired.
Me: "Shawn?" I whisper to check if he's still awake.
πŸ‘‡πŸ» more in the comments πŸ’œ

Lost Dog 🐢- Season 2 : Part 4 I decided to wait a couple hours before I posted! Idk why πŸ˜‚
Q:Who is your favourite artist apart from Shawn?
A: Grace Vanderwaal, 1D, Little Mix, R5, Alessia Cara, Taylor Swift and Ed sheeran (I have a lot)
- -
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Are we going to see a TNHMB music video soon? OMG [#shawnmendes ; #shawnrumour]

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart πŸ’š [#shawnmendes ; #illuminatetourparis]

life of the party - shawn mendes ~
~ ~
this is one of those slow, rough covers but i haven't posted in a while so here πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚ ~
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The way he says "my shoes" at the end of the first video awh. And his legs are so cute! I don't know how that's possible but it's Shawn mendes so anything is possible lol then he finally wins because he puts different shoes on! These videos are too much for me 😍🌻
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I love this I love this I love this I love this [#shawnmendes ; #illuminatetourparis]

There are billions of stars in the sky - yet your smile shines the brightest. πŸŒƒπŸ’š

Yo yo I've been so inactive sorry guys❀️❀️
Made for @shawnthemuffinmendes -
Fanfic in wattpad username: queennbbe
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Shawn with Bradley and James πŸ’« [#ShawnMendes ; #TheVamps]

Shawn looks so hot in this one. It reminds me of some Bollywood scenes, where the hero goes through the rain after experiencing something heartbreaking πŸ˜‚

everything on this picture is on point

5/25/17 - Shawn in Amsterdam. His Shirt! Is it unbuttoned?! 😭😍

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