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Summer or winter ?

this photo is L O U D.

Qotp: In whose lane are you? 😂
Aotp: I love all the boys a lot but I'm definitely in Ash his lane😂😍
Fc: 5176🌿
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honestly this should be illegal


Comment if you want a part 5 and if you should say yes or no!

After the incident at the stage you go on with your day and do some more chores. When they say is finally over you grab your bag and head out of the venue. You take the back door since the main entrance must be full of fans. The back door leads to the parking lot. There are a few cars, but it’s mainly empty. When you open the door you see Calum leaning on the wall of the venue, smoking his cigarette in peace. Since you were yelled at by your boss in front of him you don’t really want to talk to him. He makes you feel really clumsy and uncomfortable. You walk past him, trying to get to your car. ‘What? No hello?’ Calum says to you. You stop walking and sigh. Of course he does want to talk to you. Great. You turn around to face him. ‘Hello’. Calum chuckles. ‘You’ve got humour y/n’. You stare at your shoes and play with a little stone on the ground. ‘You know your boss had no reason to yell at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. He’s just an asshole’. You look up into his beautiful dark brown eyes. He seems to get mad once again at your boss. ‘It’s okay’ you tell him. ‘He just has a short temper, that’s all. I’m not bothered by it’ and you smile softly to show him you’re okay. He seems to calm down a bit again by your smile. ‘Well he’s still an asshole.’ Calum says and takes another hit from his cigarette. ‘Well I should go now’ you tell him. ‘No wait!’ Calum says. ‘Have dinner with me’. ‘Dinner?’ You look at Calum with your head slightly tilted to show him you’re confused. ‘Yeah. Dinner.’ Calum says to you.

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