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TEJAS - "the radiant splendor of personality that expresses itself as creativity,courage, love and a melting tenderness that draws all hearts." -Upanishads It is possible through Tapas: the friction or heat that comes from consistent, dedicated practice that purifies both body and mind. The kind of self effort that is applied to this level of practice is not comfortable or easy. But it is necessary if we want to grow and to really step into our full radiance and power. 40 day sadhana or practice is gateway to this. Today I am inspired by two women who just completed their 40 day practice and are shining bright. Have you ever done a consistent 40 day practice? What were the effects?@liciamorelli @iamginagomez Image @alexisahrling #yonimudra #yoga #namaste #sankalpashakti #yoganidra #meditation
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Jai Maa Tara Maa - she is the Tara Maa of the MahaVidya's, this is probably one of the first temples that Babu Kishan has been at as his Grandfather took him here just after he was born to save his life.
Tara Sadhana - Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was an Avadhuta Baul Saint initiated by the Bama Khyepa from Tarapith (Tara peeth, place of Tara Maa). Many people have many stories and talk about Babu Kishan's Grandfather but they do not know, they love to call themselves Khyepa Baul LOL Nabani Das Baul is Khyepa Baul 🤔🤔 Anybody after Nabani (1969) calling themselves a Khyapa (Khyepa) Baul is a NAKAL (fake) Baul.

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Who is she, she is Tara Ma one of the (GREAT DASA) 10 MahaVidya's. This is Babu Kishan's "Mother" as when he was born his Grandfather 'Nabani Das Khyapa Baul' an adept MahaSiddha 'Avadhuta Baul Saint' who was actually initiated by Bama Khepa brought Babu Kishan here after his birth to pray for his life. Babu Kishan owes his life to his Tantric Grandfather Guru 'Nabani Das' his Grandmother Brajabal Dasi and Tara Ma, Kali Ma, Radha and Krishna. Tarapith is in Birbhum Bengal India.

Many people talk, write about the 'MahaVidya's' but not many have actually been born into a lineage of MahaVidya or Tara Maa sadhana and actually have spent a lifetime of sadhana? I find most just write and talk for business not from actual real live experience. The west has been given the knowledge but they have not been given the 'ESSENCE" and there is a huge gap, a huge difference between knowledge and "ESSENCE". BabuKishan.org #mahavidya #goddesses #vedicastrologer #tantra #shakti #tara #kali #shaktisadhana #sadhana #sadhaka #bengal #birbhum #indiantantra #vidya #goddessworship #goddessvidya #yoga #tantra

Absolutely DO join me for class THIS week in beautiful, Sierra Madre, CA. ✨🌙💦
Weds eve, 7-8:15p Beginning ✨

Thursday, 9:15-10:30a Shakti Sadhana (mixed) ✨

Friday, 11-12:15p Beginning ✨
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Monica Mesa Dasi .... We get her here in Aspen ...YES!!!!
Our second Master Yogi In Residence week begins next week ... and we are so honored and hugely excited to be hosting her at Shakti.
Monica is a queen goddess and her teachings/being exemplify that on and off the mat. She is an incredible senior teacher and we are blessed beyond to have her joining us for the whole week!
Monica will be teaching EVERY DAY next week (other than July 4th) .... her classes are not to be missed.
If you are looking to be inspired, enlightened, uplifted, strengthened & awakened ... join us all week long!
Jai Ma!!!!
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🌼Happy Solstice🌼Embodying the wisdom of the Seer Within, the highest, most subtle aspect of our minds, closest to the soul and unadulterated by the duality of our external world... is how we step into the path of the Sage. ••••
This #solstice, right now...attune to this #poweroftheseer that is eternal in you. Let this become your guide for right action, potent + clear speaking and honesty that stems from a crystalline conscience. Step into your light, into your power of the #sage within.
This video clip is from two weeks ago at our private tour of the Flower Essence Society Gardens, Terra Flora. Here Patricia talks about #whitesage

A deeply soulful five days in #London with these beauties delving into #ShaktiSadhana #PranaVinyasaYoga Learnt so much from @maria_garre_ about how powerfully to embody and integrate the flow of #Shakti through slow movement. She taught #Ayurvedic principles and remedies with a clarity that for me, crystallised my understanding way better. The gorgeous #AlessandraPecorella from @adityayogaschool taught how to create conscious altars with individual uniqueness and a depth of understanding that was pure joy to learn from. #DelamayDevi @delamaydevi - all I can say is you are SO talented and I loved practising with and learning from you. #deepappreciation #Pranaam to our beloved teacher, @shiva_rea
#karmaandiamonds💎 #innerdiamond #smitajoshi #beyourgreatestself #journeyofselfdiscovery #clearyourkarma #lovemylife #womenempowerment

My secret refuge in #Corfutown. I have been around and about all day, trying to keep the ancestral monsters in check, which is not easy, once they have tasted the light they pop their head up at the most inconvenient moments. Luckily I can always find a church where I can sob and chant in front of Mother Maria. 🤧 Just another day on the #yoginipath. 😇

Coming up for some air, this rescue work in the basement is intense, bringing all the exiled monsters home. But for now I’m Shaking off the dust, and taking my self out for a stroll in the light .

What a kindness she showers upon me, not letting me skip any steps, or leave not even one stone un turned. What a mad trust she has in this broken stumbling lover, unwavering she ignores my ramblings about limitations, about my longing for a tiny bit of glitter.

You asked for freedom didn’t you, she whispers, as she pours me another glass. Drunk, naked and bruised I crawl to the table again and again. Yes mother, more, I give everything for just one more sip of your exquisite medicine of the real.

Art by @kris_davidson_ ( deep bow )

The power of women gathering is what the world needs! 🔻
When we are empowered to shine, love and be free with the totality of who we are - our Shakti birthright it will help heal the planet! All over we are seeing the female divine rise up from @emilys_list supporting women to #runforoffice to @womensmarch waking us up in 2017! The collective #roar is here! As a yogini, a women’s college graduate and past owner of a women’s only health club I’ve not realized how embedded I’ve been in #womenempowerment from an early age. I thank my momma as she’s one of the strongest women I know! 🔻
I am thankful for @shivarea108 as my teacher for offering so many #shaktisadhana opportunities❤️it was a bitter, sweet training to be here teaching without her.... but the power of our #pranaflow community knows no boundaries and we are always together and supported. @delamaydevi and @adityayogaschool this #trinity will forever teach me the power of collaboration and we all must do more! 💖
#london I’ve got 3 more days in your amazing city and look forward to meeting more women through a day of #ayurvedic consultations and Saturday workshop and #Ayuryoga classes! 🙏
#instayoga #liveinbalance @yogacampus #womenrising #mariagarre #goddesses

My “travel altar.” In a bed of #usnea collected from the fallen droppings of the #redwood trees + #sweetgrass with a crystal sri yantra from #anandamayima ‘s ashram in India, a nageshwar shiva lingham, a Lakshmi goddess gift from a beautiful lady @jillian_glikbarg, dried rose petals & flame of the forest from #india and lastly a charm from the temple of #chamunda. All glued in a little tupperware bowl. 😬. Wow. Potent energy. Shakti boom.🌷#shaktisadhana #yoginilife #herbalyogini #sagemedicine #thewildtemple #boom #tantrayoga

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