Many people have read about me working with my Shadow Self, and might be thinking omg this girl has her f**ks in place!
I don't. I have to get everything in place, in order to do that I am working on my shadow self. If I try to explain shadow self in very lay man terms it's that part of you which revolts you to the core and you do not want to acknowledge it. It's not easy working with it,but definitely worth it. It's like you have kept it in dark for so long that even a bit of light on the shadow makes you feel uneasy. You can run and hide but can't escape your shadow. You will have so many buried emotions come out about self and others. You will exhausted and want to leave everything, but consistency is the key. There are many books and meditations I'm available on Shadow Self. Read and understand.
Soniele Daniel
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S n o w f l a k e O b s i d i a n
In my evolutionary process, I call for assistance from the Universe and all friends in Spirit, and I ask to be shown everything I need to see for my healing and awakening | The Book of Stones
From a structural standpoint, Obsidians are actually not a true gemstone, rather they’re a glassy substance made of volcanic rock. *All Obsidians should be used and worn mindfully* Their presence is powerful! I would say this is a stone where size does matter and a little bit goes a long way. With that said, Obsidians are used to “see” the reflection of our deeper Self. Through this mirror, we are able to observe the core beliefs that cause our illness and suffering. Obsidian is like the “looking glass” to one’s ego (shadow) Self. Only when we’re ready and willing to polish our inner mirror will we be able to observe ourselves clearly. On an emotional level, Snowflake Obsidian releases the “poor me” attitude. For the material body, it is used to limit the spread of cancer cells by opening one to the cause and effects of their inner patterns.
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The Hierophant.

The Hierophant is a complex symbol of spiritual authority, but today I’m thinking particularly of her in relation to the spiritual identity we hold in the history of our family, bloodline or community.
This set of beliefs, traditions, or ways of coping, can feel extremely life affirming or desperately oppressive - usually a bit of both!

My parents are on a special mission thousands of miles away, meeting a cousin for the first time, and this trip has a real flavour of the Hierophant . By connecting or reconnecting with relatives, looking into our family trees, or talking with members of our chosen community, we can recognise patterns and understand the events in our life on a deeper level.
This morning I was talking with a friend in a beautiful graveyard near where I live. I was working under the ancient twisted yew trees, and beside me there were some old 17th century graves. There is nothing like a graveyard to connect you to your ancestors .. ! The Hierophant brings to life these characters from our collective past, emphasising the common thread we hold, and encouraging us to learn more about them and the wisdom they had to share. They are where we came from after all ..

#TBT to the last time your #shadow came out to dance and reminded you that your heart is tender and scarred. That #vulnerability has led you down roads that felt safe but left you devastated. That there’s a part of you that is too afraid to have your heart torn again, so you travel down new roads less and less. Remember also that your #shadowself holds a mirror up to remind you that you can be more than you are, that you have already come so far, and that your heart was built to #love. That being vulnerable is a powerfully #brave way to travel through your life, and that not every road leads to sorrow - in fact most of them don’t. And it reminds you that while being such an openly #lovinghuman can be really scary, it lifts you toward your #higherself and a mental and emotional state that strengthens your #authenticity and motivates you toward deeper #selflove, so that when the time is right you can dare to love others again - but even more deeply. Don’t be afraid, dear one, roads of sorrow are just one part of the entire #journey.
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Everyone has both light and dark. Honor both- operate only from the one you feel is in alignment with your heart. Use the other as motivation to stay the course. #believeinyourself #intuitiveart #energyholistichealth #memories #lightanddark #shadowself #lightworker

"I will not have you without the darkness that hides within you." I love this 🙏 #darkandlight #imabitchimalover #takemeasiam #loveyou #darkness #shadow #shadowself #acceptance #bereal #beyourself #truepartnership #confortable #homeatlast

51/100 “in addition to our personal shitty behaviors, The Wheel of Fortune can also speak to karma, past lives, shadow inheritances and ancestral ties.” #wtfistarot #bakarawintner #dailytarot #the100dayproject

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