I’ll be out of commission for a little bit, instagram. If you’d like to know the story, head over to https://www.gofundme.com/justice-for-austin-river #justice #malpractice #18weeks #newborn #shandshospital #doctors #fuckyou #rip #finallyanaunt

Levi and Papa Cook 😍😘 Levi helped Papa walk the hall and now we're talking up a storm. #shandshospital

It’s National Nurses Week! 💉 This week team member @Brittanywiggs had a sister graduate with her Associates of Nursing degree. We are so thankful for all our medical professionals! 🏥
Did you know that nurses and ALL medical professionals including medical staff and doctors are eligible for housing grants up to $6,000 and Down Payment Assistance up to $10,681? 🏠
There are other programs available for teachers, military, law enforcement, firefighters, and first time home buyers! Contact the Cindy Gavin team for more details! ☎️ 904-465-3397

swipe ⇢ 🚨tear jerker alert🚨
As most know my father received a new heart a couple years ago.❤️ WELL today we connected with the organ donor’s brother. 🙌 Even tho it was a very sad time because he lost his brother I was still so thankful to be apart of it. It was a very overwhelming and emotional experience to say the least. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be the family of the donor 😢 ... but I can tell you that we are so beyond grateful. God always has a plan.🙏🏻 Never take life for granted and always remember to love those close to you. You never know when it could be your last time with them. 🥀 ✨P.S. I also got to teach my Mimi how to take a selfie because apparently technology is too simplified for her. (last photo)🤳😂

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This week 1,500 employees at UF Health Physicians are receiving Crystalsmooth Freedom Collection zippered pouches as employee gifts. Each bag is handmade by our amazing Fair Trade partners in India, women who are at-risk for human trafficking. These bags are more than just fabric, each one represents stories of hope, courage, and freedom. We are overjoyed to partner with UF on this special custom bag!

These pictures are 21.5 years old. Not sure when this picture was taken. Maybe 1 year post transplant. The second picture was taken maybe 4 months post surgery. 💙💚♻💪✌🐏🦎🌴 Mother's day I'm flying to Gainesville to consult with my OG. This man saved my life in so many ways words cannot describe. I still have a ways to go but knowning that Georgetown and now University of Florida both want to meet with me gives me hope. I never thought in a million years that I would be meeting Dr. Mark Johnson again.
#shandshospital #gators #liver #donatelife #alwaysatarheel @university_of_florida_ @unosnews @donatelifefl @donatelifenc @donatelifeamerica

A few months ago she couldn’t sleep on her own, walk, speak, eat, and for a brief moment I thought this was it. I cried every weekend alone on my two hour car rides to Gainesville to be with her at Shands Hospital but knew I’d have to stop my tears as soon as I arrived to be strong for her and my dad. I pray every day but with her being sick I started talking to Jesus more and more, morning, afternoon, night, every second of every day and definitely the entire time on those lonely car rides. Life as you know it was put on hold. Is it really May 2018 now? Anyway, one day I had an ugly feeling come over me and I didn’t want to think this was it but felt this could be it. I hated that that feeling even came up but as fast as it came up, the feeling of hope and trust built within me and that feeling left. I knew she was going to get better but I also knew I had to be patient. I knew every nurse, every doctor and thank God every day that he answered my prayers and lent his healing hands to that team for taking care of my mother. She told me the other day, “I was knockin on the door but God said nope I’m not finished with you yet, it wasn’t my time.... so here I am”. Her attitude, humor, strength and grace is truly one of a kind and words can’t explain how grateful I am.
Those that went out of their way to come visit and/or lent a helping hand when we couldn’t bare to ask. THANK YOU. Mom is still figuring out a way to send her thank you’s as well and really wants to. The friends and family that did check in by texting or calling us, it truly meant the world. I will never ever forget those that reached out and know we truly appreciate you.
The last 4-5 months have been a crazy journey and we still have a long road ahead of us but today, this is today. Thank you Jesus, I love you. Thank you for giving me my mom back. 💙💞
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Featuring your newest Neuro Intensive Care Nurse 🧡💙🐊

CT Scan. Go time. Then follow up with the doctors on Friday to discuss my options. #uf #shandshospital #compoundfractureofthetibfib #ctscan #ivlife

Getting my blood work done for surgery tomorrow and I found this perfect rock in a brochure box at the hospital! #wakullarocks #florida #shandshospital

Was enjoying off-day , not thinking about work, all I wanted to see was birds on flight, and here comes our Work bird 🐊🐊🐊 😍😍😍in the sky.

On the way to Oncologist at @uflorida #Shandshospital . Por favor pray for a treatable prognosis. #CancerSucks

Learn how to administer #firstaid and also get #cprcertified! There’s no age restriction. You just need to be able to do chest compressions. Spaces are limited. Register at the link in our profile for this Millhopper School of Witchcraft and Wizardry course April 11 from 5-8:30pm thanks to @uflorida UF Health #ShandsHospital happening at #MillhopperBranch #morethanbooks

I sponsored Easter Bunny competition, all of the bunnies are made of materials in the unit, my nurses were soooo creative, it was very impressive, and fun, congratulations to the winners. Can you guess which one is my Easter Bunny #cardiacicunurse #shandshospital #md #nurse #pa #creative #happy #ilovemyjob

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