Nuestras noches de Fuckup Nights, son casuales y divertidas, siendo un método de educación informal para fortalecer la cultura empresarial de nuestra ciudad.
Aquí escucharás este tipo de historias, de fracasos donde el mayor objetivo es aprender del error, para colocarlos en una posición de no cometer los mismos Fuckups!
🍻🗣 La última Fuckup Nights Maracaibo del año Vol. VI, se aproxima!
- Fecha: 19 de Diciembre, 2018
- Lugar: @prostbs
- Hora: 7:00 pm
- Para adquirir las entradas: +58 414-6925193 (Incluyen una cerveza 🍻)
#FuckupNights #ShareTheFailure #FuckupNightsMaracaibo

Esto es lo que escuchas en una Fuckup Nights Maracaibo.
Reunimos a 3 o 4 emprendedores para que en una sala llena de extraños se atrevan a contar sus fracasos profesionales y lo más importante lo que aprendieron de esos Fuckups!

En el vídeo, está nuestra trayectoria.
Desde abril del 2017 hasta septiembre del 2018, ellos son nuestros queridos y apreciados #FailuresSenseis •Vol. I
•Vol. II
•Vol. III
•Vol. IV
•Vol. V

A cada uno de ustedes simplemente ¡GRACIAS! por compartir sus historias y quitarle ese estigma al Fracaso.

Ahora ustedes son parte de nuestra historia.

Se aproxima nuestra última edición del año, la 6ta edición. Y será una edición al mejor estilo FUN.
- Fecha: 19 de Diciembre
- Lugar: @prostbs
- Para adquirir las entradas: +58 414-6925193
- Hora: 7:00 pm

#FuckupNights #ShareTheFailure #FuckupNightsMaracaibo

"Cada uno tenía formas muy diferentes de ver el fracaso en sus historias, con unas te morías de la risa, con otras querías llorar y otras realmente te daban lecciones profesionales. Creo que eso nos dio la seguridad de que por lo menos nos divertiríamos, así decidimos empezar dos semanas después en la misma terraza, con solo una regla: keep it simple"
Hemos regresado para vivir una noche F.U.N navideña. El último Fuckup Nights Maracaibo del 2018, Vol. VI

Con respecto a las historias de fracasos profesionales de esta edición... No, mejor que sea sorpresa y que el impacto lo vivan el 19 de Diciembre en nuestra querida iglesia de la cerveza @prostbs
🎫Para conseguir tus entradas contáctanos a través del:
+58 414-6925193 / funmcbo@gmail.com
🍻Cada entrada incluye una birra, (Fuckup sin cerveza, no es Fuckup)
¡Gracias a nuestros sponsors! Será posible FUN Vol.VI
@prostbs y @codeoutfit
#ShareTheFailure #FuckupNightsMaracaibo #Maracaibo

Les dejamos el link donde podrán realizar la compra de sus boletos para este próximo #FuckUpNights Vol. VI🖤

Tenemos cupo limitado, así que dense prisa😎🔥 #TRC #Torreon #ShareTheFailure #FuckUpNightsTRC #FuckUpNights #Tickets #Event #Sinatra


Dr. Rigsby throwing some shade. 😂
#FuckupNights #That'stheT #Sharethefailure

Thanks to everyone for joining us in celebrating failure. We all go through different experiences and choose our ways. What's most important is to enjoy the ride and learn from failures.
Special thanks to our speakers @soroshtavakoli @veroaloevera & @fredrik.jacobson Thanks to @minalegend, our host who helped us embrace failure. And the beats by @_danny.the.dog_
FuckUp Nights Malmö is brought to you by the #funmalmocrew and our lovely partners:

@inthepinkrealfoodandcoffee - Thanks for supporting us with this beautiful venue. Perfect for an event like this 👌🙏
@hantverksbryggeri 🍻🙏
@atgraphiken those amazing prints. Now also on fabric. Wow. 🙏
@grammalmo organic beautiful totebags 🙏
@lillakafferosteriet that cool bubbly coffee and speakers gifts 🙏
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@litekalabalik 🙏 crew 💎🙏
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@boxspacemalmo 🙏 free pass at your coworking space. And thanks for the invite to Over time 29 nov.
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And eventsterminal.com for the livestream 🤸‍♀️🙏 Still available if you want to check 😉
Much love

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#funmalmocrew photo by @henryarvidssonphotography

5 days to go for Perth's second event in the world's largest creators movement. All proceeds for this event go to Flanno.com.au to support men's mental health. Link in bio
Sponsored by: @impactseedorg @skillsofthemodernage

Alexis John Lingad, founder and CEO of Cryptors Cyber Security Inc. that created the first anti-hack app that can track hackers called Hackuna. He also won the Philippine Hacker Games Champion 2015 where he beat some Ph.D. hackers and in 2017 where he beat the hacker who hacked the COMELEC. He also authored a book called Cyber Defender: The Power of Hacking and a former Cyber Security Consultant at iEi Securities USA.
Currently he is also the lead developer of Hackuna (Anti-Hack)
Get to hear Alexis' fuck ups on November 21! Get your tickets @ https://funvolxi.eventbrite.com/
#FuckUpNight #FuckUpNightsManila

Tonight’s @funmalmo has been great! Inspiring talks about taking risks and owning your F’ups from speakers; Sorosh Tavakoli, Verona Arkliden and Fredrik Jacobsson. Massive thanks to organiser @minalegend and a huge round of applause to the FUN Crew, for making tonight such a success.

Photos: @scandinathan

Tonight’s @funmalmo has been great! Inspiring talks about taking risks and owning your F’ups from speakers; Sorosh Tavakoli, Verona Arkliden and Fredrik Jacobsson. Massive thanks to organiser @minalegend and a huge round of applause to the FUN Crew, for making tonight such a success.

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Les presentamos a uno de nuestros próximos #Speakers para esta edición 🤩

El reconocido boxeador Roberto “Massa” Ortíz nos acompañará en este #FuckUpNights Vol. VI 🖤

#ShareTheFailure #FuckUpNightsTRC #Torreón #Emprendimiento #Exito #Sinatra #Speaker #Laugh #risas #tragos #beer #experiencias

These were supposed to be homemade fish cakes, but I started too late and I didn't let them rest in the fridge, and the potatoe was way too soft. They ended up sucking up more oil than usual and in general were kinda just a mess. They were edible and we ate them but they were not fish cakes. I came across someone's Instagram post today talking about how no one shows their failures. Referring to the fact that we can't judge our own lives by comparing them to the highlights in someone else's life. When I decided to start this Instagram account I wanted it to be as real as possible I wanted to be okay with the messes of life. I wanted to know what the posts of a real person would look like with all good and the bad and the boring. What it would look like to try something and not do well or to not succeed at all. Would it help other people to feel encouraged? #food #foodstagram #foodflop #flop #cookingfail #fishcakes #itsokay #bringinghumanityback #organicmoments #lifeismessy #sharethefailure #beingreal #experimentallife

Meet our speakers 2/4

Reky Martha

Co-Founder and President of Hoshizora Foundation. She is passionate on empowering others to realize and live up to their full potentials. As co-founder and current President of Hoshizora Foundation (www.hoshizora.org), she is working on the ground with talented people to provide access to education to over 2200 underserved children in Indonesia and work with them to be empathic leaders.

Reky holds a B.Soc.Sc. from Asia Pacific University in Japan and an M.A in
educational psychology from the University of British Columbia in Canada. She worked at Kumon Institute of Education's HQ in Japan, research companies in Canada and the US while growing Hoshizora Foundation in Indonesia. Her professional experience spans across corporate, non-profit organization, startup, and social enterprise spheres and focused in areas such as organization and human development, organizational culture and processes, strategic partnership, human-centered design work, and international development. She bridges different sectors and facilitate collaborations to create greater impact in society.

She will share her Fuck Up story at Fuck Up Nights Jakarta Vol. 5. Go get your ticket now!

#fuckupnights #fuckupnightsjakarta #sharethefailure

Off to Zurich we go to host a Fuckup Night #sharethefailure #fuckupnights

Proudly presenting our DJ for the evening: 🎧 DannyTheDog (Felinel Prod.) @dannythedo9 also called "El Danny", has played at clubs like Babel, Moriskan, Inkonst and Cuba Café. Based in Malmö with roots from Latinamerica, El Danny delivers a fusion of Reggaeton, Cumbia, Moombathon, Hip-Hop and R&B. El Danny simply makes you dance and you might recognize him from his sweet mixes on the radio channel P3 Din Gata.
El Danny, we be looking forward to your tunes this Thursday 15 Nov. Bailemos 🎶

#sharethefailure #funmalmo #funmalmö #fuckupnightsmalmö #fuckupnights

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