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OH NO THE HUMAN ILLNESS! Well not really, but what do #Shagoolies know!? This is what happens when Smagoogly get back from EARTH! Our #Kickstarter still needs you help so we can continue our explorations!!!

Haha this explains my last post of sunshine. Very awesome transformation. #shagoolies #rocknroll #art #creature

Hey @shagoolies! This is my pal, Ted. He's a majestic little dude whose favorite things in life include a stuffed monkey, property damage, and naps with his humans. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go check out the #Shagoolies #kickstarter for more information, cool contests like this one, and the chance to be involved with a super cool project!)

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This is my Earth pet, Sunshine, the macaw. Although very dangerous creatures they are also very smart. Sunny is like the parrots desired by pirates. She's loyal, she'll be your protector, and she'll dance till the liqour's gone.
Now turn this Earth creature into that of a Loogy creature!
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I have some pretty amazing friends, that never seem to fail at doing incredible things. And The Shagoolies is no exception.. Created and fueled by touring musicians, The Shagoolies brings a pretty neat learning experience to kids. Bizarre enough to keep the interest of kids these days, but keeping the learning experience at the forefront. So take a look, give a follow, or maybe even send a few dollars to their kickstarter, so we can have truly wonderful humans continue to educate children with this creative new show.✨ #shagoolies @shagoolies @matfranklin @eric_in_american

While filming, this moment just felt like it needed the spirit of Michael Jackson's Free Willy. Help us reach our goal so we can keep SINGIN ! #kickstarter #shagoolies

Smagoogly and Shoots first arrival to EARTH! Just their luck arriving in a NYC garbage pail. Watch Shoots' sensor go WILD #Shagoolies #kickstarter #HELPFUND

@shagoolies this is Charlie, he is a tiny protector of my home. He makes loud noises at strangers outside to make sure they never come inside. He really likes to lick people and puppets too, and loves to watch tv, so go donate money to #shagoolies kickstarter so he can watch a new show!

dog in love with a kitty
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Ashley wants to watch #shagoolies
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Annie wants to know why you havent heard of shagoolies?

Smagoogly from @shagoolies takes photos of human transportation and look who happens to be in the right place at the right time 😉! If you haven't already, peep the #Kickstarter campaign for #Shagoolies we have - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/515086031/shagoolies

#tbt A behind the scenes look at @eric_in_american getting Smagoogly ready for the next scene ✌ #shagoolies #behindthescenes #puppets #teamwork

A RARE LOOK AT HOW THE SHAGOOLAHOOLAHOOP WORKS #kickstarter #shagoolies #helpdonate


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