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Take me back ☹️☹️ . New video about my SGR trip is now up(link in bio) #sgr #mombasa #mombasaraha #theeastafricangirl #goodvibesonly

My SGR Experience (Long Post)
Firstly the reason the Standard Gauge Railway should be celebrated is because of the actual name. The Standard Gauge Railway is the first modernised railway that is up to current international guidelines. The railway we had was built during colonialism a mere metre wide. So we have achieved a milestone 50 years plus. It took the Jubilee Government a few years to do this, however what doesn't sit well with me is the cost of the project. We as Africans seem to be blinded with the fact that as long as government delivers on a promise it has achieved or performed it's duty. The cost of tenders and the kickbacks are a debate in almost every African country. We are a continent in debt as a few individuals get incredible wealth. My hope is that the standard gauge railway is used to attract more investors and used to transport cargo in metric tonnes and eventually pay back the 3. something BILLION USD$ we owe. As for the actual train? I think for 2017 and the price, it's a joke. Cost effective for the mwananchi to travel but not cost effective for the country to thrive. We have a long way to go as a 3rd world and one of the things that will lead to change is the change of attitude and mindset. #SGR #Africa #Kenya

#sgr launch ijatukazia.

Had to take the proverbial #SGR selfie before it gets too old..very classy and cozy train..fast too..i like..hallo #Mombasani..eeh bwana, inakuwaje!!..

#BusinessTrip Arrival AT the Mombasa Terminus Yesterday at 2.00p.m Exact,Kinda Feeling Type Of Way.

Converging lines with @bonitaonsafari Inside the Nairobi Terminus boarding tunnel #sgrphotography #sgr
Check out her blog to read about the final day of the @sgrphotography_ competition . We concluded the day with a CSR at one of the local primary schools in Ruaraka . Teaching kids the art of photography . 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

True Homies Make You Feel Good ☺️ #SGR ®✓

that old play song Though 😂
we were so shy at first to sing the song hahahahah

Difficult goodbyes.
Anxious hellos.
Sad endings.
Beautiful beginnings.
There's something
so romantic yet
so cliché about
train stations...


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