I hate that I have to do this but I really hope to keep #SGSwatchFest and #SGSwatchFestFringe thematic. This is so that people can easily check out the manis the different IGers have done for the current and past themes. I must thank those who've graciously and proactively removed the tags when we shared with them the intention behind the tags. You can always use #sgignails for all other nail posts. Thank you.

Mani for #SGSwatchFestFringe. Tried the saran wrap technique, can't really see the gold, very dissatisfied with this, didnt even bother cleaning up, cleaned it off immediately. #nails #nail #notd #nailpolish #nailaddict #nailpolishaddict #nailart #ignails #sgignails #sgnails #instanails #instagramsg #nailstagram #lovemanicure #polishaddict #sgig #opi

My Ironman mani for #SgSwatchFestFringe

yesterday's #notd; gold & red for #sgswatchfestfringe and #nailartapr's gold prompt.

my #ironman inspired nails for #sgswatchfestfringe :) I watched the movie last night and tbh, I felt severely underwhelmed.. ah wells, at least I had a geeky mani 😜 photos and details on the #purrplecatclaws blog! #sgignails #nailstagram #nailart #opi #chinaglaze #meganmiller

Macro of @prettyandpolishd Aries-tocrat. The scattered holo effect is very subtle, possibly overshadowed by the sparkle of the glitter. Part of my Iron Man mani for #sgswatchfestfringe.

My Iron Man mani for #sgswatchfestfringe, hosted by @lacqueredaffair. @prettyandpolishd Aries-tocrat flanked by Mavala Gold Diamond, selected for the colour as well as the name to match Aries-tocrat. Reflective of the wealth of Tony Stark, no?

Hare Polish - Let them eat...What? such a cute name 😊 this is meant for #sgswatchfestfringe,a white base with gold,red,white and pastel pink glitters!No relation to iron man however.I like the whole combination and how the glitters makes the base look slightly tinted,making it really wearable! This was 3 coats,formula was not buttery smooth but it is still manageable!

My attempt at #IronMan3 nails for #sgswatchfestfringe! I used @nailsinc St James for the base, OPI Symphony in Gold for the main detail, and Models Own nail art pens in black and white. On my right hand I used @ninja_polish Midas Touch to signify Tony Starks extravagant side. What's more extravagant than 22k gold on your fingertips??! ;-) I should know not to attempt nail art at gone midnight after previous experiences, but it seems to be the only time I'm not disturbed by anyone! I'm happy but not with this. Hmm. #NailPolish #NailPolishAddict #OPI #NailsInc #ModelsOwn #NinjaPolish

Filed my nails down some to try and make my nub on the other hand look not so nubby. Since I'm so excited about Iron Man, I dig my nails in red and gold! My favorite red cream of all time, #zoya #sooki and #sephora #sephorabyopi #itsreal gold flake topcoat. #nailpolish

Guess who went to see #ironman3 at the IMAX last night and fangirled all the way through? I just wanted to hug everyone.. Tony, Pepper.. Happy..the little kid..DUMMY!! 😭 We particularly screamed when we saw Rebecca Mader 😍I wanted to take part to the #sgswatchfest #sgswatchfestfringe since the ladies didn't mind me not beig in Singapore 😝 Sorry I'm late!

My #ironman nails for #sgswatchfestfringe !!! The glitter polish is #daringdigits Iron Man which I got from @meimeisignatures quite awhile back. How perfect for this mani hehe! Oh and did I mention the chest plate of iron man on my ring finger glows in the dark?? 😍 #gladcnails #tgyuntrieds

Reverse gradient nails in Red and Gold for today's #sgswatchfestfringe. Hop over to the blog, www.litinggrace.blogspot.com for details on the colors used. On a side note, BFF and I are at the Chapel Market at Chijmes today. If you are in Singapore, do pop by to show us some love or just say Hi! 😊

Ironman mani #sgswatchfestfringe

My gold and ruby mani ✨ Happy I finally got to do my nails ❀ sorry for lack of posts lately, thanks to those who are sticking around and hi to all my new followers!! πŸ‘‹βœ‹πŸ‘‹βœ‹

Since @lacqueredaffair is a fan of superhero movies, she proposed an #sgswatchfestfringe event in anticipation of the Ironman 3 movie. I love Ironman so I'm definitely supporting this!! Time to dig out my Chinese New Year shades! LOL

@laidbacklion and I are going to see Ironman 3 tomorrow so I did an inspired mani. I'm not really liking it though. I'm just not a fan of yellow gold! X #ironman #nailpolishaddict #nails #nailsoftheday #notd #NailsInc #purplewolfnails #Tate #lanesboroughplace

Was overseas so couldn't post this Easter Mani on time! This is #femmefatale A Tisket, A Tisket! I love mint and glitter :D

Today is officially the first day of spring! 🌷 Anyway this is #ozotic 617 for international water day on 22nd!

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