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If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. Last season my husband lost his job due to the fact that they "thought" he was protesting by holding up a fist during the national anthem. In reality my husband was holding up a finger pointing towards GOD. Even the slightest hint of him protesting caused him his job that he worked so hard for. No worries though because my husband will be great without all the politics. Thank GOD he is in a place where he is genuinely happy and appreciated. We stand with Kaepernick ✊🏽 #kaepernick #shaunking #MarcusBall #torontoargos

Someone please hire this man to expose Shaun King as well. #RachelDolezal #ShaunKing #whenpretendingtobeblackpays

We saw this sign driving today and it was too beautiful not to stop and take a picture of. And good thing we did because we discovered the amazing Two Wrasslin Cats Coffee House which this sign belongs to. If you are in the East Haddam area you HAVE to go to this place. This message was originally put up in town after the election and was defaced shortly after. In response, the owner of the Coffee house Mark made this even bigger sign and put it up on the side of the road for all to see. He's a hero in my eyes. I am constantly inspired by the deeds of activism that are done each and every day in our country. I will continue to celebrate each one I see. It is here that I find hope. #shaunking #wewillendure

πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ Shove this so far up your ass you fake black #ShaunKing #Military #Army #Navy #AirForce #Marines #CoastGuard #Veterans #nflboycott

WOW. "Bruce Maxwell, son of an Army Vet, born on a military base, just became the first MLB player to take a knee during the National Anthem." #shaunking #repost #solidarity #support

There are many, many reasons I'm so grateful to work where I do. But for me right now, in these crazy-making times, the single best thing about WK is that it is committed to engaging in the hard conversations about racial equality and social injustice every damn day. No matter how harsh the glare of self-reflection might be, we need to be constantly and vigilantly asking ourselves what more we can do. #Shaunking

@shaunking & yours truly at @brooklynbowl for the original @chronixxmusic! β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š#RootsRockReggae #RBG #FightersForThePeople #ShaunKing

Shaun King on the hunt for White Supremacists criminals! (Swipe left to see all pics) #twitter #shaunking

This man gives me great hope.
#ShaunKing #fangirledhard #noshame


Happy Sunday! We wanted to take a minute and show our support, appreciation, and how proud we are of the sports world. Colin Kaepernick, an UNR Alumni, started the #TakeAKnee movement and his protest was quickly neglected by the POTUS. What are your thoughts? What can we do as a community to support one another? Let's hear from you! #YoungDemsUNR
Thank you @shaunking for this post.

Yessss ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 This is the only time I'm with the #Steelers. πŸ˜† #Repost #shaunking β€’ #yourlossba

After the disgusting remarks from the Dotard this weekend....TODAY IS THE DAY TO TAKE THAT KNEE!! The purpose and reason is to bring attention to the murder of innocent black people by the hands of rogue police officers with NO CONVICTIONS for taking innocent life!!! This knee has nothing to do with any disrespect to the flag.
Protest for a Purpose! TODAY IS THE DAY! The Ravens have set it off.....MLB player has set it off.....the response from NBA players have set it off.
Be a man bigger than your salary check. #TakeAKnee
Ok folks, some of yall watch for teams taking a knee. I'm still on my #Blackout, join me!! (Just checking for the kneeling players today πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€)
#NFL #ShowHimWhatSOBsAreMadeOf #Power #Strength #Unity #Solidarity #HitTheSponsorsInThePocket

When will they learn that they will NEVER keep us oppressed. .
Slavery, we survived & eliminated that shit.
Lack of education, we survived & educated ourselves. .
Segregation, we survived & eliminated that shit.
Denied the right to vote, we survived & eliminated that shit. .
Lack of economic equality, we survived & we now own homes-investments-businesses-work in legislation-we're lawyers, doctors, engineers, IT consultants, professional athletes, actors, actresses, directors, journalists, accountants, teachers, judges, senators, representatives, government officials, presidents, millionaires & billionaires.
Police that murder us & get paid leave, we'll survive & those officers will start going to prison, I assure you.
You CAN'T oppress us. Stop fucking trying to!!!.
#TakeAKnee #NFL #NBA #WNBA #MLB #MLS #IGuaranteeYouThisWillOnlyUniteUs #YouCantOppressUs #WeWillNeverBeOppressed #ProudBlackMan #BlackLivesMatter #AfricanAmerican #AllLivesMatter #DumpTrump #CanWeImpeachHimAlready #TrumpIsTheWorstPresidentInAmericanHistory #JamelleHill #ColinKaepernick #StephCurry #ShaunKing

WOW. "Bruce Maxwell, son of an Army Vet, born on a military base, just became the first MLB player to take a knee during the National Anthem." #shaunking #repost #solidarity #support

A predominantly black school, played a predominantly white school and this is how they were welcomed #racism #shaunking #wpxi #bhsfootball

Notice to NFL Players: It is your Constitutional Right to love your Country enough to challenge its faults as you see them. If the NFL is not poised to operate with class, then show your power with a Class Action Suit. Why? Because your Posture at the beginning of an NFL is not a contracted paid requirement of your Ball Playing Responsibilities. But oops, I'm not a Lawyer...so don't listen to me. @mickeypeanuts. #stephcurry #lebronjames #shaunking #takeakneepullupachairletshaveatalk

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