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Blue hours. Shot by @nk7 #shanghailife_

-thirty meter-
👆👆double tap that sunset👆👆
Lots of people think if you have a drone you need to fly💫 up high just shoot anything and it looks great... But come one! 😅I discovered it's sometimes much more intimidating for the viewer to have a relation from the point of view. To create that 'I am in the scene' sensation👀! For rule of thumb, 30m just workes fine! This shot might not be the best example, but I think you get the point!😑
One day to go... Then Finaly weekend! Have a great one!✳️


Feliz Día del Nombre @mavitrapos 🎂🎂 Muchas felicidades "marido de instagram" y gracias por el apoyo y la motivación constante, no hay nadie tan peleona como tú 💪🏻💪🏻 •

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🙎🏻: @melanie.fann

Hai-way in Shang-high 🇨🇳


-so close-
👆🎵tap again for sound🎵👆
Where would you like to go this weekend? ✈️🛄
I release you guys into the weekend with a short teaser to my previous Wednesday shot! 🎥
So love those ships cruising by on the Huangpu River🚢! What a spectacle!🛳️🛥️ Gotta get some close up shots from these! Thinking of doing a fly over close to the yanpu bridge🌉 (strangely this bridge is never captured on any drone shots, even though it's so stunning). Then I swing out to make a zoom out on the full perspective! 🖼️River, bridge, lujiazui and puxis United and all in the dimmed mood of the sunrise....🏞️🛳️🌇🌉 That's gonna be freakn awesome! Wish me luck! Happy weekend! 😎

Hai-way in Shang-high 🇨🇳

Shanghai went red in my neighborhood.
Graded with my the cheapest LCD screen on the market . 📺
Panasonic pancake 20mm f1.7 .
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Blue hours. Shot by @nk7 #shanghailife_

more 🔥 than the fyre festival

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