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Ahh do any of you remember Charlie & The Chocolate Factory's GOLDEN TICKET? Wellllll BEACHBODY has the GOLDEN SCOOP and I just got one!!! 💃🏼🙌🏽❤️ THREE consecutive years of drinking the most delicious superfood goodness that helped me to lose 45lb+ lbs! SHAKEOLOGY IS PRETTY INCREDIBLE! ✨ Thanks Carl Daikeler!!! @carldaikeler ❤️ #ShakeologyLover #GoldenScoop

Definite lunch of champions when I have a final in my health coach certification, grades are due tomorrow and there’s a Chicago Bears game on! #shakeologylover #chicagobears #teachersgettingfit #teacherlife

Enjoying my shakeology in bed while working on my evening routine;) and yes that is a headboard behind me:) EEK 😬 we got a new bed and while i was tucking kiddos in and getting them to sleep Cory put it together for us;) he’s such a sweetheart! #newbed #firstbedframeinalmost8yearsofmarriage #adulting #shakeologylover #snuggles

Just a little protein shake to start the day 😍 #shakeologylover #yum 😛

Christmas in November! I ❤️ Chocolate Shakeology!!! #shakeology #21dayfix #shakeologylover @21dayfix

It's closing day && im celebrating with my festive tumbler &&I the best shakeology I've made in a while! I absolutely love tinkering with recipes and finding new things that I absolutely love! Want to know what else I love?! How much better my shakeology makes me feel! I have more energy to face the day, I feel full longer and it fulfills all my cravings for things I know I shouldn't eat. So with my cute cup full of yummy shake, here I am to sign the papers to sell our house! ❤️👍🏠#shakeologylover #shakeologyfueled

Just another Monday morning! ✅ work out ✅ get the boys ready for school ✅ start laundry
✅ pack lunch for munchkin
✅ get the kids in the car (hardest part)
✅ drop the kids off for school

All this after a 3 day weekend and a broken coffee maker at home 😫

At least I don't have to worry about taking a lot of time to prep a healthy breakfast for me! 30 seconds and I have a delicious, nutritious shake fueling my body!

#momofboys #nutrition #shakeology #shakeologylover

So happy that I can eat normal food and still be healthy.
I can have breakfast and drink something that tastes like it was made in a coffee shop, which is awesome when you don't live remotely close to a coffee shop! 😜
This is what a challenger of mine had to say about their daily shakes.
I have a confession. Maybe it’s a revelation. Saturday I didn’t have Shakeology and Sunday I didn’t have it either. Yesterday, I kept thinking, man I’m dragging. I was tired and unmotivated. I came to the conclusion last night that it’s probably because I missed my shakeology two days in a row.
Amazing!! Until you feel ALL the benefits yourself, it's hard to describe.
#healthy #shakeologylover

We are on the go again this morning 😱

Off to my FAVE store...any guesses?! And day 10 going down 🙌

#shakeology #shakeologylover #momgoals #day10 #astonesweightloss


Everyday 365 days a year!!! #shakeologylover

Had my shakeology for lunch today!!! #healthfirst #fightingsickness #beachbody #shakeologylover

Cozy fall afternoon with both the littles and puppy sound asleep; so I’m sipping a caffeinated pumpkin spice shakeology while warming my toes by the fire and watching HGTV. #theyrarelynapanymore #loadsoflaundrytodo #cleaningwillhavetowait #shakeologylover #metime #fixerupperfan #wishiwasmorecreative

Day 1 of Chisel ✔️ Chisel Endurance was today’s workout... going to be focusing on Chisel until A Little Obsessed Releases on Dec 20th!!! #getchisled #chiselendurance

Mon sauveur de « craving d’après-midi » non seulement il m’aide à résister aux anciennes mauvaise habitudes alimentaires, il est ma collation d’après midi et sans lui le reste de ma journée semblerait pénible et fort probablement que je n’aurais pas les si beaux résultats actuellement. Je sais exactement ce que je consomme, une collation rempli de vertus qu’aucune autre boisson peu l’équilibrer !!! Chaque gorgée que je bois est identique à chaque bouchée que je prenais de mon dessert préférer !!!

Having a serious chat with Santa over a post-workout shake after noticing that he's bursting at the seams and Christmas season has barely begun! 😳 #timetoworkoutSanta #healthyeats #santacandoit #christmasmiracles #fitgrandma #shakeologylover

Even freezing temperatures outside can’t come between me and my banana almond Shakeo. #bestmealoftheday #densenutrition #bananaalmond #shakeologylover #healthybreakfast #365er #milkshakeforbreakfast

💕I'm super excited to be promoting this new workout program through Beachbody with new Super-trainer Megan Davies! 💥
What makes this workout any different than any other?!?!
1️⃣ it's just ☝️ week long!
2️⃣ the workout is modifications with ONE person showing the original move
3️⃣ we will be focusing mostly on nutrition
4️⃣ building a workout routine
5️⃣ for ANY workout level
6️⃣ creating this new lifestyle together!!! 😘
Here's a sneak peak of the New Group I will be running-- starting the Monday AFTER Thanksgiving!!! 🦃 :
That's right!!! 💥 Get yourself into a routine before the next holiday sneaks up on you! And give your body what it needs to detox and rejuvenate after the expansion that Turkey and giblets brings it! 😉 :
💪 You won't want to miss out on this opportunity!
P.S. These are the original moves-- if you'd like to see what YOUR workout would be- then Message me 💕
#fitfam #fitnurse #laboranddeliverynurse #landdnurse #nightshift #nightshiftnurse #sundayfunday #carolinagirl #azlife #lovelife #happyandhealthy #nutritionismymission #dogmom #shakeologylover #cleanweek #pushbeyondyourlimits #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #workoutmotivation #mindsetiseverything #mindsettransformation

One of those nights where we do leftovers but nothing sounds good to me. Instead of grabbing junk I grab a Shakeo and add frozen mixed berries

#superfoodstotherescue #shakeologylover #365er

Always stretch before you work it!!!! LET'S GET IT! #healthymom #blessedup #stayfitt #livelonger #shakeologylover #pushyourlimits #loveyourselfher

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