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Comment you favorite Shaun T motivational quote and you'll be entered for a chance to win Shaun T Apparel gear so that you can #WearYourMotivation
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✋🏼Real Women 💕 No 6pack required 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 .
I'm looking for 25 women that want to join our team . Go getters that want to live a fit life on their terms ! Real people that want to reignite their personal health and fitness journey.
Full plan and program provided , includes cocktails 😉so you do NOT need to be a super human , have experience or be at any particular fitness level. You simply need to be a Go Getter! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼Comment Below 🌴💪🏼🍩 with your fav emoji and I'll send you all the deets 💕🙌🏼

Meet @coleenrenee I started my WeightlossJourney because one day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself. I suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my last child in 2003 and when he passed away in 2009 I looked towards food to cope. Depression and overwhelming grief led me to 525 lbs. After much needed counseling I began weight watchers in 2013. It was one of the best decisions I made. I learned how to cook and eat healthy. I walked and found peace in swimming. I lost 100 lbs that year and it was an incredible feeling. This journey has not been an easy one. In 2015 I decided that VSG was great tool that would help me to continue loosing weight. I thought it would be easy but learning how to eat smaller portions was difficult. I have lost 225 lbs and maintained it over the past two years. I exercise 3-4 times a week and am working hard towards getting to my ultimate goal of 175. Tip: I started at 525 lbs and currently weigh 296. I used a vision board to map out where I wanted to be. Starting tip: It took small goals over a period of time and the best advice that I have ever gotten was To eat an elephant you have to take one bite at a time. It's one step one healthy decision made over a period of time that will get you to where you want to be. #wlstories . . . More pics of this transformation available on our snapchat; username: wlstories

Pure Cardio 2! Doesn't matter the time or place, I got it done! Desire baby!

That moment you realize you're legitimately sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you will. Making a change is not easy, but neither is living in a body or lifestyle that is making you feel miserable. Trust me I know from experience. 🌟I have 8 spots left for ladies who are serious about wanting to lose 5-15lbs in 3 weeks that I will work closely with in my private online group. Meal plan/grocery list, meal prep tools, online at-home workouts, and daily support are all included. 💖The next 8 ladies who join my All-Access Challenge will ALSO earn a video call with me to gameplan for your goals!! 🎉😍💖 ⠀

This decision is so far beyond just losing weight -- it's about LOVING YOURSELF. It's about taking control of how you feel within your body and mind.

Comment INFO to be considered for my one year All-Access Challenge group for JUNE. Or fill out the form in my IG Bio and I'll be in touch. 😘

(USA & Canada only. Group is open to ladies who do not have a Coach).

Day 17, #ShaunWeek #InsaneFocus - #DigDeep
I am a day ahead, but that's because I planned for an unpredictable end of the week
When you dig deeper, this is not just about speed. This is about control. This is about you working for yourself to better yourself. Make every move count, travel every step, and stop just going through the motions. Stop tallying minutes and start making each minute that much more valuable
I simply need one #ShaunT #workout a day because he brings out everything I can give. When I am done, I am finished and ready to continue to #live life. This is what I #TrustAndBelieve in
This is how I define "Dig Deep." Finding that place in your mind where you exhaust everything you possess to reach a goal
This is me. Can you find it in you?

Post workout feels. Up early to work on myself before my son wakes up. Coaching has given me the gift of self care. Something I never truly prioritized until I was held accountable. I woke up to my alarm at 5am. Then a text from my accountability partner @namasteinshape which really got me up. It's moments like this, when I can sit in silence after I've pushed myself hard during a workout.. where I can be proud of the work I've done and lives I've been able to inspire & change. I'm so so grateful for where I'm at and what I do. I wasn't looking for this, but it found me & changed everything. My mind, my body, my relationships, my income ⚡️If you're just watching me maybe it's time to join me. Sometimes you gotta trust your gut, go all in & go for it to see your full potential. I always knew I wanted to connect w/ women & help them on some level. I didn't know it would be through Beachbody! I didn't know I could actually earn an income helping people like this. $24K last year PART TIME. The people who do the hardest community jobs ( teachers, social workers, CNA's --- all jobs I considered BTW --- ) sadly don't get paid shit which blows my mind! 😔This is an opportunity to help people on a deeper level, on your own terms. I'm accepting new people to mentor every month ⚡️aaaaand I have a group going rn which explains more on how you create a life of purpose & freedom so reach out! ⚡️#TEAMTCB

Sometimes all you need is some sun, a pool 😎 and maybe a pina colada (or two 😉) to recharge, refocus and get back into it! 👍 Had a great staycation with my family and awesome friends! 💛 Now time to get back to reality... 😛
. .

i am no nutritionist. i don't know a thing about macros, nor do i count them. i don't know everything about health and nutrition, but i'm okay with that because i'm enjoying learning along the way.
one thing i do know is that what i'm doing is working for me! i've made this my lifestyle because i love what i see when i look in the mirror. [do you]? excuses don't exist anymore because i don't allow it. we all have the same amount of time in a day and i've made thirty of those minutes a priority for my health. money stopped being an issue when i realized those drinks at the bar didn't do anything but make me feel bloated and disgusting the next day. i still indulge, i still drink wine, and i'll never give up chipotle, but believe you me, i work my ass off to allow some cheat meals! if you're not willing to make a change why are you complaining?

#maketheshift with your girl! MSG me 😘


No gym, no problem #shaunt #insanity

Knocked this one out again #HiphopAbs. I am so sore in my core. Time to eat finally. I will be posting a theme video in a bit. Today was a rough start this morning and I can't even focus because people want to pop fireworks in the daytime over here. Like late until night time please. Anyways, I did the whole disc and it makes me so glad I finished. I struggled to get up on time this morning and now I'm just happy I get to clean up, do laundry and best of all, eat something. But first I need to take my recovery smoothie. But eveyone have a good day. #positivevibes #self-expression #creativity #newMe #weightloss #GoodVibes #GoodHealth #Gains #FindingFitnessMotivation #HappyTuesday #HiphopAbs #ShaunT #BeachBody

Strength is found deep within yourself... only you can make it powerful #insanefocus #shaunT #keeppushingforward

Some more Shaun T! If you thought "Pure Cardio" from INSANITY was bananas... this "part 2" is well... B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! Haha

Last night's 🌃 workout
Shaun T Speed 4.0
#shaunT #bod

Всего 200ккал🔥, а майка вся мокрая!! @shauntfitness РУЛИТ‼️#шонти#фитнес#когдаосталсядома#shaunt#t25#t25focus#focus#minsk#life#love

So this workout is about to go down. The most difficult workout of the entire program (and that's saying a lot, since most of these workouts make me want to throw up), FML! Okay here we go
#fridayfightround2 #hardestworkoutever #shaunt #imscared #fml #fitnessjourney #healthyeating #cleaneating #motheroftwo #weightlossjourney #healthyliving #mygirlsaremywhy #healthymom #healthydaughters #eatclean #traindirty #ballstothewall #beachbody #tattooedmommy #inkedmommy #inkedparent #inkedfitness #pixiecut #shorthairdontcare #yyc

Today has been a mixed bag of #emotions and I got home later than usual but I still pressed play and worked out with #shaunt for#shaunmonth 💪🏼💦 Today was day 2 of my meal plan with #mkfitness too and I am already loving the food options! Even though I didn't want to work out, I remembered how good I felt afterwards and I know I will regret missing out. I'm going to have my dinner now knowing that I earned it 😁😋

I don't often post a transformation Tuesday but I feel like I'm making progress and in a really good place right now 👌🏻 the photo on the left is before I got ill, before I started researching nutrition in an attempt to heal my body, before I discovered how happy I could be by incorporating exercise. I didn't even realise how big I was! And, to be honest, I wasn't really that big...I just didn't have any confidence or feel good in my skin. Fast forward to now (on the right!)! I have experimented so much with diet, nutrition, macros, cardio, weight lifting. And I have never been able to see much progress because I get bored and frustrated when things don't move as quickly as I'd like. I'm learning to trust the process, be consistent and listen to my body to see what works. I know the potential I have to become a better, fitter, healthier, more positive person - I just have to be consistent and trust the process 🙌🏻 can't wait to become a part of #teamsysof and #teambeachbody when it launches in the UK later this year - I know big, wonderful things are heading this way and can't wait to be a part of it! .
#transformationtuesday #fitnessjourney #fattofit #fitness #healthy #insanitymax30 #beforeandafter #beforeandduring #leanmuscle #hiit #keto #ketosis #hflc #lchf #sysof #beachbody #beachbodyuk #highfat #shaunt #trusttheprocess #consistency #fitgirl

25 Abs ✔️😅 What ever happen to just doing plain crunch to work your abs!?!? Seriously @shauntfitness has a unique way to make you work your abs... As long as nobody make me laugh in the next 48 hrs I should be fine.... #NatalieFitnessJourney #DailyWorkout #WeightLossJourney #HealthJourney #ShaunWeek #ShaunT #InsaneFocus #25Abs #BOD #NoGymNeeded #OneDayAtATime #OneWorkoutAtATime #SweattingOutMyStress #SweatFest #StrongerEveryday #WorkInProgress #BetterVersionOfMyself

Day 2 into my last week of ShaunT and I was STRUGGLING hard! I blame it on the hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner last night 😯 I also blame myself for lack of motivation. I'm not sure why I wasn't feeling into it today but that doesn't matter, you have to press play anyway! You won't be super motivated every single day and excuses will always be there but push through that and just get it DONE! Towards the end Syler got down on the floor and finished the workout with me! Did he sense that I needed a little push?? Intuitive little guy he is 😍 #momlife #momofboys #myloves #shaunweek #shaunt

🔥Not pretty but definitely DONE. I'm not going to pretend that my fitness journey is glamorous. I've owned these pants for like 10 years, and I didn't feel like working out today. 💕But it always helps!! I'm so damn thankful for having an at-home routine; some days, my motivation is low, and I know i'd skip it if it required physically driving somewhere to get it done. I feel SO MUCH better now!!! I gave it my all......Clearly. Cuz I don't sparkle or glow, I just sweat like a lumberjack. 😂 Day 16 of 30 #ShaunWeek and Day 58 of P90X3, crushed! ⠀

Only a few spots left -- My mission has been to change 12 new lives before the end of June is in full force. This for ladies who join my All--Access Bootcamp before the end of June that are serious and motivated to lose at 5-15lbs in 3 weeks and GAIN the self-love lifestyle they deserve. ⠀

The first 12 new babes who get their pack, earn a 15-minute video conference call with me to gameplan how to crush your goals!💜 ⠀
⠀ ⠀
Comment INFO below, OR, fill out the link in my
IG BIO to be considered.


(USA & Canada only. Open to ladies who do not already have a Coach).

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