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so since my last post got 33 (ish) facts imma now tell 33 the most random & boring facts about me. u dont have to/shouldnt read these but here we go
1. my name is Inka
2. my birthday is on 28.4
3. ^ aka i'll turn 16 rly soon & finally get a tattoo
4. i'm 164cm/5'3 ft tall
5. im actually a nice person & never rly judge anyone at first but when u get to know me trust me im an asshole & will annoy tf outta u
6. i suck at singing & i sound terrible but i still do it
7. i love food ok
8. i also love hugs
9. i hate being w ppl + have alot of social anxiety
10. i use sarcasm a l o t
11. if i dunno u that well i always reply hours late & im super awkward and bad at talking
12. also if u do talk to me yk i never write stuff in 1 long msg i usually send million little ones
13. dogs especially huskies have my heart
14. i've played piano for like 8 years
15. i have 0 patience @ anything
16. everytime i go to the kitchen i always go open the fridge even if i knew theres no (new) food
17. i can stress about everything
18. my bf is an asshole but i love him :')
19. i hate compliments
20. im fr NOT a morning person
21. im so bad/hate taking selfies
22. i like english more than my own native language
23. i love my friends alot in here tho y'all>>
24. my most used words are prolly "wtf" "lmao" "af" "kys" "mhm" "lowkey"
25. im rly bad @ showing my feelings aka "inka even a stone shows more feelings than u smh"- @legendzshit is accurate
26. also im afraid of heights and spiders
27. im lowkey confused 24/7
28. i forgive people easily af
29. i never cry like or if i do its like 2 times/year about some dog dying in a movie
30. i legit hate it when babies cry sksks
31. i was mostly raised into rock music but now i listen to almost everything (if its good)
32. alot of ppl tell me im mentally way older & by like many mental age tests the average age for me is like 34 years oops
33. i wanna be a psychologist when im older & like listening to ppls problems so if u ever have some hard time just hmu fam i wont mind
IF U GOT DOWN HERE WYD fr i pray no one actually read those smh


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Curtis in #sandford #Florida#FuxWitDayDay

Video edit by @eminemlp. I can relate to it. | #stansoldiers

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