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- Shane Dawson aka SLAYING BOSS ASS BITCH 😚😍🔥

Fav YouTuber❤️😛 #youtuber #shanedawson #shanedawsonarmy

"Ugh fuc—"😂.
-Shane my queeeen.
-does he ever like video edits??? If so tag him @shanedawson.
#shanedawson #shanedawsonedit #shanedawsontv #shanedawsonarmy

i stan an icon

Fuck this. Fuck this person. Fuck this video. This is why Shane is so fucking insecure. This is why Shane doesn't posh videos like this. This is why he doesn't show more than just his head down to his shoulders. And this is fucking why. Because judgmental pieces of shit people like this person here points out his "flaws", that are not fucking flaws in the first place, and say shit about him when he is so fucking perfect, and you have no fucking right to be saying about his weight or how he looks or any of that shit because he is fucking perfect. I hope people, like this fucking person who made this god damn video, fucking die. Because this is the reason why he is so insecure, and it effects all of his fucking fans because YOU FUCKING PEOPLE wanna say shit when we are trying so fucking hard to show him he is perfect, BECAUSE HE FUCKING IS, and then people have to do shit like this. You people make me so fucking sick. I seriously hope you fucking die. But to Shane. Queen. Handsome. My love. You're fucking perfect. Don't let these pieces of shit put you down and make you stop making videos like this because you're fucking killing it. You fucking slay and in that video you were working it and you looked so fucking good (as always). And we all love you and think this. Don't let some piece of shit people bring you down just because they have nothing better to do. I don't want you getting hurt by this because it would seriously rip my heart into pieces because you deserve to be confident. You deserve to be able to show off your perfect body. Fuck these people and rise above them because you're fucking perfect and we all think so. You help us all just get through the day and we care about your feelings more than anything and your confidence and we do not want you to be brought down by this because Shane Dawson YOURE FUCKING PERFECT AND YOU KILLED THAT FUCKING VIDEO AND YOU WERE FUCKING HOT AND ON FIRE AND FUCKING SLAYING EVERYONE AND YOURE FUCKING PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL. I love you so much Shane Dawson. Don't let these people bring you down. You're fucking perfect and I love you. @unodawson @rylandadams @shanedawson #shanedawson #rylandadams #unodawson #shanedawsonarmy

I got the book today even tho I have one coming in the post😂 I couldn't wait. Also I found a shop in my town that sells a and w so going to try it for the first time 💙💙💙 so proud of you Shane💙💙💙 #itgetsworse #itgetsworsebook #shanedawson #shanedawsonarmy #shaneandfriends @shanedawson @garrett_watts

He's so adorable😂☺️💞 #shanedawson #shanedawsonarmy #shaneisbeautiful


Fav YouTuber❤️😛 #youtuber #shanedawson #shanedawsonarmy

i love shane's cuddle buddy sm he needs to make a comeback he's so funnyhfg

does anyone have scs of shane's twitter rant from last night i miss EVERYTHING

the charger to my phone broke and my phone is about to die this is just great

Yes queens. Slay! 😍😍💕 Okay, I'm so sorry guys for not posting​. I've been really busy with moving and everything. School is a pain. I'm sorry. I'll try posting more. ~Danni.
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Me watching Shane's snap lol I hope he feels better :(

This is for his next video oh god

Is typing...
Some of what to expect if your subscribed to YouTube.com/shane😂❤️
I am aware this is trash but so is my editor lool
Tag shanee💓 @shanedawson @rylandadams @unodawson #shane #dawson #edit #shanedawson #shaneclips #shanedawsonarmy

I still don't have a dress for my school's dance that's in 2 weeks I'm gonna die

this is what I literally looked like when I woke up today is it bad I sleep with makeup on

No Shane video today this is so tragic

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