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The food styling team were here for a second day yesterday - this time hot chocolate by the fire and breakfast in bed - but I had to go out. However, my trusty sidekick #enidcat was apparently happy to supervise. She marched into several pictures to inspect styling and layout and in this case walked (stalked?) past the tray to the pillow, just out of shot, so she could keep an eye on proceedings. History does not relate if the photographer was identifying with the bird in the picture on the wall (zoom to read). .
📷 @yhoang from @marksandspencerfoodhallonline #foodstyling #marksandspencer #greycat #photographersassistant #shadesofgrey #winterlight #mybedroom #myhome #mycat #breakfastinbed #whitebedding #greybedroom #farrowandball #fridayvibes #walkingtotheweekend #theweekendiscoming #friyay

Wondering where everyone went 📸 @hunterabrams @wmag #whitneymuseum #artparty #shadesofgrey Did I scare them away??? 🤔

It's time to play with grey. My favorite fall combo: red & grey 😉 Do you like it?
Погода так и просит достать из шкафа все эти уютные платья-свитера. Серый + красный - мое любимое сочетание. А вам нравится?
#redlips #shadesofgrey

Good night🌙💗

What was the function of this former pier?
Pacifico Collection :::: Long Gone ::::

• m o r n i n g •
Pardon pour cette qualité de photo execrable, mais c'est le mieux que j'ai pu faire ce matin avant de partir 🙈 Aujourd'hui direction Paris puis Dinard pour visiter un chantier. Il y en a certain de ce coin, parmi vous ?
Autant je déteste perdre mon temps dans les changements de gare, les métros,... autant j'aime beaucoup travailler dans le train : c'est (presque) toujours très calme, le mouvement berce un peu, je m'emmitoufle dans mon manteau pour avoir bien chaud (si vous croisez une tête qui dépasse sous une grosse écharpe-plaid dans le Thalys, c'est moi ! ☝️)
Beau vendredi à vous !


S ☕️ N D A Y

The humidity in Melbs was making me crazy today but this cake turned out pretty well considering! #batmancake #batmanandjoker #concretecake

🤔When you're channeling a little Georgia O'Keeffe but all u get is Smokey Bear ✨🙈 #avalonmarketday #panamascore #philippinessequel #thehat #shadesofgrey #parkranger #featherme 🌿🐻🌲🤠🕊

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