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-Chapter 5-
Lucy's POV:
I was walking down the street, just wanting to get away from this damn school. To be honest, there is just one place on this earth I really enjoyed being. It's the book store. Through I could have taken the bus, I preferred walking. I went to the inner city, where the store was. The whole way I had the feeling, someone was following me. I turned around a few times, but didn't see anyone. And as I entered the inner city, I knew it would be impossible to see if someone was following me. So I gave up and walked to the book store. When I walked in, the little bell, I hung on the ceiling next to the door, rang. "Lucy? Is that you?", Helena asked. She was sorting books into the highest part of the cupboard. "Yes, it's me. And you know you shouldn't do that! I am here to put the books up there!", I said. Helena climbed down the ladder. She was an old woman, with long Grey hair, which she wore in a lose bun. She was the pretties old woman I've ever seen. But she had problems with her bones and especially her legs. That's why she shouldn't climb up the ladder and the main reason she decided to hire someone to help her in the afternoons. And that someone was me.

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