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Exactly what #ShaunKing said! (via: @shaunking) What? You said his remains were in that casket. And people thought his wife was crazy for wondering who or what was in that casket. This doesn’t make any sense. It’s been a damn month. #LaDavidJohnson

Shaun King on the hunt for White Supremacists criminals! (Swipe left to see all pics) #twitter #shaunking

Pure modern day plantation owner. Smh 🔁 #shaunking
Don’t be fooled. Slavery never ended. Watch as Sheriff Steve Prattor of Caddo Parish, Louisiana gives the REAL reason why he likes to keep “good” Black men in prison. •

#korryngaines Bless your children & loved ones. Before any cynical thoughts towards Korryn. I offer excerpts from an article I found by #ShaunKing "The horrific shooting death of 23-year-old mother Korryn Gaines by police in her Baltimore area home on Monday afternoon. We should all be cautious to believe the first version of events offered by police when they use lethal force. If law enforcement officers make a huge mistake, they will rarely come out and admit such a thing on the day of the event. The first version is almost always the version that frees them from all responsibility and attempts to shape the narrative of how such a shooting was absolutely unavoidable.
To be fair, sometimes police must use lethal force to protect themselves and the community they pledge to serve. Other times, the lethal force was an optional choice. Police, for instance, did not need to choke Eric Garner to death to protect themselves. Police, for instance, did not need to shoot Tamir Rice or John Crawford or Rekia Boyd to protect themselves. Police did not need to shoot Amadou Diallo or Sean Bell or Ramarley Graham to protect anyone. Even they thought they needed to — they were wrong. All of those men and women posed no true threat to anyone, but police chose to kill them based on their incorrect assumptions.
Gaines was wanted for several petty misdemeanors — traffic violation, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Why it took a team of men to arrive at her home over these violations is not yet clear.
To outsiders who may see police as their local neighborhood heroes, maybe her behavior perplexes you — but I get it. Maybe the sheer volume of men outside her door frightened her? Maybe she was afraid her sweet young son was going to be taken away somewhere unsafe? Such phobias, in light of widespread police brutality in Baltimore and around the country, are far from absurd.
Gaines was shot dead after cops say she pointed a gun at them Monday. In the past month alone, white men all over the country have aimed guns at police and lived to talk about it. Shooters like Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner or Jed Frazier — all live to face a jury of their peers."

What a wonderful opportunity to listen to this man. @shaunking came to Reno with assignment, and provided insight on how to hold ourselves accountable to create change in our own communities and within ourselves!!! 💎’s were dropped tonight, I’m glad I got to witness. A big shoutout to the University of Nevada Reno for hosting such an event. #ShaunKing #BlackLivesMatter

Waiting for @shaunking at Oakland Tech :) #shaunking

A people without the knowledge of their past history,origin and culture is like a tree without roots #shaunking #blm✊🏾


Holiday door decorating contest at work. This is my door 🙋🏻‍♀️. #shaunking #uglyholidaysweater #socialjusticewarrior

Being a political junkie, a lot of friends have recently asked me where to go to get information, and with good reason. Now is a really important time to understand what's going on, but with confusing political jargon and constant new issues, it's hard to keep up, which is why I made a list of my favorite places to go. These are all places that break down important stuff for the masses to understand. Tell me, what are some of yours? Link in profile 🇺🇸
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If you're a Hillary supporter, this will all sound eerily familiar. As in, you could literally replace "Bottoms" with "Clinton", "Norwood" with "Trump" and write the exact same thing. This is not a coincidence, it's a deliberate campaign of sabotage undertaken by angry progressives out for revenge because, hey, it worked last time, right? #ShaunKing has spent an awful lot of time playing purity politics. If his preferred candidate didn't win, then fuck everything and Bern it all to the ground! Until, at least, we almost lost control of #Atlanta, a city King cares deeply about, because of that childish bullshit. Now King understands the cost of tearing down the Democrats when progressives don't get their way. And, oh my, did he let his fellow progressives have it. After setting the stage between the two candidates, the establishment Democrat #KeishaLanceBottoms and "independent" but clearly right wing, borderline racist, Trump-adjacent #MaryNorwood, King blasts "progressives" for doing their best to get Norwood elected. They did this not because they preferred Norwood but in order to punish the Democrats because the #BernieSanders-backed candidate came in 5th in the primaries. "Between the two available options, Bottoms clearly best represented the positions, policies, and people progressives should care about most. Yet at every single mention of her on Facebook or Twitter seems to get pushback from the left; some progressives will call her supporters a sellout, say they are supporting the Democratic establishment, and ask if they are being paid by the Democratic National Committee.
This is foolish. They speak as if the more progressive option was to support Norwood. It wasn’t — at all." #WhatHappened 📖 #FlakeNews❄ #TheResistance #republican #tcot #democrat #HillaryClinton #libertarian #AltRight #WhichHillary #Maga #conservative #dotard #teaparty #imwithher #latino #christian #islam #blacklivesmatter #blm #deplorable #draintheswamp #ourrevolution

Woke up feeling hype about the #Alabama election. Hit the switch for some insightful commentary from journalist #shaunking about #dougjones

#shaunking #alabama #magic 🖤🖤🖤👊🏼


Amen! THEY continually try to take away the humanity of black people going so far as to suggest that the last time this nation was great was during slavery. From police brutality to accounts of our collective US history to education in black/brown communities to violence against our men and a clear disregard for our black women to coverage/representation in media, the dehumanization of our people (black people) past and present is incessant. It never stops. It never stopped. We will continue to call for these SOBs to answer. And yes Mr. King, the DEMOCRATIC Party owes us black people. We know it from our parents, we know it from their parents and we know it from their parents and we know it from our history. No games OR funny business in 2020 DNC 🖤✊🏿 #RESIST #Reachigher #Humanity #shaunking #popwillkillitself #conversationsinacafe #highesthigh #BLACKLIVESMATTER #Rightsideofhistory #AlabamaSenateRace #blackwomenatwork #blackmenatwork #Forthepeople #Realrecognizereal


Repost @shaunking (@get_repost)
For the first time in any national case of police brutality in this generation, a police officer is being held responsible for his violence and corruption.
Officer Michael Slager, who murdered Walter Scott by repeatedly shooting him in the back, then staged a fake crime scene, has been sentenced to 19-24 years in prison.
Even this was almost impossible to achieve after a jury somehow could not come to a decision in the case the first time around.

A small victory but a victory nonetheless. It will not bring #WalterScott back but this is something. A little bit of justice. So many of these cases end with no justice at all for the victims and their families. Between cases where no charges were filed, those where charges were filed and then dropped and those where the trials ended in acquittals, there is plenty of anger and frustration to go around and so it is important to remember outcomes like this one because they are so rare and so important. May #WalterScott Rest in Power ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 --- @Regranned from @shaunking - For the first time in any national case of police brutality in this generation, a police officer is being held responsible for his violence and corruption.
Officer Michael Slager, who murdered Walter Scott by repeatedly shooting him in the back, then staged a fake crime scene, has been sentenced to 19-24 years in prison.
Even this was almost impossible to achieve after a jury somehow could not come to a decision in the case the first time around. - #regrann --- #ShaunKing #WalterScott #SayHisName #ColinKaepernick #NFL #KnowYourRights #KnowYourRightsCamp #BlackLivesMatter #DoingBigThings #BlackGirlsRock #BlackGirlMagic #BlackBoyJoy #BlackJoy #BlackExcellence #BlackGirlsWhoBlog #BlacksWhoBlog #TakeAKnee #TakeTheKnee

{Day 6:I was challenged by...} #shaunking spoke to a full house in #charlottesville

from @americanblackcross - All proceeds will go towards the continuous rebuilding and restoration efforts for communities devastated by natural disasters.🖤➕ ABC Merchandise: https://americanblackcross.org/merchandise/

American Black Cross Winter Gala ❄️: https://americanblackcross.org/event/abc-wintergala/

Please support and share! #ItsOnUs #AmericanBlackCross #WeWillRespond -

Students with @shaunking in the Multicultural Resource Center. #amherst #fall2017 #amherstdems #shaunking

3wks ago, I posted on IG HBD to #CorrineBrown and thanked her for her services to the community. Today, this lady leaves this comment on the pic! Former Congresswoman Brown has stood before the Judge and the law has spoken. I'm not sure why this person (Michele Womack) felt it necessary to throw racist slurs at her on my page! 🤷🏾‍♂️ I'm posting this, because people need to see where some folks stand. I hope someone can identify her and let her job see this post. So please contact all of the local strip clubs and Denny's to see if this is one of their employees. 🤓 🔥Show this to her job🔥#WakeUpAndSmellTheRacism #racist #MrsBuggles #racism #MicheleWomack @shaunking #shaunking

REPOST: the conversation |COTTON ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD: till you do right by me....@mickeypeanuts 09012017 #shaunking #kaepernick

I usually try to not even put this dude 45 on my timeline... but what he has done now is completely irresponsible!
It’s bad enough we are being killed by our own.... but now this man has literally given his okay for others to do the same.
I just can’t with him anymore. I’m done. “These hate-mongers are feeling empowered, and so are their followers. Hate crimes are on the rise in the U.S., according to FBI statistics, especially against Muslims. That’s what I mean when I say Trump is putting people in real danger. With Trump promoting the worst anti-Muslim hate, things are steadily getting more and more precarious for our Muslim brothers and sisters in the U.S. and across the world.” - #shaunking #dontletyourpresidentgetyourasswhooped

I have to say something. This should be all that any of us are posting, every black person should be outraged and demanding our government intervene. Listen to what T. D. Jakes is saying. Remember when you were saying all you would do if you were a slave? Remember how you said you wouldn't have been silent during the Civil Rights moment? Well, it's here again and what are you doing? When "someone" organizes a protest or call for action what are we going to do? Do you really feel a kinship with your brothers and sisters in Africa, or do you just like dressing up in their gear? It's showtime.
#Libya #slavetrade #slave #shaunking #Trump #blackamerica #blackpeople #woke #cnn #DonLemon #andersoncooper

Shaun King - "I've said it many, many times, but shame on this nation for voting Donald Trump into office. It's a daily clusterfuck of offensive bigotry and downright incompetence.
It's outrageous that he even ran. Even more ridiculous that he won." .

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So after over 20 mins of trying to post this fucking video again i am able to... But i have alot to get off my chest!!! How many people will reshare, repost, come together and unite against the enemy? Now i may do my lil shit but trust lil baby is smart asf and i do fucking read... Now im bout to go on and rant and piss of alot of fucking people but idgaf!!! this shit infuriates me!!!!! The hypocrisy that lies within. Do they understand now why kaepernick took that knee. Why BLM is existing? Why dr martin luther king fought for our rights, why dr sebi were warning his people about foods and etc to eat and what not to? The cures he and a few other doctors discovered for our communities and etc but all ended up KILLED WEEKS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER? Why rosa park refused to give up her seat? Why after so many years Jack Daniels finally admitted that A BLACK man created and made that whiskey? Why they decided to bomb black wall st and many other black owned communities cities and towns across the us? Why they keep trying to enslave our people? Why we are so angry? Do you know how many of our young black children go missing and are never found and if found organs and limbs are missing? Do you know the value of our melanin and why they are always so quick to do scientific studies on our people first? Or why they chose to put liqour stores and etc on almost every corner in the hood or low income communities? From sex, slaves, organ trafficking, making man made viruses cancers and etc why they come into our shit to exterminate us all!!! Fuck amerikkka and all its adversaries!!! This shit is heart breaking and drenching!!!! We are the most strongest, most powerful... And i just dont understand why for the life of us that our people can not come as one and get it tf together and 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭... WE ALL WERE ONCE AND STILL ARE KINGS AND QUEENS!!! The STRONGEST FORCE EVER!!! When will we put the fucking guns down, stop fighting and envying one another and come together like we once were??? Im done talking FUCK AMERIKKKA

@massiahprofit - “Stand” available on all streaming platforms. Link in bio #imwithkap#massiah #kaepernick

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