Why superfoods? I feel like every single human being in our world today should be on an earth-grown superfood blend because we are exposed to SO MANY abnormal circumstances today. We live in a very toxic and different world from our ancestors. Our food and environment contains a higher level of chemicals and poisons.

Shakeology will give your body alkaline compounds that help buffer the inflammatory things we come in contact with—it contains antioxidants, green blend/phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probitics, all of which help your body clean cells, balance hormones, and regulate digestion.
All of these would taste horrible eaten on their own, but put together in Shakeoology they taste amazing!! Please trust my word – I have tried oh so many different shakes and supplements only to be disappointed by taste or sub-par ingredients. I chose Shakeology, over all the other brands out there, to supplement y nutrition as part of my clean eating plan for almost two years now. My nutrition, sleep, energy, and skin have improved. So, try it!-what are you waiting for?

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Here’s one of my cute dogs wanting my vanilla latte Shakeology this morning!
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I’m shaker cup obsessed🙈, but listen..
A typical lunch for me used to look like:
A bowl of pasta, some bread or a sandwich, followed by coffee with dessert (often bread/baked goods). And that was after I ate pancakes for breakfast & crackers for my morning snack. #carbjunkie #tothemax
I loved healthy foods, but definitely didn’t get enough of them or understand how with my little babies crawling around, crying, not sleeping, ___________ ‼️
That was 3 years ago. Fast forward ⏭⏭
to daily lunches that consist of superfoods, lots of veggies & super nutrients to keep me full, keep me going & keep me balanced & feeling SO much better. And SO convenient when my (not so little) kiddos are running around, crying, not sleeping, __________‼️ 😉
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Ohhhhhh yes, I have been dreaming of this week for a while-my week of yoga begins now. I think I’ll start by treating my body to “Restore and Stretch.” 😇😇😇

[ad][ @flattummyco ] Beautiful day. 🌻 🚲 Taking my #flattummyco shakes with me everywhere now! So I can stay on track! Made a nice iced shake. So I’m halfway through my @flattummyco shake program - and my tummy is definitely flatter. It’s like, noticeably more toned looking too. Probably because these shakes are 3x more effective than diet and exercise alone... unreal, right?! You guys need to get on it too.
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Why am I so happy on Monday morning, you ask??? 😁 Because I get to start my day with a Frappuccino that is actually good for me!! 🙌🏻❤️
What if I told you that for less than the price of your favorite Starbucks coffee you could start your day with a super- food, nutrient jam-packed milkshake every single day?! .
Seriously! Monday morning is no time to joke around! 🤣
If you are anything like me you spend your entire weekend procrastinating, hoping that Monday morning never comes. And because of that you find yourself in the McDonald’s drive-through every Monday, banging your head against the wall, promising yourself the next week is going to be better. Get out of that rut that you are in!!! Do something different! DM me for more info. Now!! Make sure next Monday doesn’t find you in the same place you are in today. 😘

Happy Monday girl!! How was everyone’s weekend?! Welcome to LIIFT4 Week 4!!! 🙌🏻❤️
My chest is JELLO!! Those tricep pushups got me burned out...fo sho! 😩
Have a great day everyone! ✌🏻💕😘

Superfood Moringa: 7 times more vitamin C than oranges🍊, 7x more potassium than bananas🍌, 2x more protein than milk🥛, 4x more calcium than milk🥛, 4x more vitamin A (beta carotene) than carrots🥕, 25x more iron in spinach🍃 ... and it’s just one of the amazing ingredients in #Shakeology. Shakeology is my daily multivitamin and delicious meal replacement, perfect for eating on the go (which I always am!). 💗💗It helps me fill the gaps in my daily nutrition to supplement my vitamin/nutrient intake to make sure I’m getting all the right things in my body to help me stay strong & healthy every single day!
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Colby and I definitely enjoyed that good morning stretch after those weighted twist crunches.... 😵
Used the band modifier for the first time today too, which I’m pretty sure is harder than the dumbbells!! 🙌🏻💪🏻
Sported my new LIIFT4 tank today, too. Which I LOVE!!! Thanks for hooking me up @cisko707!! 👋🏻
Want your own FREE exclusive tank too?? The FIRST person to enroll in my private accountability group gets their very own!!! Message me now to get in! 📲 Space is limited!!

I bet you a million dollars this stuff sells out in the first week.

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