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To everyone who thinks they have a say in what I wear, it's time you #ShaveYourOpinion. I mean, whose hemline is it anyway, right?? Sending my love to all the women who are standing up for themselves. 💕

To all those who judge us for our choice of clothes,

To all those who judge us women on our choice of clothes. #shaveyouropinion

Remember, when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn't define her, it defines you. Let nothing and nobody dull your sparkle. So to those who judge us , Go #ShaveYourOpinion

To all those who judge us for our choice of clothes, #ShaveYourOpinion

To all those who judge us for our choice of clothes, #ShaveYourOpinion

Don't tell me what I should who I should be #ShaveYourOpinion

It is very easy to judge a woman on the basis of the length of her clothes. A woman can wear anything according to her choice. If you have a problem with that you can go #shaveyouropinion This #womensday all you pretty women out there, it's time to take a stand for ourselves😁

You don't know what it took someone to get out of bed, look and feel as presentable as possible and face the day. You never really know the daily struggles so kindly #shaveyouropinion


She turned her pain into power and her visions into victory👄

Raw me☘
No make-up!
No face editing!
Freedom to be free...
Free to be me... Freedom from opinions please✋
#shaveyouropinion #thenextstep #feelgoodinyourownskin

You see a woman wearing a short dress, you judge her
You see her wearing a suit, you judge her
If she's a housewife, you judge her
If she's a working woman, you judge her
No matter what role she plays you are always gonna judge her. So the fault is not with her. Its with your mind, its in your sight. She is playing her role the best and you are only a obstacle she needs to step up from every morning to reach her goals. You call yourself a man but if she feels unsafe with you around then, let me break your bubble darling you aren't one. Yes, you are not a man enough if you make her feel insecure in her own skin. If there's a girl that wishes you weren't outside when she walks out of her house then you are a curse that tests our patience everyday on the road, in a bus or simply in a public gathering.
God didn't give u strength and power so you could harm the weak. Stop judging us on the way we dress or the time we get back home. Its none of your business. Live and let live.
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A women who is comfortable in her own body is no one's business but her own💋 middle finger salutations to these who judge us by our clothes #shaveyouropinion

What a great show , respect to our women's team , true champions !! #staystrong#respectwomen#bleedblue#jaipur#india#shaveyouropinion

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