Had such a fun sesh today! Squashed some beef on the manual pad. Last 2 tricks were both new ones, pretty stoked I landed them. Thanks @moose805 & @ssj_borja for 🎥🎥 #skateboarding #passion #mysteryskateboards #shakejunt

Faz meu humor que é vulnerável parecer mais maleável

Still Daniel, the lion tamer, yeah I'm a gamer. So what? S.U.C my butt doe... OH! On tha otha side, I've been a SouthSide Bottom Boy, Straight outa DUH RIVER, yee, popped a couple pimples, just tryin' to keep these finer thangs small n' pretty simple. Sheit. You know how I feel, bro. Keepin', peepin' out the REAL TRIIILL, WOAH! HOLD UP. BIG BANK BIG BANK, never been no EFFIN foo foo lame mane, NAH AH, UGH. From CROSS THE TRACKS, never stumblin, tumblin' mublin' that's a fact. You know I like to get down and rumble iiin. Yall' just keeps on fumblin', I'm just trynna make some of ,of those hitsss and endsss HOE! scratch mah damn head. All bout' my bread. Biscuits with some honey on top. On the Block makin yo mind n' body rock. Knock you out yo little socks. Foo, though yee already knew. Haha.
On the Block, selfmade playas from the Nauf and Souf AND OVER SEAS, BEST BELIEVE! UGH! Just want some sub woofers in mah truuuunk BRO! Straight from THOSE SOLID BRICKS OF MUUUD! HOE! I'M LET CHA KNOW. Shake dat shake dat hatin' playa, you don't even know me LIKE DAT. HUH? Sheeeit. You know what it do! Screwhead straight from the crib. TILL I'M DEAD. Got that tunnel visiooon, Holy shhhh... just thinkin bout A DAMN PLATE. Went through some mo sheeeit within my own head. Yah. Hot Boy! N' you already know dat, don't have to say sheeeit, BWUHAHAHA. Chea! N' I like to keep my baaats all up underneath my bed. Beans n' corn bread is what they said riiight?
JUST REMEMBER THAT I AIN'T YO BIH HOE! YOU THINK THIS IS SOME SORT OF GAAAME?! haha, NUH UGHHHH. NO. I'ma get me some, uh huh uh huh. Watch me, n' see me grow. ⚘🦁💪✔💯🙏🏀👣🍼🐸🤙🌵 STAY GROOVIN' N' NEVER LOSIN' YOUGINS. YOU KNOW WE AIN'T NO ROOKIES. chea.
Shinin' season, bet you know the reason.🤔👾 SCREW, PIMP C, P.C. TONY D-TOWN, YOU KNOW ME.🙏🏀 #Start

#R.I.P. TO EVERY SOLDIER GONE.💪🙏🏅 Put on mane, I SAID I AIN'T INSANE dude. Not in it for the fame, fuuuh, just quit bein' bein, ruuude. Already know the game, Ima put on for my city...

New one before work. #damntingz #berrics #shakejunt

@titus doesn't disappoint. The t-fiber boards have an amazing pop and feel very durable overall!
#skateboard #titus #kruxtrucks #shakejunt

📹: @mattlikesthat 50-50

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