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Day 19/19 of TF SCALE III Inbound - 21 October 2016

Final video of this program is up (link in my bio). To be honest, this 19 days might be very tiring but it was also one of the best 19 days in my life. I always like how the Myanmar students are always energetic and actively participating in all the events we had planned for them. They always give 101% of them in every event. They never give up. Whenever they have questions, they would always ask to clear their doubts.

It is the last day of our friends in Singapore. I made a good choice to make my way down to the airport to send them off. Even though I had to sacrifice some things, but I did not regret my choice. Today, we turned up at the airport as a surprise because we really couldn't bear to leave them.

Honey and Snow cried immediately when they saw us at the airport because they really didn't know we were going.

Yoon hugged me so tightly and she didn't want to let go. When she cried, I instantly felt the emotions in me.

Thant look at us from where he was standing (inside the departure hall) and didn't want to walk away.

We couldn't bear to watch all these, but we know that there are more exciting things coming up. The end of the Inbound program doesn't mean the end of the memories, it doesn't mean the end of the friendship and it definitely doesn't mean the end of growing with them. It really mean to go beyond who we are, it really means to care and it really really means to learn together. If we make the effort to do good, good things will always come to you.

In about 5 months time, we will be back together enjoying together, learning from each other and appreciating each other. I cannot wait to be in Myanmar to understand more about Myanmar, to look at the beautiful Myanmar and definitely to meet all my friends from YTU.

Meanwhile, in these 5 months, we still can keep in contact through Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Skype and Line. We can always Skype or video call anytime we are free! Even though we have to see each other through the screen, but we know our heart is as one. ❤️

Till next year in Myanmar! 🇲🇲


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