Thank you all for your enquiries and your huge support mommas on our new product launch!

Our TODDLER PILLOWS have been restocked and BABY DONUT PILLOWS should be available again end May.

Do share with your friends if they’re looking for baby or toddler pillows! Our pillows are made with 100% natural latex (no chemicals and nasties here!) and are developed and made in Belgium!

Certified and compliant to Oeko-Tex® and EuroLatex Eco Standards!

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Having flu sux, especially when it has backflow 🤧 Can't take MC so adding #Thieves in my mini humidifier to prevent my "love" bugs from flying around the office. I am applying #EucalyputusBlue on my nose to help ease the blockage. On the road to recovery now hahaha 😍

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#Thieves #essentialoil diffusing through the night because I am down with flu and do not wish to spread to the boys, especially when it is exam period for DinoBoy.

Swiping this oil under our feet for added protection.
Getting sick sux to the max!

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Calling all you stylish mommas! ✨✨

Introducing our new MARBLE RING SILICONE TEETHER that is both freezer and steriliser friendly!

Made with 100% Food Grade Silicone that is free from nasties like BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead!

Available in various colour combinations!

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New product launch! ✨✨


Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone, this teether is both steriliser and freezer friendly!

Available in various colour combinations as well!

Check it out on www.anniealex.com!

Did you know that our Swaddles each come with a drawstring bag?

These drawstring bags, personalised for your little ones, are multipurpose and can be used to keep anything!

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Have a great weekend!


We are exceptionally happy today because WE ARE BACK IN STOCK!

Many of our favourites are back in stock!

Hurry cart them out now!

#tbt the day when we decided to ditch our families and just go for a good dinner after work! I haven’t been out at night alone since 4664778754476 years ago.. well, it was an impromptu decision with a few of us suddenly talking abt porridge buffet on a weekend and Guess what! We decided to fulfil that cravings of ours the very next day! .
I couldn’t ask for a better company than these! Am eternally thankful for them that they make work so much more bearable ..
As for the #chienbrossis ? Well, they remained unhurt n safe throughout mummy’s time out .. daddy had been doing a good job entertaining e 2 boys while carrying Desiree.. of cos my helper was there for standby .. but turned out the boys had a fruitful evening filled with storytelling .. craft work and role playing .. Guess I should do this more often...

Upgrade your MUM+BUB MATCHING SET with our classy ROSE GOLD Stainless Steel Chain!

Remember to cart out your upgrade over at our CUSTOMISE section!

Personalised Baby Gifts are what we pride ourselves on!

Our PERSONALISED SWADDLE + TEETHER GIFT SET is one of our best selling Gift Sets!

Our ULTRA SOFT and EXTRA LARGE multipurpose swaddle blankets can be used from 0+M onwards, even up to your little one’s toddler years!

MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTIONS: Swaddle, Blanket, Pram Blanket, Pram Cover, Nursing Cover, Preschool Blanket and many more!

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Hoorah! Our ROCKING HORSE TEETHER is back in stock!

Get your perfect keepsake Personalised by selecting Engraving or Silicone Beads!

These make awesome full month or 100 days baby shower presents too don’t you think? 😍

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Yes! We do International Shipping as well! ✈️ ✈️

Our PERSONALISED BABY ROMPER Gift Set is making its way to Taiwan 🇹🇼 to baby Kade!

Check out our Baby Gift Sets and more on www.anniealex.com!

We finally collected the @fairpricesg Fairmily Kit last Saturday. It consists of Brown rice, Powder Milk, Diaper, Baby toiletries, Wet wipes and a facial tissue. We also received a voucher for Aptamil milk (900G tin which we have not collected yet). For those parents with Singapore citizen babies born between 1 January 2016 and 32 December 2019, you can register at http://ntucgoodstart.sg to receive the NTUC Good Start Bundle. They will send the Fairprice Fairmily and Aptamil voucher after your baby turned 6 months.

Engraving or Silicone Beads? Such a tough choice!

Check out our various Animal Wooden Teethers on www.anniealex.com!

翻山越岭 长途跋涉 终于抵达目的地 (ok ok 我有一点夸张😂)。我们今天开始试着把华文搞好,为PSLE奋斗! 加油吧!

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Tired face with no make up, its ok. Still can enjoy the bus ride plus we are sitting on upper deck!

#cheapthrill I know, that's coz we rarely have chance to commute on bus let alone sitting on upper deck of the double decker #bus 🙃

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Teething essentials.

One for mummy, one for baby, in mummy’s favourite colour combination!

Shop this and more on www.anniealex.com!

Did you know that Coach Papé holds a paramedics state diploma as well as a mediator certificate ? 😃
He is the best ! 💪🏻 #coach #coaching #sport #game #lifestyle #sgmumblogger #sg #singapore #expatlife #sgsports #family #training #outdoors #activities #outdooractivities #kidscamp #funlearning #

I have never given myself a deadline to wean Desiree off breastmilk partly due to the scary start of my breastfeeding journey with Dylan ... for Desiree.. I just told myself to do what I can for her .. having to cope with pumping sessions and latching and also taking care of the needs of Dylan and Darius left me a little anxious in keeping up with her milk demands .. especially at nearing 11 months ...🍼🍼
What’s more, scheduling pump sessions in between my teaching schedule also means having to cope with dips in supply at times .. .
During times like these, I’m thankful that the good people from @preggercookies sent me their cookies to try... as most foods rarely have any effect on my supply.. I was quite sceptical at first .. on trying my first bite I fell in love with it! Pp ard me know that I do not have much of a sweet tooth but the cookies were da bomb! I love the texture n taste of it!! It doesn’t taste like a lactation cookie at all! .
N you know what ? After eating just abt 3 cookies.. I did my pump session... n my yield increased by 40ml!!! Every drop counts!! So happy with the results ! Anyone struggling with supply issue? There is help! Approach @preggercookies now! #fullybreastfeed #fullybreastfeedbaby #exclusivelybreastfed

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