Expected today to be a nonstop busy day, plus i asked my friend to come up for soup so I better make sure it's ready in time 😅 so I precooked the soup last night in the thermal pot 😁 very flavorful and shiok, especially for a rainy evening. And tonight's rice cooker claypot chicken rice was on point too 😋

Bee Hoon with Stewed Pork, Omelette and Veggies.

Favourite childhood one pot dinner 😍 cabbage pork belly rice again 😁 only has time to do a quick soup when we got back home, I suggested fishball soup, my 5yo asked for cheese tofu too, so we are settled for fishball cheese tofu soup 😊 as I watch the kids nom down their dinner happily and asking for second helping tonight, I feel so thankful that they aren't fussy with food and enjoys practically everything that we feed them with 🙏

Came home from the market on Sat then realised that the chicken stall 老板 forgot to pack the chicken fillet into my bag of purchase 🤦🏻‍♀️ 算了吧, changed my menu tonight then 😅 stir fry endives with mushrooms, herbal chicken soup with fresh huai shan 😋

What's in Ian's Bowl today?

Cooked my own version of minestrone soup for Ian.
A combination of the following vegetables: 🥦🌽🥕 and half a bottle of @haruplate No Eye Deer Roasted Tomato & Shitake Sauce (it was leftover from yesterday's pasta Bolognese) , Bellamy baby pasta and minced pork.
Add on 1 spoon of @liloikanbilis Premium Ikan Bilis powder when cooking is done.
Pretty sure the adults will like it too!
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Whipping up a mini storm for dinner tonight. My version of Surf N Turf featuring my newfound 'weapon'. Hope my missus likes it. Special shout out to @claudiva for the new torch gun.
Photo Credit: @addydaysmile
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What's in Ian's Bowl today?

A quick pasta bolognese using @haruplate No Eye Deer Roasted Tomato & Shitake sauce and minced pork. Whipped it up within 15 mins (yes... pasta takes time to cook)
Makes a pretty good BLW food though (apart from the mess later). 🤣

#Sgbabyfoodideas #sgbabyfood #sgtoddlerfood #sgbaby #blw #sghomecooked #haruplate

Midweek dinner with papa falling sick already, no appetite even though I steamed his favourite fish 🤦🏻‍♀️ ended up the 👧 finished up the fish and the 🧒 finished up all the king oyster mushrooms 😁
Stir fry broccoli with king oyster mushrooms, steamed pomfret, green papaya meatball soup.

It's an one-oven dinner tonight cos the hub will be home later than usual. So as everything (except the salad of cos) is cooking in the oven, I can keep the kids company and read to them 😋 love the juicy whole chicken legs, served with baked baby potatoes and white corn, and salad topped with Thai pink pomelo

Awesome dinner for Monday, the kids kept saying everything is nice 😍 stir fry nai bai, claypot oyster sauce chicken with lots of mushrooms, celery tomato corn soup

Homemade Roasted Pork and Clams Pot.
#homecookedfood #sghomecooked #abigbellyfoodie

#sghomecooked steamed chicken with melon

The original dinner plan was only seafood soup, then I was thinking like too little food, but didn't have enough time to prepare another dish, so just had to make do with the packet of fish cake sitting in the fridge. Made sambal and original versions 😁

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