My 12th birthday haul!!!!❤️ Check out all the photos by swiping. Plz like my photos and comment if you have any of these gifts.

Some random lady, Just bringing a giant sharpie to the beach, just in case.
#yaneverknow #mighthavetowriteonacup

Decisions decisions #Waystock2018 #setlist #sharpiesrule

I’ve got lists for my lists and 21 days til Sharing A Dream Music Camp. #sharpiesrule #sodobigpiecesofpaper

Signed up for another session of boxing classes! 🥊Took the sharpies to my gloves to give them a little shazam #boxinggirl #hitslikeagirl #sharpiesrule

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” JRR Tolkien #tolkienquotes #metallicink #calligraphy #calligraphyart #sharpieart #sharpiesrule

This may not look like much.. but inside this gallon bag is 66 clothes pins that I purchased. .
. (22 for breakfast, 22 for lunch, and 22 for our behavior chart) all of them needed to be "erased" so they are ready for use with another class next year. I'll be using silver sharpie over the black sides and black sharpie over the red. .
Eventually I will run out of space (although someone gave me the brilliant idea to spray paint them once when that day comes) and I'll have to replace them again. These were not supplied to me but are expected. .

This is not physically exhausting work, in fact I did most of them during a family road trip. The cost was minimal, sharpies, clothes pins, (and someday a can of spray paint and a piece of cardboard). .
However anybody who is on a budget or follows @daveramsey knows that every little bit adds up.
My summer experiment isn't to complain. I love my job and plan to stay in it until retirement God willing. But I am curious how much money exactly I spend each year and exactly how many extra hours I put in and I want to share for awareness.
During the #Redfored walkouts someone made the comment to me on Facebook "that teachers have no idea how many lives they are effecting by walking out and there was a better way to make their point" and I disagree. Teachers know EXACTLY how many lives they effect and how valuable they are it's others who don't see or appreciate them and they have tried everything to prove their value so I am proud for those who stood up for our profession. .
I hope these posts shed a tiny tiny tiny bit of light on what we do behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly because I had no idea as a parent, or in college. I got a tiny glimpse during student teaching but it was nothing compared to my first year teaching. .
We put in the hours, even if you don't see it. .
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Fan art of Daydream Catcher, she belongs to @iindian.inkk! ❤
✨Go check out her amazing art!✨ She's also working on a story for her Creepypasta OC, if you'd like to check it out, here's the link: https://www.quotev.com/story/10378141/Whispers-In-The-Dark

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Making more fantastical garden markers.... 🌻🌱

Seriously, we are the best improvisers! #nowheretopark #sharpiesrule #krankmylife

Still plenty of time y’all! Polls close at 7:30!! Just a primary, but important choices none the less.

The Process. Swipe👈 getting the outline down on the extension of an old Jime Litwalk biomech deltoid piece. Never knew Jime to do any #mech. But it’s a beauty, and I’m happy to add to it. One of my first procreate drawings too. #stilllovepaper #sharpiesrule #biomech #outline #biomech_collective #process #natebanuelos #evenkeeltattoo

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