You don’t need to find someone who has the same dreams and goals in life as you do. You just need to find someone who will help and support you chasing those dreams and you do the same for them. ✌🏼 We had so much fun together tackling this bucket list shark dive. 🦈
We’re not perfect, and we fought almost every time we got into the car because I turned into a psycho back seat driver with this whole driving on the wrong side of the road thing. 🚙 🙊 (He was going to kill us)
Now, we’re settled at home and I’m most thankful for this guy and the way he supports my dreams! 👫 #momanddaddyck #sharkdive🦈 #bucketlist #newzealand

Still can't believe this happened!!! #sharkdive🦈 #sharkbait #whatanadventure

Another AMAZING day! #aussieadventure #thosejaws 😁 #pinchme #itsmybirthday 💃🏻✨🎈 #idivedandsurvived 🙌🏻 #sharkdive🦈

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