If needed this weekend I’ll be found here with all the coffee! The sickness that’s been creeping in all week has finally hit so a weekend of relaxation, good food and all the vitamins is in order for me! Have an amazing weekend what never your plans may be! ☕️ #coffee #caffeine #bed #relax #rejuvenate #relaxation #vitamins #nutrition #foodie #birmingham

You’re just ignoring the quiet voice inside 🤫
You’re listening to the wrong voice. You’re tuned into the one yelling at you over the loudspeaker that you’re f*#king stupid, and you’re ignoring the quiet one, inside, telling you where the alpha is. Now, that’s the voice that got you here!
We all have that voice, the one that got us here. We need to listen harder, because that’s the voice that will get us there 🔥💥

Friday is my favourite day of the week. Not because I live for the weekend but because everyone else does and that’s the opportunity 🔥
#Hustle #Mindset #JFDI

Without me none of you would be possible 😏
Happy anniversary to the most patient and forgiving woman in the world. @alohaandcoffee .
I’m grateful af to have found you and call you my world 😘 #anniversary

The sun is shining, the coffee and cocktails are flowing and I get to celebrate being married to @robbieohana for 4 years tomorrow! Life is good right now. Thank you @plenishcleanse & @volcanocoffeeworks for inviting us today and thank you @robbieohana for putting up with me for this long!! #coffee #londoncoffeefestival #urbanjungle #myunicornlife #anniversary #coffeeaddict #london #igerslondon #cocktails #plantbased #livingmybestlife

Move with purpose and patience and you’ll get there in the end. #JFDI

What does the end game look like to you? .

Start there and work backwards, figuring out the steps towards that goal, putting in the work to navigate each of those steps along the way and remember only you decide which way to go. .

Don’t allow outside influence to dictate your path, you are you, you are unique, be OK with that and you will fly #JFDI

You can thank me later ✌️💥

If today teaches us anything it’s that it’s never too late to begin - Start Something 🥊
Whatever has gone before, however twisty your road has been until now, forget yesterday and #JFDI
Tag me if you started something today! 👇
Happy Easter 🐣

One of the biggest reasons we can’t move forward is because we keep searching for the answers in black and white.
We’re stuck trying to find the perfect answer, the one miracle move that can change our fortunes, give us direction or help us figure out the next 10, 15, 100 years of our lives.
The fact is we’re all on a journey, each one infinitely different to the next; yours different to mine, even if we walk the same line.
Life isn’t black and white. Try, taste, discover and open your mind to the possibilities that will come if you simply allow yourself to inject a little colour into your life 🎨 .
If you’re stuck trying to find direction, and that doesn’t matter if you’re 13, 23 or 85, stop asking for the answer, it won’t come from anyone but you. Paint your own picture, trust the process, keep working, do things that make you happy without forcing an answer that simply isn’t there.
Fail a thousand times, it’s ok, no one is watching; you just learned a thousand things. Your moment will come, maybe today, maybe tomorrow maybe a few years down the line.
The only thing you’ll accomplish by continuing in black and white is you’ll miss the moment stuck in monochrome that allows your own rainbow to shine 🌈
Tag a friend that needs a little colour in their life 👇

He's my reason not my excuse. I'm 38. He's 3. I have 38 years full of memories with my family. Every day you hear of someone new sick or someone close to your age that has passed. I know when #yourtimeisup God will call you home, but I want to do everything I can each day to keep me active and Healthy enough to give Chance the opportunity to make this same post at 38.
So I pressed play and we talked about his #blippi
Show he has foundon Youtube. My time and his time can work together. #livingforthememories #allinmyfeelsthismorning #iwanttoseehimgrowold #sharethenow #mybabyisgrowinguptoofast

•Wenn Reisen umsonst wäre, würdet ihr mich nie wieder sehen.•.
#thisview #thismoment #thisbeach #thislocation 🙏🏾 #incredible #wow #sharetheexperience #sharethenow #nowordsneeded #tulum #be #sinaandméxico 🌸🌴🌎🍹☀️🌊

Bring happiness to others by finding happy in you. 🔥


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