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Waitingggg ✈️.... keep me entertained and tell me something about yourself :)
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I rarely post selfies, I feel really uncomfortable (understatement). But I discovered Faber really likes to take selfies, so I've been doing this for the last hour 😂. This is the best one so far ✨ #babyfaber #shamelessselfie

waited for cornern all year 🍾 #falafelmitscharf spotted by @eskimo

I'm 2 for 2 track record, in losing new sunnies during SXM festival, both years!! These babies got stolen out of the car. RIP rosy Celine babies 💀😎🙈☹️
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Bring back the sun please.

Snapchat filter saving the selfie 😍 all these new filters are bomb! Follow me 👻mfasadullah #shamelessselfie #happyfriday #motd

When you get free champagne at check-in #friyay #weekendgetaway #bubbly #shamelessselfie

"Who farted?"
🙊💨😜🙊💨😂 I know, I know this is so silly🙄...but I just didn't feel like posting some inspirational quote to another selfie!!! 😜 so laugh at it and have a wonderful weekend sweet friends. 😘😘😘
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Day one of recovery in the books after wailing on the bag for 35 mins this morning. Starting to drop the water weight and tighten up already.

The gritty details of cheat week rehab:

Disclaimer: I am not a physician. This is what works for me. We are all different. We all have different body types. Always consult a real doctor or nutritionist before undertaking an exercise and diet regime.

1- carbs cause water retention. By eating excess carbs you'll retain water. Your post cheat bloat is not indicative of where your body really stands.

2- panic. Panic lots... then breathe. Use the feelings of inadequacy to fuel your workouts but don't let it dictate your days emotions. Your current state is not your final state. It'll come off. Be patient.

3- don't neglect carbs. Carbs are fuel. You'll need them to increase the intensity of your workouts to get rid of the extra grease. Chose complex carbs and keep them around 25-35 percent of your caloric intake but try to avoid simple carbs like sugars if possible. Opt for complex carbs like oatmeal, beans, ect. If your not competing there is no point in starving yourself to accelerate the process.

4- judge yourself by your own standards. I've often spoke about the fact that I am currently taking testosterone therapy from a physician. My current test levels, at 33, are the same optimal levels as those of a 21 year old in his prime, therefore my metabolic rate and ratio of anabolic activity will be elevated. Don't worry about others. Don't set unreal expectations. Stay the course. Do it at your own pace. Consistency and focus (while eating for fuel) are key. It'll come. Breathe.

Still a little fluffy but quickly slimming down with some extra cardio and twice a day workouts. Some supplement advice to come.


Wiping the sweat off my face!!! I've had a pretty indulgent day yesterday, going winery tours and a gorgeous (three course) meal for the fiancé's birthday. I had planned to do the full body workout yesterday but just wasn't in the mood, I did circuit 1 half assed and had to stop cos I knew I wasn't putting in a 100% so I did a good 45min of LISS instead.
Today we went for a walk in the beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens and I was actually feeling anxious cos I was really looking forward to doing this last resistance- I've stuck strong and true to the past 8 weeks (including pretraining). Kept saying we have to be back by 6pm cos the gym closes at 7pm!! 😂🙃😅😨
I was back in the swing of things and I think I smashed today's workout- I even upped my weights.
Anyhoo enough of the long post, hope everyone had a good weekend and I'm looking forward to Week 4!! P. S I forgot to start tracking halfway through circuit 1, the horror!! o
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I'm pretty amazed I still looked so fresh after the run, after a night without sleep, without makeup, after running 42km, after perspiring for over 5 hours. Thanks to the beauty app that has an incredible camera function for selfies. 😂
I don't mind looking like this everyday. Really.

When the sun comes out! ☀🍾 #shamelessselfie

Its a "hot and still covered in black ketiak basah" kind of sunday. #shamelessselfie

Pardon my #Shamelessselfie 😊 enjoying #tablasisland

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