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I've had the honor of meeting Shaun King, a social media maven that spreads the message of exposing injustices done to minority communities. Also a Kentucky native, he has big plans in the works and I was excited to hear him speak. #ShaunKing #BlackLivesMatters

Waiting for @shaunking at Oakland Tech :) #shaunking

#korryngaines Bless your children & loved ones. Before any cynical thoughts towards Korryn. I offer excerpts from an article I found by #ShaunKing "The horrific shooting death of 23-year-old mother Korryn Gaines by police in her Baltimore area home on Monday afternoon. We should all be cautious to believe the first version of events offered by police when they use lethal force. If law enforcement officers make a huge mistake, they will rarely come out and admit such a thing on the day of the event. The first version is almost always the version that frees them from all responsibility and attempts to shape the narrative of how such a shooting was absolutely unavoidable.
To be fair, sometimes police must use lethal force to protect themselves and the community they pledge to serve. Other times, the lethal force was an optional choice. Police, for instance, did not need to choke Eric Garner to death to protect themselves. Police, for instance, did not need to shoot Tamir Rice or John Crawford or Rekia Boyd to protect themselves. Police did not need to shoot Amadou Diallo or Sean Bell or Ramarley Graham to protect anyone. Even they thought they needed to — they were wrong. All of those men and women posed no true threat to anyone, but police chose to kill them based on their incorrect assumptions.
Gaines was wanted for several petty misdemeanors — traffic violation, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Why it took a team of men to arrive at her home over these violations is not yet clear.
To outsiders who may see police as their local neighborhood heroes, maybe her behavior perplexes you — but I get it. Maybe the sheer volume of men outside her door frightened her? Maybe she was afraid her sweet young son was going to be taken away somewhere unsafe? Such phobias, in light of widespread police brutality in Baltimore and around the country, are far from absurd.
Gaines was shot dead after cops say she pointed a gun at them Monday. In the past month alone, white men all over the country have aimed guns at police and lived to talk about it. Shooters like Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner or Jed Frazier — all live to face a jury of their peers."

A people without the knowledge of their past history,origin and culture is like a tree without roots #shaunking #blm✊🏾

Hmmm.. Thoughts on #ShaunKing's tweet about the #DanvillePolice #Roommates?

Hi It's Monica May ! & I am so Excited to meet this brilliant young man @shaunking of the @TJMS in our studio be sure to tune in on STAR 94.5 ! #STAR945 #Throwbacks #shaunking #tjms #MonicaMay

For success, attitude is as much important as ability.#chillinout 😎 #kingme...pc #shaunking my bro


#Liberal nutjobs like #ShaunKing and #OccupyDemocrats should be removed from this country like the traitors they are.

#whitewomen in #manassasvirginia calls #hispanic man a spic b/c he suggested she tried their #fairfax store b/c they didn't have what she needed. She was also pist that #hespokespanish she said she would send her husband to #fight him. She called #manassasvirginia the hood. #alllivesmatter #shaunking #blacklivesmatter #hispaniclivesmatter

#BlackandBlue - a hopeful, powerful piece born from the consistent acts of police brutality across the nation. .
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It's funny when people pretend to give a shit about the military and veterans. Most of us know the difference between military and law enforcement you ignorant fuck. You haven't served in either. #shaunking #sheriffclarke #borrowedvalor #veterans #armedforcesday #trump #trump2016 #hillaryclinton #hillary #donaldtrump #liberals #liberalbullshit #blacklivesmatter #lawenforcement #backtheblue @shaunking

So upsetting
#BLM #ShaunKing

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