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Awww! Fitness guru #ShaunT & his partner's baby announcement is adorable. 🍼🍼

Bu deliyle çalışmak güzel
#insanityworkout #shaunt

Fitness trainer #ShaunT and his partner announced they’re expecting twins !! Congrats to them

It’s Monday y’all! Are you focused going into your week? #shaunt #shauntapparel #jiffpom

Work hard, so you can play HARDER 💻💃🏻! This is how I spend a lot of my time. On the couch or wherever I can find wifi, laptop open, serving other women who are ready to make positive changes in their life! I may be in London, but that doesn't mean the work stops. It just comes with me 🤗.
Okay that's all for now ✌🏼, my alarm is going off in less than 5hrs 🙈⏰. Time to get some sleep 😴...hopefully!
#workfromanywhere #teamfitrevolution #beachbodyuk #laptoplife

I've been crashing early morning live workouts with my team the last week or so. Basically someone hosts a live call from their computer and we all sign in for free, and we all do our workout on our own tvs/laptops. I ended up crashing my girl @_kel_marie_ SIX AM 👀group this morning and did the same 30 mins of HIIT she was doing. It kicked my ass all before the sun came up! 🙌
I'm so grateful to have this circle of bad ass ladies to motivate me and push me to work harder. #SHAUNT always gives me the feels. His workouts are the only workouts I've done that have made me cry happy tears. Like a physical release. At the end of his workouts I feel like I'm capable of fucking anything and I'm like "I JUST DID THAT" bring it on, world. 😭🙌
Shaun says: "This isn't just exercise, It's your life. Who's going to win? Your body or your mind?" Fitness should inspire you & lift you up! He is seriously the best 😍HAPPY FRIDAY!

Hubby starting #insanity tonight with me ! Yayyy! So excited ! Bringing sexy back ! #sexycouple #insanity #shaunt #coupleswhoworkouttogetherlooksexytogether 💪🏼💪🏼❤️❤️✌🏼✌🏼

Y'all... I forgot how intense Shaun t was... geezzzz #shaunt #fitfam #sweat

Plus Size Fitness with Coach Tulin is in the UK!

I am so excited to announce the expansion of plus size fitness now includes the United Kingdom!

As of October 19th, 2017 we get to work together and get deep into your fitness journey. I will be working with you in our exclusive plus size fitness support group and with a special private zoom call!

For those that enroll between October 19th - 23rd will receive a private one on one video call with me to dig in deep into your personal goals.

What are you waiting for? Space is limited! *******
To apply to be a part of this exclusive group, please email me privately at tulinpmm@gmail.com SUBJECT: UK
******* **Please note** If you have a relationship with another coach or are a coach yourself, I have to reserve this group to those who are personally signed up with me as your coach or signed up with someone I personally coach.


Workout Done. Now time to get ready for workout. #sadmoments #teaminapire123 #fitfam #fitmom #getfit #shaunt #focust25

Holy calves & buns of steal Batman! @shaunt killed me this morning with some T-25 cardio. Felt good getting my sweat on this morning.

Up a bit later this morning. Ab sculpting, resistance training and push ups. Back to it after slacking a few weeks. See you guys in an hour. #positivevibes #self-expression #creativity #newMe #weightloss #GoodVibes #GoodHealth #Gains #FindingFitnessMotivation #happyThursday #HiphopAbs #ShaunT #BeachBody

Some “recovery” #shaunt style. Legs were jello at the end, could barely hold the stretches. I took my pre workout anyway, and glad that I did. In Fitbit news, it didn’t even track this workout, so I’m glad I got my HRM last night and got to try it out. Pretty high for some “recovery” nonsense 😜
#toronto #insanity #insanityworkout #shaunt #shauntfitness #shauntourage #jellolegs #dropitlikeasquat🍑 #deathbylunges #day4 #surviving

This Day is really here!!!!!! It felt like forever and I have butterflies in my belly!!!!!! To be able to share this opportunity with another country is amazing... this opportunity took me from paycheck to paycheck to financial freedom in 4 years! I have been a coach for 6 1/2 years and every day I wake up with a burning desire to be better than yesterday and show other moms that they can do the same for their family!
I am on my journey for a second time to reach my potential through fitness and my postpartum body... but I’m not backing down to what potential and possibilities this has for me to share with those around me!
We are officially open to the UK 🇬🇧 and the founding coaches have started to roll in! Whether you know much about Beachbody, #insanity #shaunt, fitness and nutrition, or even building relationships- this opportunity is for everyone who wants to be better!!!! Want to join us? http://bit.ly/2wgZKkz fill this out and let’s go!!!! I cannot wait to work with, build relationships with, and have long lasting family in the UK! #ukfitfam #ukbeachbody #teambeachbodyuk #beachbodyuk

Bonvoyage to my main squeeze @race_road_work_dirt as he heads to NC for #im703northcarolina and I’m so sad I don’t get to join him 😭 but now I can support him in other ways: watching our pups 🐶 tracking him Saturday morning 🏃🏻 grocery shopping 🌱 and most importantly, holding the fort down 🏡 Go kick some booty!⚡️ and then we will eat brunch come Sunday morning so hollllllla! 🙌 please send him positive vibes! 💕

Transformed my entire life. I am so much happier today than I was back then. And I'm not stopping here 💁🏼 but at least I can say I've already come this far, made progress, I'm overall happy, and PROUD of myself. I've become addicted to bettering my life and health/fitness. Once you see results, it is addictive, I think many people would agree. I love it! I've found a passion in cooking and in walking/working out. 🏋 I never thought I'd be a person that thinks busting your ass is an idea of fun... buuut it is (sometimes) 😂
I still have a ways to go but little progress each day adds up to big results. And I may have loose skin after losing over 100lbs, maybe even forever in some areas... I know it's not pretty but I'd rather have loose skin than be super unhappy and overweight.😀 Happy throwback / transformation Thursday! .
#happy #transformation #throwbackthursday #throwback #fitstagram #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitspo #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #weightloss #fit #inspiration #beachbody #youdoyou #happy #addicted #braids #gym #athomegym #t25 #21dayfix #shaunt #fattofit #tiu #bbg #ww #losingweight #transformationtuesday #overweight

Shaun T y su programa T25 son mis favoritos, aquí les dejo una pequeña muestra de sus workouts. Este programa es de cardio de alta intensidad, son solo 25 minutos al día; 5 días a la semana. La duración del programa es de dos meses. No se intimiden por los saltos que el trae una persona en todos sus workouts que hace los movimientos modificados para que no tengas que saltar si tienes algún problema con rodillas o espalda. . 👉🏼Por eso a pesar de su intensidad yo se lo sigo recomendando a todas. La manera en que el te motiva y te habla durante el ejercicio no te permite rendirte. .
🙋🏻Yo comienzo en dos semanas! Quieres hacerlo conmigo? Puedes hacer una prueba por 14 días totalmente GRATIS. Escríbeme y te doy los detalles. #shaunt #t25 #workoutfromhome #homefitness #workoutthruchristmas #weightlossfromhome #beaBusymom #fitmom #healthylifestyleforbusymoms #accountabilitygroup

I’ve come across a unforeseen situation that is exceptionally challenging. I will not eat my emotions. I will stay on track with my exercises and eating well. Hell, it’s the only thing I have left that I am in control of. Everything will work out in the end. If not, then it’s not the end. I could use some positive thoughts sent my way. #humbled #strongistheonlyoption #thoughtfulthursday #exercise #focust25 #shaunt #cardio #sweat #fitness #fitnessmotivation #idontsweatiglow #postitivethinking #postitivethoughts #strongwoman #obstacles #life #adulting #shithappens

People close to me know I have lost a massive amount of weight and I credit this mainly to obviously getting off my ass and doing it and #beachbody exercise programs! Today I signed up as a #beachbodyukcoach and hoping to help others do the same #beachbodycoach #beachbodyuk #beachbodyuk🇬🇧 #teambeachbody #weightlissjourney #t25 #shaunt #carldeikler #insanitymax30 #results

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